The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant - Chapter 963 - Tortured  

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Chapter 963: 963: Tortured

That’s right. If it weren’t for Jing Jie’s elder sister, his mother would have met him that night. His mother would have done or said something to him. That way, the Shadows wouldn’t have been able to win the finals.

Jinqian smiled and said, “I am your legal guardian. I have to protect you from being hurt by others.”

“Di Anran…?”

“Don’t worry. I will make sure she will pay for it.”

Jing Jie nodded his head.

He always felt reassured whenever he was with his sister.

As for Cheng Shuyu, she felt frightened and heartbroken when she learned that Jing Jie would not return to revisit her. The words that were coming out of her mouth were getting more and more vicious.

She thought to herself that there was nothing else worse than this. Was there really anything else worse than life imprisonment? There was no difference between this and being sentenced to death. She would be stuck in prison for her entire life, and that was similar to being dead.

However, when she returned to her room, she realized she was wrong.

Previously, she never liked the people she had to stay with since most of them were murderers, but most would try to lessen their punishment. From being sentenced to death, it would be reduced to life imprisonment. Some would have their time reduced in jail as well. They would make friends in prison and work hard for sentence reduction. By the end of the day, they would return covered in sweat. This was why Cheng Shuyu had always looked down upon them. To her, all of these murderers were nothing since they would always become cowards whenever they saw the guards.

However, as Cheng Shuyu walked back into her room, she noticed that all of them were staring at her with unfriendly eyes.

She was still covered in rage and suddenly screamed at one of the women who was as skinny as a stick, “What are you looking at? You peasant!”

She could swear to god that she only said this out of habit since she was in a bad mood.

But the rest of the convicts in the room seemed to be targeting her as all of them stood around her.

One of them was a tall woman, about 180 cm, covered with muscles. It was said that her husband had betrayed her, and her mother-in-law helped with hiding the truth. When she went out to work, her daughter who was only 1.5 years old was burned by the hot water that the mistress poured. Her mother-in-law didn’t want to waste money treating her daughter and simply placed herbs on the child’s injuries. In the end, the young girl died from infection. This woman was pissed, and before the police got to her house, she had her weapon prepared. She slaughtered her husband and the mistress and even killed her in-laws. One night, she murdered four people.

Her case caused an uproar in society, and there were lots of people who defended her. In the end, she was only sentenced to life imprisonment.

Cheng Shuyu hated this woman the most, but she was also most afraid of her.

Cheng Shuyu thought that if she were a man, she would rather be single forever than marry a rough woman like her.

Having a mistress wasn’t right, but her husband and in-laws didn’t do anything wrong as well. Would any man really be turned on by a woman like her?

This was why Cheng Shuyu thought that this woman was definitely a violent psychopath.

The woman sat next to Cheng Shuyu, and she got so afraid that she jumped.

But before leaving, another woman taller than her placed her back onto her bed.

The 180 cm tall woman grabbed onto Cheng Shuyu’s shoulders. Cheng Shuyu was trembling as she said with her voice shaking, “I…It was a mistake. I didn’t do it on purpose…..OW–”

Before she could finish, the woman’s fist landed on her stomach.

Cheng Shuyu felt a sharp pain and vomited all the food she had for lunch.

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