The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy-Chapter 1066 - Little Ancestor’s Mess

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Chapter 1066: Little Ancestor’s Mess

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Shen Li was lazily turning her phone, not saying a word, but this was obviously a tacit agreement.

Realizing this, Wen Xiao was shocked for a while before asking in disbelief, “Who is it?”

Previously, Shen Li had said that she seemed to know Saint, but then she had said that she wanted to confirm the other party’s identity first.

Now, this was–

“You really do know him?!”

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curled up slightly.

Not only did she know him, but she also could not be more familiar with him.

Wen Xiao looked at her expression and suddenly felt that something was not right. A chill ran down his spine.

With this reaction, it was probably not something that could be simply summarized with just a simple phrase of “you know him”.

Who was it exactly that she had discovered that had caused her to be so angry?

Earlier, when he had seen her performance on the track, he had already felt that the situation was not good. But now, looking at it, the situation was probably even worse than he had expected!

Shen Li said calmly, “When we reach Leland, you will naturally find out.”

Wen Xiao’s eyelids twitched. Hearing her extremely calm tone, half of the curiosity and gossip in his heart was immediately extinguished.

He leaned back slightly and swallowed the words that were in his throat.

To be honest, although he also really wanted to know Saint’s true identity, in comparison, his life was still more important.

It was clear that Shen Li was going to return to Leland to settle the score…

He tactfully nodded.


There was only one month left anyway. He would know when the time came, so he was not in a hurry.

However, he still took three seconds to say a silent prayer for Saint in his heart.

Shen Li’s personality was cold and distant. It was really difficult for ordinary people to make her angry. She had always been too lazy to waste time and energy on such things.

So, from another perspective, Saint was really… quite capable to be able to make her angry to this extent.

He took a cigarette and held it in his hand as he worried about another matter.

“But speaking of which, your return to Leland this time is really too troublesome. It might be better if you only went as Shen Li, the captain of LY, but if you still want to go to Paradise…”

He seemed to have thought of something, and his brows furrowed even more tightly.

Shen Li nodded.

“That’s why I asked for your help, Uncle Wen.”

Uncle Wen did not fall for her trick, and his face was filled with frustration.

“I was the one who cleaned up the mess you left behind back then, and now you’re here again?”

It was rare that Shen Li not to talk back and obediently listen to the lecture.

After all, she was in the wrong in this matter.

“I used up all the money I had saved up for you back then! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have even been able to walk out of Leland!”

Wen Xiao felt his heart and lungs ache just thinking about it.

“Let me tell you, if you go this time and lose again, I won’t be able to help you a second time!”

Shen Li then laughed.

“I know. Didn’t I tell you before that I won’t lose this time?”

Wen Xiao felt that her words did not have much credibility, but at this point, everything else was in vain.

Why had he taken her to Leland back then?

Wen Xiao exhaled, looking as if he had aged considerably.

He was already old, he really could not afford to be tormented anymore. After the championship ended, he would start thinking about a complete retirement.

Shen Li seemed to have guessed his thoughts and reminded him,”Uncle Wen, the head coach who has produced a world championship team will also have a higher pension.”


Wen Xiao raised his hand and pointed outside the door.

“If you really have nothing to do, then go outside and do another round.”

Shen Li did not move.

“I just finished driving, and I haven’t drunk any water yet.”

Wen Xiao felt a lump in his chest. He got up from the small fridge and took a bottle of water. With a thud, he placed it on the table in front of her.

“Then I’ll just go out!”

If he could not serve her, he could just run away!

Wen Xiao had a headache. Initially, he had wanted to ask this little ancestor to leave. At the very least, he did not really want to see her again in the near future.

But then, he realized that Shen Li’s arrival was not all bad.

At the very least, she could just run around casually and easily make the LY team members doubt their lives.

He did not have to yell at the top of his lungs anymore. They had gone to practice on their own accord.

Looking at his own results and then looking at Shen Li’s results, there was no other way but to practice to the death.

From this point of view, it could be considered that she had done him a favor.

Sometimes, this thing really depended on making comparisons. One could only clearly realize how much they were inferior to others just by making a comparison.

Hence, Shen Li came to train regularly after that, and Wen Xiao was not bothered anymore.

Ever since Shen Li joined LY, she had almost never trained with her team members. It was only when she had replaced Ron in the domestic rally that they had realized how strong she was.

However, at that time, only Ji Shu and Lu Siyu had been competing at the same time. Most of the others were just spectators and could not directly feel her strength.

Until now–

Shen Li would come over every once in a while to train and do test runs together with them.

Although she still did not do as much as them, compared to before, the frequency was already very high.

More importantly, after experiencing the competition with her, most of the people finally realized that they had still underestimated Shen Li.

Her level and potential were far higher than they had imagined!

The sun was scorching, causing the track to become scorching hot.

The loud roar of the engine reverberated throughout the entire training ground, and a pure black racing car sped past!

The extreme speed brought caused the airflow to surge wildly. Even the people standing outside the field could clearly feel the intense pressure.

“Another record has been broken.”

Yang Tao looked at the electronic screen. When he saw the results on it, he could not help but sigh.

Gu Siyang looked excited and could not hide his pride.

“That’s… Can’t you see whose cousin that is?”

His eyes were still glued to the pure black racing car. His face was full of excitement and eagerness.

Although it was not his first time watching Shen Li as she raced, every time he watched it, he would still be deeply impressed.

All his emotions and attention would be attracted. Every time he saw that pure black race car roaring past the track, leaving all the other race cars far behind, it almost made his blood boil!

“Breaking the record is simply too easy for her!”

Yang Tao paused and smiled.

“President Gu, I agree with what you said, but the point is: didn’t you realize that every time she breaks the record, the increase in her results is the same?”

Gu Siyang was stunned and finally came back to his senses.


Yang Tao raised his chin.

“To be more precise, it’s the time.”

Every time she came to train, the time she took to run a lap would be a little less than the last time.

At first glance, the time difference was not obvious, but it was a considerable improvement over time.

The other team members tried their best to catch up and their scores also improved, but no one could ever achieve the same as her.

Gu Siyang was stunned for a while, then he took a deep breath.

“Then this… you mean, up until now, my sister has not displayed her full strength? To be able to control speed and time so accurately… other than her, there shouldn’t be another person like that, right?!”

Yang Tao was silent for a moment.

“There is.”

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