The Legend of Futian-Chapter 2968: Spinoff (2)

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Chapter 2968: Spinoff (2)

All the eyes were on Ye Zhiyin in the silent restaurant. At first sight of the woman’s stunning features and extraordinary temperament, anyone would know that she was not an everyday person.

Even so, how could she hold a candle to Gu Feiyang?

Within the world reigned by the Palace of Gods, there were only a handful of people who could be comparable to Gu Feiyang. He was listed on the Proud Son List through his abnormal talents and was undefeatable. The Tianji Palace had even put him in the top three of the Proud Son List. Moreover, he was the descendant of an Ancient Emperor.

Nevertheless, Ye Zhiyin paid no heed to any of that and merely furrowed her brows. Gu Feiyang was being too arrogant. He would murder someone at a whim and even dare to make her pour him a cup of tea.

Although Ye Zhiyin remained her composure, the people around her had been driven up the wall. Gu Xijun’s expression turned gloomy while Ye Zhifan had already manifested swords will around him.

Who was Ye Zhiyin?

She was the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor and the Empress. From the day she was born, no one would dare to disrespect her, let alone humiliate her like that.

“Destroy your cultivation, and I’ll let you leave this place alive!” Yu Shou’s expression turned sullen. Although he remained seated, anyone could tell that he could barely hold back his anger. He would’ve battled that man if it weren’t for Ye Zhiyin’s disrelish of him getting into trouble.

Suddenly, the entire restaurant turned dead silent. What was Yu Shou talking about?

Was he asking Gu Feiyang to destroy his cultivation?

Everyone stopped what they were doing in the ominous silence. It was as if they had forgotten how to breathe.

The people beside Gu Feiyang were stunned as they gaped at Yu Shou in bemusement. Who was this lunatic that did not know his place? This man might have been burly but was he born without a brain?

Boom! A sword will suddenly burst out. Then a cultivator in white could be seen sitting there with swords, encircling his entire body, pressuring the restaurant. Turning to look at the others, he asked, “What should we do if someone were to disrespect Young Master Gu?”

A cultured-looking middle-aged man commented, “Kill!”

“Indeed!” The cultivator in white nodded. Turning his gaze at Ye Zhiyin, he bellowed, “It’s your pleasure to be able to pour a cup for Young Master Gu! Why won’t you come forward and do what you should do?”

Yu Shou glanced at Ye Zhiyin, brimming with killing intent. Although they had been traveling to different universes together and had met all sorts of people, encountering such a group of arrogant people was new to them.

Seeing that Ye Zhiyin, Yu Shou, and the others remained unmoved, the cultivator in white got up and walked toward them.

The sword will hovered around his body while a sword manifested on top of his head. The sight of it sent chills down the spines of the crowds. When the sword on his head pointed at Ye Zhiyin, he questioned, “Young Master Gu, do you still need her?”

“Do whatever you deem fit,” Gu Feiyang uttered without lifting his head. Although Ye Zhiyin was an exceptionally beautiful woman, he was not very attracted to her. After all, women would only affect his cultivation. So, he was not interested in women in general.

“Roger that,” the cultivator in white turned to Ye Zhiyin and said, “If you would kneel and beg for forgiveness, you could still live to see another day.”

“Zhifan!” Gu Xijun raised her head and looked at Ye Zhifan. Understanding what she meant, he summoned a sword will from a distance that lit up the heavens. In that instant, the cultivators inside the restaurant felt a powerful killing intention, while some were even temporarily blinded.

“What just happened?”

Their hearts were pounding like crazy as they checked the surroundings. Although they could not notice anything out of place, blood flowed down from the forehead of the snobbish cultivator in white, and he dropped to the ground face-first. His eyes were wide open at the moment of death, and he didn’t even know what had just happened.

Ye Zhifan, the son of Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu, was the disciple of the Three Sword Gods. His father, Ye Wuchen, the Desolation Sword God, and the Lihen Sword God, together with the God of Light, would guide him in practicing the Swordsmanship of Light. Ye Futian was his godfather. Hence, he was given the name Zhifan, which was similar to Ye Zhiyin.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was still silent. Stares of disbelief were gaping at the corpse. Then they turned to look at Ye Zhiqian and her group and gasped. Were these people this powerful as well?

It seemed like they were not ordinary people. Even so, why would they incur the wrath of Gu Feiyang? Who would dare to cross him in the world ruled by the Palace of Gods?

No matter their might or background, they would only meet their demise in the end.

Glaring at the corpse on the floor, Gu Feiyang put down the cup in his hand. He unleashed a terrifying aura that instantly permeated the entire restaurant at that moment. When that happened, nearly all the cultivators in the restaurant got up and fled from the scene.

They knew huge trouble was about to befall.

There was a gale in the restaurant when Gu Feiyang got up. The entire atmosphere of that place changed as he shot a dark look at Ye Zhiyin and the others. Many cultivators from afar were stunned when they noticed Gu Feiyang unleashed his skills. Who would dare to provoke him?

It was a good thing since they could witness the might of the person who had entered the Proud Son List.

Bang! There were cracks everywhere in the restaurant right after Gu Feiyang took a step forward. The atmosphere was pervaded by his aura when a phantasm of an Ancient God appeared behind him. After pointing his finger at Ye Zhiyin and the others, the heavens fell apart. Countless Light of Destruction was fired at them with the intention of annihilating them.

The thrust of his finger was like the attack of a Heavenly Immortal, unleashing like a Divine Tribulation.

Many cultivators looked at them in pity. Although the sword behind Ye Zhifan was unsheathed, Yu Shou stood before him. At once, a catastrophic maroon light of the blade lit up the atmosphere and flew toward this location.

There was a conspicuous line that split the sky. Numerous catastrophic light rays shattered the force of the tribulation while the maroon light of the blade slashed the finger of the Heavenly Immortal in half. It did not stop until it obliterated the phantasm of the Ancient God.

Bam! Following a loud bang and the flash of the light of the blade, Ye Zhiyin and her group were still alive and kicking. Instead, Gu Feiyang was sent flying out of the restaurant while his finger was shaking. Blood could be seen dripping down from it.

“What the…” The hearts of the onlookers skipped a beat as they wondered who that person was.

They could not believe that a top achiever of the Proud Son List, Gu Feiyang, was sent flying backward with only one attack.

“You’re definitely tired of living!” Yu Shou berated with a death stare. Anyone who would dare to humiliate Ye Zhiyin was getting on his nerves.

He was named Yu Shou, and his name had the meaning of protection.

After taking a step forward, the catastrophic light radiated the firmament, turning it into maroon color, intimidating the surrounding cultivators with his Heavenly Might. At that moment, they knew Yu Shou was a powerful individual.

After a maroon demonic blade descended from the sky, Yu Shou held it in his hand and fired another slash even more powerful than the previous one.

As the light of the slash filled the sky, Gu Feiyang howled and manifested the phantasm of the Ancient God that hurled a domineering palm out to fight against the maroon demonic blade. Suddenly, deafening clangs were heard before the palm was split open. The slash of the maroon demonic blade fired at the body of the Ancient God.

Despite Gu Feiyang’s best effort, the haughty man who entered the Proud Son List could not stop the slash of Yu Shou.

“This is presumptuous!”

A loud roar could be heard from the sky as a Divine Light shone on the blade of Yu Shou, breaking it in the process and sending him backward as he let out a groan.

The hearts of the crowds were beating like a drum when they felt the Might of a Heavenly Immortal.

Lifting their heads, they immediately caught sight of the silhouette of a Heavenly Immortal.

“Feiyang, are you alright?” the Heavenly Immortal in the sky asked as he stared at Gu Feiyang.

“I’m fine.” Gu Feiyang’s expression turned glum as he was utterly defeated.

This individual was one of the Heavenly Immortals of the Palace of Gods. A mighty cultivator under the command of the Ancient Emperor.

“Hmm.” The Heavenly Immortal nodded. Right then, he gazed at Yu Shou and the others condescendingly. Turning his eyes into golden color, he fired Divine Lights from them. Then he admonished, “How dare you behave like a bunch of barbarians here! You shall all die now!”

The crowds instantly turned their eyes on Yu Shou. This individual was truly overpowering. It was unfortunate that his opponent was Gu Feiyang. Now that a Heavenly Immortal had arrived, no way any of them could survive anymore.

“Which lowlife worm dared to disrespect my Young Miss and act like a savage?” Another voice could be heard bellowing from the sky. Just then, the sky was split open, and a dazzling Divine Light beamed down. Then a Heavenly Immortal dressed in a golden feathered garment could be seen descending from the firmament.