The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1169: Qing Luan Was Angry

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Chapter 1169: Qing Luan Was Angry

Lu Zhixi smiled slightly, and her expression was gentle and elegant.

Everyone in the square looked at her with admiration and worshipped her as a goddess.

Lu Zhixi had long been accustomed to this, so she took it for granted.

However, in this square, there was also a person, who was obviously a young man, but he had a more beautiful and delicate face than her. He was obviously at the Foundation Establishment stage, but he was more talented than her.

Moreover, he looked at her with calm eyes like he was looking at a beggar; even more contempt than beggars.

How could this make Lu Zhixi reconciled! How could she not hate her!

Lu Zhixi took a deep breath and spoke to Hexi, “Xi Yue, didn’t you see Elder Qin standing behind you? You should know that if you dodge, Elder Qin will definitely be hurt.”

Before Hexi could speak, Qing Luan’s indignant voice suddenly sounded behind her, “Miss Lu, according to your words, my young master should stand motionless in front of Elder Qin and be poisoned to death by Feng Yunqing? My young master’s life is not life? Since Miss Lu is so kind and righteous, why didn’t you block the water arrow for Elder Qin? How can you be so high-sounding?”

Hexi was stunned for a moment, then she saw Qing Luan trembling with anger. She smiled and said, “Why did you come here?”

Qing Luan clenched her fists and said, “I noticed that you haven’t come back until noon, so I came to have a look. I didn’t expect to see so many people working together to bully you!”

She pointed to Lu Zhixi and said indignantly, “Who is this Fairy Zhixi? She lost to my young master in medicals skills in Yongan City. How could she question my young master for cheating!? You dare to say that you can beat my young master in medical skills?”

Lu Zhixi’s face turned unsightly. She gritted her teeth with a flushed face as if she had been slapped fiercely in the public.

However, when she looked at Xi Yue’s half-smile, she really… did not dare to refute, because she was completely unsure of being better than Xi Yue in medical skills.

Qing Luan turned her eyes to the group of candidates who were in the same assessment as Hexi and scolded fiercely, “And you ungrateful people! Did you forget who saved you from the desperate secret realm? My young master even almost died in the stomach of the black bear just for you trash. Now you all accuse my young master of cheating? Pui!

She turned her eyes around and cursed, “You better see clearly what kind of villains these people are! Stay away from them in the future, lest you save them, but they drag you down instead!”

The few freshmen who participated in the assessment with Xi Yue looked shameful after hearing the words. They were angry, but they couldn’t refute Qing Luan’s words at all.

Especially looking at the subtle gazes of the surrounding students, they really wished to dig a hole and burrow their heads into it.

At this moment, they all looked at Chen Jiancheng fiercely. If it wasn’t for this person’s instigation, they would not have suspected Xi Yue and spoke ill of Xi Yue at all.

But now the result of the fight proved that Xi Yue was actually stronger than Feng Yunqing, which meant that it was unlikely that he cheated.

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