The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 918 - PDA Host    

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Chapter 918: PDA Host

After being provoked by Huo Chenhuan’s smug and straightforward display of affection, the audience was also provoked by Huo Chenhuan’s shameless act of monopolizing everything. Some of the miserable single dogs were so angry that they cried on the spot.

Realizing that they might not be able to defeat this shameless man, many audience members cleverly brought up Su Yayan and complained on the spot.

[Host, are you going to do anything about your husband bullying us? Just tell me if you are!]

[That’s right, that’s right. Host, are you just going to watch your husband bully us? What happened to being each other’s eternal little cuties?]

Su Yayan did not expect the flames of war to burn on her head. Under her man’s meaningful gaze, she decisively abandoned the car to protect herself.

She coughed lightly and said, “What little cuties? Don’t spout nonsense. That’s my little cutie. Don’t bully him.”




Row after row of ellipses passed by. At this moment, the audience’s hearts turned cold.

[I… I… I… I can’t stand this grievance! I’ll become an anti-fan for a minute!]

[Host, you’ve changed. You’re no longer the gentle, considerate, upright, and kind host from before! It’s all this dog man’s fault for leading you astray. It’s all this dog man’s fault!]

[When you love someone, you call them sweet and cute. When you don’t love them, you abandon them and turn to someone else’s embrace. Indeed, all heartless people in this world are the same!]

[What made the host go against her conscience and ask the victim not to bully and harm others? It’s love! What made my eyes always fill with tears? It’s my heart that was abandoned by the host!]

The lively comments section instantly turned into the scene of a large-scale show. Su Yayan was embarrassed and amused. She turned around and met her man’s half-smile. “Little cutie?”

Su Yayan’s expression froze, but she quickly remembered that she was livestreaming.

There were seven to eight figures of viewers staring at her in the livestream. She could not back down!

“Aren’t I?”

Huo Chenhuan saw the change in Su Yayan’s expression. How could he not see through her?

“Yes. So…” Huo Chenhuan tapped his cheek suggestively. “My dear wife, won’t you consider giving your little cutie a little reward?”

Su Yayan was stunned. Her face turned red from her cheeks to her neck.

The exploding comments sections froze for a moment because of Huo Chenhuan’s words.

In the next few seconds, everyone in the livestream was waiting, including Huo Chenhuan.

In the end, Su Yayan could not resist her man’s fervent gaze. She blushed and leaned over to kiss Huo Chenhuan.

She thought that she had done it very discreetly, but in the end, she still underestimated the live audio effect of the livestream broadcast equipment.

[What just happened? Did you all hear it? Or was it just my imagination?]

[Such a loud smack, and you’re telling me it’s an illusion? (dead fish eyes.jpg)]

[So she kissed him just now, right? She kissed him, right? And the host took the initiative! What’s with this stifled feeling of my cabbage running away to the pig? D*mn, I’m so angry!]

[A famous female host actually did such a thing in her livestream. Is it the fall of humanity or the fall of morality?]

[I used to think that I was following a food host, but in the end, I realized that I was following a healthcare host. When I finally accepted that I was following a healthcare host, I realized that this PDA host is crazy!]

[No couple is innocent until the dog dies!]

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