The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me-Chapter 1094 - Don’t You Find It Funny?

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Chapter 1094: Don’t You Find It Funny?

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When Huo Chenhuan found out about Su Yayan and the child’s whereabouts, he could not wait to rush to the place where they were and bring them back safely.

At that time, Su Yayan was also trying to buy time for Huo Chenhuan and the others to save her.

When Dou Tianyi heard Su Yayan’s sarcastic remarks, the curve of his lips did not decrease but instead increased. He only felt that Su Yayan was now like a kitten trapped in a cage, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

“If I really wanted to hurt you, I’m afraid that you would not be sitting here peacefully, enjoying the meticulous care of the people around you?”

Enjoying? You call this enjoying? Su Yayan almost picked up the cup on the table and threw it at his face.


Su Yayan’s eyes turned cold. Dou Tianyi actually did not deny what she said just now, which meant that she was right.

The group of people who had helped them stop the trucks was Dou Tianyi’s people, and they were supposed to be in cahoots with that group of people.

However, those people wanted to kill her, and Dou Tianyi wanted her alive, so the two sides had a falling out.

“Since everyone is here, I don’t want to say any more nonsense. Mr. Dou, tell me directly. Why did you go to so much trouble to bring me here?”

Dou Tianyi raised his eyebrows. “I thought you should know very well why you’re here.”

Su Yayan seemed to have heard the biggest joke in the world. “You asked someone to bring me here, but you made me wonder why I was brought here? You said it as if I did something that deserved to be brought here. Don’t you find it funny?”

Before Dou Tianyi could say anything, Wen Jingping, who was following behind him, could not help but widen her eyes and look at Su Yayan in shock and fear. She obviously did not expect Su Yayan to dare to talk to Dou Tianyi like that.

Moreover, what made her the most depressed was that Dou Tianyi did not have much of a reaction after hearing her words. He did not get angry, did not fight back, and instead, had a subtle sense of excitement.

Wen Jingping, who had already experienced Dou Tianyi’s power, did not doubt that if those words had come out of her mouth just now, she probably would not even be able to find her corpse now.

Such an obvious difference in treatment made Wen Jingping feel an indescribable disgust in her heart. At the same time, she also had a trace of doubt.

Could it be that from the very beginning, her strategy had been wrong? Dou Tianyi did not like her kind of delicate and weak dodder flower that could arouse a man’s desire to protect her at all. Instead, did he like this kind of dodder flower that specifically went against him?

Su Yayan did not know that the words that she said to annoy Dou Tianyi in a fit of rage had caused Wen Jingping to think deeply about it.

She was really about to explode from anger. She could not understand why there were people in this world who were so self-righteous and full of superiority. It was one thing for them to talk to others in a high and mighty tone, they could cause trouble and even harm others, but they could still act as if they were doing them a favor, thinking that they should be grateful to her.

Dou Tianyi was like that, and so was Huo Shaofeng before this.

Before this, Su Yayan had only thought that the brainless female lead of the world was poisonous. Now, it seemed that these male leads of the world were not inferior to her. They were a perfect match for each other!

At that time, Huo Shaofeng was thousands of miles away. His spirit had long been worn down by all sorts of circumstances. Huo Shaofeng, who was living a poor life on a meager salary, felt an itch in his nose. He could not help but sneeze loudly, and a sense of foreboding rose in his heart.

He was already in such a miserable state. Why would anyone still think of him?!

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