The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 941 - Boss Had Double Standards   

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Chapter 941: Boss Had Double Standards


The leader, who had acted exceptionally tough in front of Su Yayan not long ago was now looking at Li Yue like a frightened bird begging for help. Just then, he mustered up his courage and said, “I’m sorry, Boss. The people following Miss Su are really too good at combat. Even if we tried our best, we could only delay them. Moreover, we didn’t expect Miss Su to look so weak but her skills are also…”

Before he could finish his words, Dou Tianyi’s overly sharp eyes had already slashed at him. He was so scared that he shivered and could not say a word.

“I just want to know the result. I don’t want to hear excuses.”

Cold sweat dripped down the leader’s head. He said in shame and fear, “I’m sorry, Boss. It was our miss.”

The atmosphere in the room instantly turned cold. The leader’s face was as pale as a sheet. He did not dare to think about what kind of terrible ending he would face.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Dou Tianyi was silent for a long time after listening to their words. He only replied, “Got it. You guys can leave first.”

Did he just… just let it go like that?

The leader could not believe his ears. He almost thought that he had heard wrong.

Li Yue saw that he was standing there foolishly and did not know how to leave. His face also darkened. He had never seen such a person who did not know what was good for him. Dou Tianyi had already let him leave, but he still did not leave. was he planning to stay behind to bring fire to himself and burn the others at the same time?

Li Yue silently drew a cross in his heart for this person. He coughed impatiently and reminded him.

This person finally woke up from his dream. He felt lucky but at the same time, he was worried that this was the calm before the storm. He left with a heart full of worries.

When Li Yue saw that he had left, he immediately took out a small video that he had prepared earlier and handed it to Dou Tianyi.

“Boss, this is the video of them looking for Miss Su today.”

Dou Tianyi took it but did not look at it immediately. Instead, he asked, “Did they attack her?”

Li Yue was stunned. He could not help but wipe away the bitter tears in his heart for the few bodyguards.

The order was to bring them back, but they were not allowed to hurt anyone. The Boss had already spoken, but the subordinates were so bitter that they wanted to scratch the wall.

“To be precise, it was Miss Su who attacked them.”

“Oh?” Dou Tianyi raised his eyebrows and could not help but feel a trace of curiosity.

Su Yayan attacked them? Could it be that she scratched and bit them?

It was not Dou Tianyi’s fault for thinking so. Even Zheng Qianyang, who had lived in the Huo residence for a period of time, did not expect Su Yayan to have such a skill, let alone Dou Tianyi, who had only met Su Yayan a few times.

The result, of course, was beyond Dou Tianyi’s expectations.

Looking at the high-spirited person in the video, who had beaten the man up in just a few moves, the corners of Dou Tianyi’s mouth could not help but rise. He sighed in a low voice, “I didn’t expect her to have such good moves.”

When Dou Tianyi said this, his tone was full of surprise and admiration, as if he found a treasure.

Li Yue’s gaze faintly drifted over to the man who had been beaten up terribly. He silently lit a candle for him in his heart.

The boss’s double standards were always so straightforward, and he did not distinguish between friend and foe. They just had to accept their fate.

After watching the video, Dou Tianyi’s mood was visibly much better, but the words he said made people feel a chill down their backs.

“Those people outside, deal with them.”

Li Yue’s heart trembled. “Boss…” Sure enough, it was still the calm before the storm. Could they not escape?

“Deal with them cleanly.” Dou Tianyi paused as if he thought of something and added, “I don’t want to see them again.”

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