The Legend of Futian-Chapter 2967: Spinoff (1)

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Chapter 2967: Spinoff (1)

The Divine Domain of the Taichu Realm was bustling. There were a large number of cultivators here. Top cultivators from various worlds, who practiced very different techniques, gathered in this domain. It was because they could get cultivation techniques and treasure items from all corners of the world here.

Of course, there were countless disputes here too.

Many exceptional figures visited the Divine Domain of the Taichu Realm. Every one of them were overlords in their respective worlds. However, they had to keep a low profile when they came here to cultivate.

A group of youngsters was enjoying tea in a tavern.

This tavern was 33-stories tall and was luxurious. The group of youngsters was on the highest floor, where they could enjoy the scenery of the lively domain.

“As expected, the Divine Domain of the Taichu Realm is extraordinary. It is more prosperous than any other city in our world.” Among the group was a maiden dressed in green robes. She was around 18 years of age. Her eyes sparkled like water, and she had a face that could launch a thousand ships. No one dared to sully her.

“The Taichu Realm is one of the worlds under the rule of the Palace of Gods. Uncle said that currently, among the discovered universes, this universe ruled by the Palace of Gods is the most powerful. The Taichu Realm is a major world and can be ranked among the top five worlds. The Divine Domain is the center of the Taichu Realm, so it is naturally prosperous.” Next to the woman was a youth dressed in white robes with a sword on his back. He spoke in a gentle tone and was very sophisticated.

“I say, Miss, have you had your fun? Shouldn’t we be going home?” said a burly youth sitting across from the maiden. His skin had a bronze sheen, and his figure revealed muscles full of explosive force. His pupils were full of vigor. However, when facing this maiden, he was begging her in a pitiful manner.

“Isn’t it nice to see the scenery in other worlds? Why do we need to go back?” the maiden said with a faint smile.

“Brother Shou, how many times have you tried to persuade Little Yin to return home?” the white-robed youth with a sword said with a smile.

“This fellow. Could it be that you do not know how much attention her looks are drawing?” the burly youth grumbled.

“Yu Shou, are you lacking self-confidence?” said another maiden dressed in white robes sitting beside Little Yin. She was similarly extremely beautiful. She had an extraordinary innate temperament. She appeared elegant and noble.

“Elder Sister Jun, it is not that I do not have self-confidence. It is just that the gazes of those fellows were too disgusting. Little Yin also did not allow me to take action against them,” complained Yu Shou in a depressed tone. He swept a glance around them. As expected, he saw many people looking at them, especially Little Yin and Elder Sister Jun.

“What are you looking at?” yelled Yu Shou as he stood up. His yell was like a roar of thunder, causing the wine cups on the tables of those watching them tremble. The crowd immediately retracted their gazes when they knew that this youth was not to be trifled with.

There were crouching tigers and hidden dragons in the Divine Domain of the Taichu Realm. There were countless powerful cultivators here. Those who dared to act so presumptuously most likely came from extraordinary backgrounds.

“Paper tiger,” said Elder Sister Jun with a faint smile. In reality, she was just in her twenties. However, she was the oldest, so she was their leader away from home. With Little Yin around, Yu Shou would forever be just a paper tiger. They would not allow him to act out as he pleased. If not, with his temper, they would never enjoy peace.

“Sit down,” chided Ye Zhiyin as she stared at Yu Shou. Yu Shou immediately gave her a pitiful glance and replied, “Alright.” As he said this, he sat down. If the members of the Devil World saw their young master acting in such a manner, they would have been stunned.

Gu Xijun told Yu Shou, “Yu Shou, the Taichu Realm is a major world ruled by the Palace of Gods. There are cultivators who cultivate different techniques here. This is still a place worth exploring. Please don’t be so anxious to return home.”

“Alright, Elder Sister Jun,” Yu Shou answered Gu Xijun in a very respectful tone. They had all grown up together. Gu Xijun was slightly older, so she played the role of elder sister.

Their group sat there quietly. The people in the tavern were chatting amongst themselves. Their group heard many people talking about the same topic.

“The Proud Son List of the World of the Gods?” exclaimed Ye Zhiyin in curiosity.

Ye Zhifan explained, “Based on what they said, only cultivators below 30 are eligible for the Proud Son List. The Palace of Gods rules over many universes, and they are all interconnected. There are only 81 members on the Proud Son List. New members replace old members. Those on the Proud Son List are all Proud Sons of Heaven. They can be considered prominent figures of the current generation.” Ye Zhifan was born a few days after Ye Zhiyin. Both of them had similar names.

“The abilities of those on the Proud Son List should be at the Renhuang Plane. They can indeed be considered peerless figures,” added Gu Xijun as she nodded her head. Ordinary people could not reach such a plane at such a young age.

Hence, almost all those on the Proud Son List came from powerful backgrounds. Many of them were descendants of the various gods of the Palace of Gods.

“They are all just showy with no solid worth,” said Yu Shou in an underestimating tone.

Ye Zhiyin looked at him and asked, “Where did you learn such words?”

“I learned it while touring the world with you,” replied Yu Shou.

“Gu Feiyang got on the Proud Son List by force, suppressing Mo Wuyou. He was listed on the Proud Son List by the Tianji Palace. The Tianji Palace prophesied that Gu Feiyang would have the chance to reach the top three in the future,” said someone who was having a discussion to the side right then.

“Who is this Gu Feiyang?” someone asked curiously.

Another person explained, “He is a descendant of Emperor Gu. Rumor has it that he began cultivating when he was three years old. He proved his Path when he was ten and began challenging cultivators from all over the world at 15. He has yet to record a loss. He wishes to emulate his predecessor, Emperor Gu, and prove his Path through combat. Rumor has it that he is, as his name suggests. He is domineering and arrogant. He does not consider ordinary people his equals.”

“If my predecessor were Emperor Gu, one of the core members of the Palace of Gods, I would be even more arrogant than he is now. However, that is because I have the backing of my ancestors,” someone said with a smile.

Just as that person was speaking, the surrounding space suddenly fell silent. Many people were looking in the same direction. A group of people had entered the tavern. Their leader was a person in his twenties. He wore a long robe. His long jet-black hair fluttered in the wind. His handsome face gave off an indescribable suave air. Just by his temperament alone, he could be considered a prominent figure.

As he walked, a formless boundary field seemed to form around him. He glanced at the speaker and said, “You know what to do.”

The expression of the speaker turned pale. He had already been signaled by his companions. He knew that this person was Gu Feiyang.

The speaker decisively slapped himself in the face a few times. He bowed and pleaded, “I have been careless with my words. Please forgive me.”

Gu Feiyang cast a glance at him. Then, he took a seat in a corner. The tavern turned exceptionally quiet all of a sudden.

Suddenly, Gu Feiyang raised his cup, and the wine in it transformed into a sharp sword that slit the throat of the other party. The person was killed with a single attack as he fell to the ground.

The silence in the tavern grew more prominent. No one dared to speak a word. The crowd even held their breath.

Ye Zhiyin frowned, seemingly displeased. This man was too ruthless. He slaughtered a person due to a slight disagreement.

Yu Shou was a reckless lad too. However, he would never injure anyone unless the other party was an atrocious person.

“You, come over and pour me a cup of wine,” Gui Feiyang ordered Ye Zhiyin coldly, seemingly sensing her dissatisfaction.