The Male Main’s Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me-Chapter 1061 - Private Money

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Chapter 1061: Private Money

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“Tell him to be careful and come back soon.”

“Okay.” Huo Chenhuan was as worried about Zheng Qianyang as Su Yayan was. However, he knew that there were some things in this world that were so important that people would put their lives on the line. They would not hesitate even if they knew that they were in danger.

“By the way, your friend…”

“Friend?” Su Yayan was stunned for a moment before she realized who Huo Chenhuan was talking about. She asked curiously, “You mean Xiaoqi. What’s wrong?”

“Her boyfriend seems to have been a little aggressive lately.”


Su Yayan’s eyes lit up. She suddenly remembered that Ling Xiaoqi had mentioned to her that Ning Siyuan had the intention to attack her scumbag father.

“What did he do?”

“He had people cross the province to attack his future father-in-law’s company. It caused internal strife in the company and caused their stock price to plunge. It was like a pile of loose sand. Other than that, he also ordered people to fish in troubled waters and sow discord between the company’s internal personnel and his father-in-law’s wife. The husband and wife had a huge fight, and it was even snapped up and posted online, causing a heated discussion. If nothing goes wrong, in a few days, he should be able to buy up all the loose shares that were sold and become the major shareholder of that company.”

Although Su Yayan was mentally prepared, she was still a little surprised.

She was surprised that Ning Siyuan acted so quickly and did it without giving him any chance to react.

Moreover, Su Yayan’s impression of Ning Siyuan was always polite, gentle, and modest. She completely forgot that Ning Siyuan was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

“Xiaoqi told me about this before. When we went to Grandpa’s place, her biological father tried to stir up trouble again, but Ning Siyuan found out about it. Do you still remember that there was a time when that man came to look for Xiaoqi? He wanted to ignore Xiaoqi’s wishes and directly kidnapped her. At that time, it was Ning Siyuan who saved her.”

“I remember. You even complained to me before that someone’s motive for saving the damsel in distress was impure.”

“I still feel that his motive for saving the damsel in distress was impure at that time. However, as long as he sincerely treated Xiaoqi well, it doesn’t matter if his motive was impure or not.” Su Yayan heaved a long sigh of relief when she said this, “At that time, the two of them were still unrelated. Ning Siyuan was already willing to stand up for Xiaoqi. Now that the two of them are together, he knows about the troubles in Xiaoqi’s family. It’s even more impossible for him to remain indifferent.

“Xiaoqi said that he was prepared to swallow that man’s company and give it to her as a betrothal gift as a marriage proposal gift. She isn’t sure whether she should accept it or not. I feel that she should and must accept it. That man caused her and her mother to suffer so much. She deserves all these things. Moreover, this is also Ning Siyuan’s goodwill towards her. For him to be able to do this for her, it shows that he really cares about Xiaoqi.

“If it were me, and if there would be someone willing to do this for me, there’s no way I would be indifferent, right?”

The more Huo Chenhuan heard, the more he felt that something was wrong. He frowned slightly, he said sourly, “Are you envious of her? If you like it, I can transfer all the properties under my name to you. In addition, I can also hand over my salary and private money to you for safekeeping.

“I can do what he can do, and even more than what he can do. You don’t have to be jealous of others.”

“Huh?” Su Yayan’s attention was instantly attracted, and her focus was a little crooked. “You actually hid private money behind my back?!”

Huo Chenhuan was speechless.