The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant-Chapter 1178 - 40% of AO2

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Chapter 1178: 1178: 40% of AO2

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“Hmph!” Di Jingan sneered “I’m here to tell you that it wouldn’t be enough. If you want things to end here, it would be impossible. Your businesses are worth nothing. They wouldn’t even be enough to support my daily expenses.”

“Di Jinqian, you should be a little more realistic. Aren’t you afraid of biting your own tongue? You might be the owner of Chloe and it’s doing better than my businesses, but it’s more than enough to support your daily expenses!”

“Well, you’re right. You might not want Chloe… Then what about the Lawrence Institute?”

Di Jingan was shocked, “You own the Lawrence Institute?! When Saka died and left her inheritance to four other people, you’re one of them?! This is impossible!”

Jinqian didn’t even want to answer him.

Seeing how his wife rolled her eyes, Zhan Lichuan added, “Then, 10% of the Ops Corporates and 40% of Bei Chuan and Zhongbo each? If that isn’t enough, what about 40% of AO2?”

Jinqian glared at him.

Zhan Lichuan smiled, “Ever since we got married, I have already listed AO2 under your name.”

Di Jingan and his family were in shock.

“You are the mysterious owner of AO2?!”

Di Ranle was surprised and her eyes were filled with jealousy.

Zhan Lichuan used to be the man that she loved. Di Ranle was already unhappy that he married Di Jinqian, but now this man was telling them that he was the Director of AO2? The richest man on earth?!

“That’s enough. You are already a prisoner and you are still thinking of my husband? Hurry up! You only have one minute left.”

However, the entire family did not say a word about it.

“Well, one minute is up. Since you didn’t make a choice, don’t blame me for making these choices for you.”

Jinqian got up and told Zhan Lichuan, “Let’s go.”

Zhan Lichuan smiled as he said, “Alright!”

Then, one of the police officers knocked on the door and said, “Miss Di, the King of Country B is here.”

After hearing what was said, Di Jingan’s face, which looked defeated earlier, was replaced with a smile. The smile on his face caused chills to run down their spines.

However, this did not happen to Jinqian.

“Looks like I have a plan B. Jinqian, my dear niece… Looks like we’ll be meeting soon.”

Seeing how Jinqian was still smiling, Di Jingan, who was locked into his chair, felt interested.

It was like a predator who had eyes on its prey.

However, when she saw the smile, it only caused a brighter smile to appear on Jinqian ‘s face. Then, she answered, “We’ll see about that!”

The King of Country B went straight to the prison to meet Di Jingan as soon as he finished the press conference.

That’s how the image of Di Jingan with handcuffs on appeared in front of the media and the audience who were watching the news.

When he saw Di Zhong, Di Jinagn quickly got on his knees, and with a loud ‘thud,’ he kneeled before his grandfather.

“Grandfather, I’m sorry! Please give me another chance! Please!”

Di Zhong looked at his grandson, feeling furious.

“When your uncle died, I once asked you and your father if any of you were involved in it. I mentioned to you that if any of you were behind this, I would never forgive you. What did you tell me back then?”

Di Jingan closed his eyes with tears rolling down his cheeks as he said, “It’s all my fault. I was blinded by greed. I shouldn’t have done such a thing. I shouldn’t have killed our uncle, even sacrificing 200 people’s lives to do so. I… I didn’t want this to happen. Huhuhuhu… I only gave orders to my men.”

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