The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant - Chapter 964 - It Hurts!  

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Chapter 964: 964: It Hurts!

When the woman was done, Cheng Shuyu’s hair was pulled backward, and someone asked her, “Does it hurt?”

Cheng Shuyu puked so much that all her saliva and tears were all over her face. She was in so much pain that she quickly begged for mercy.

“It hurts! It hurts! Please stop! Please stop hitting me! I’ve made a mistake! I’ll apologize to her!”

Then, the woman went close to her ears and whispered, “The scariest thing in this world isn’t life imprisonment or a death sentence but surviving while hoping to die. Obviously, you have not encountered anything like this in the past, so I will be teaching you about it.”

Cheng Shuyu froze, and she stared at the woman in fear.

She definitely understood what this woman was trying to say.

She had just met with Di Jinqian, and she knew clearly what the hidden message was.

“You… can’t do this to me! If you dare, I will report you! I will tell the guards! You wouldn’t be able to leave this place!”

“Huh?” The woman laughed and threw another punch onto Cheng Shuyu’s stomach.

This time, Cheng Shuyu was in so much pain that she fell to the ground.

The pain caused her intense fear, and this fear was much worse than when she was sentenced to life imprisonment.

This was because….she would be living with this woman for the rest of her life…

The woman bent down and said, “Are you Cheng Shuyu? I have to thank you. If you hadn’t been an evil person, no one would have reached out to me and told me to take care of you. If I did a great job, my parents would be taken care of.

“In fact, if my parents weren’t alive, I would have ended my terrible life as well, but if I did that, my parents would be heartbroken. I have been an unfilial child, and I may never be able to make up for it. However, because of you, my parents would be able to receive a large sum of money as long as I took good care of you. So…”

Cheng Shuyu was afraid as the woman continued, “You can report to whomever you want. I don’t care anymore since I have no one waiting for me. If you dare, I will definitely kill you. I am already done with my life now. There’s nothing for me to lose, but if you don’t want to be killed, you will have to clean our room and the toilet. If you can’t do it well and if you get us punished, we will get back at you for it. Do you understand?”

Cheng Shuyu stared at the other fifteen women in the room in fear.

There wasn’t a single person who would speak up for her.

In the end, Cheng Shuyu finally learned that the scariest thing in the world wasn’t life imprisonment but the torture that came with it.

But, she didn’t dare to die.

This was because she still had Di Anran and her father.

She firmly believed that Anran would save her from this.

Since she had hope, she didn’t dare to end her life. But until the day that Di Anran comes to visit her, she will be tortured every single day.

Cheng Shuyu regretted everything she said to Jinqian earlier.

How could she be so cruel?

How could she do something so evil with such an innocent smile?

Suddenly, she thought that Jinqian wasn’t even her daughter.

Her daughter might have been married to the Zhan family and became the young miss of the Di family, but the aura was not something that her daughter could learn.

How could it be possible that they raised a child with such aura? A child who had such schemes and brains?

She suddenly thought of how another soul might have entered Jinqian’s body.

She got so scared that she started trembling.

Following that, she began living in fear for her entire life.

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