The Male Main’s Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me-Chapter 942 - Even A Kitten Will Bite When Provoked

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Chapter 942: Even A Kitten Will Bite When Provoked

He only said that he did not want to see them again? Li Yue had a flash of inspiration in his mind. He quickly understood the meaning of Dou Tianyi’s words. Instead, he was a little surprised at his softheartedness.

Under normal circumstances, their boss would not be so easy to talk to, much less explain so much.

Was this change because of Miss Su?

Li Yue had mixed feelings. He could not tell whether Dou Tianyi’s change was good or bad.

Just when he was at a loss, a bell suddenly rang, waking Li Yue up from his daze.

Dou Tianyi glanced at him and said mercifully, “Go do your work.”

Li Yue quickly responded. As he picked up the phone, he walked out. However, just as he was about to walk out of the door, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Dou Tianyi with a subtle expression.


Dou Tianyi raised his head and looked at him. He seemed to have sensed something. “What happened?”

“It’s… It’s about Miss Wen.”

“Wen Jingping?” Dou Tianyi had almost forgotten about this person. Now that he heard Li Yue mention her, his face suddenly darkened. He said coldly, “What’s wrong with her now?”

“It’s like this, she…”

It turned out that half an hour ago… a series of explosive news, such as “Wen Jingping had an affair with a married man and became a mistress”, “An experienced actor in the industry cheated on his doting wife with an actress in the production crew” and so on, suddenly spread all over the internet.

In order to increase the credibility, many media outlets also released many intimate photos of Wen Jingping and Ding Juesi as evidence. It did not take long for them to cause a heated discussion on the internet, causing a commotion and everyone knew about it.

These two were both artists under Hai Yi. In addition, Ding Juesi had relied on his wife’s connections and deliberately created his persona of doting on his wife over the years. He had developed very well and could be said to have both fame and fortune.

Now, he could be considered one of Hai Yi’s pillars. The sudden disclosure of such a scandal had a great impact on Hai Yi.

After Ding Juesi’s manager saw the news on the Internet, he immediately went to find a public relations person. However, when the public relations department investigated, he realized that the people who caused trouble were Ding Juesi and Wen Jingping.

Considering the ambiguous attitude of the company’s top management towards Wen Jingping, the department head hesitated for a moment before taking the initiative to call Li Yue and inform him of the cause and effect.

After Li Yue heard about this, he felt that although his boss had a “new love” and his attitude towards Wen Jingping was not as good as before, it was still better to be on the safe side.

Dou Tianyi listened to Li Yue’s words and looked at the latest trending topics of discussion. As expected, he saw that the scandal between the two of them was high on the list.

Dou Tianyi narrowed his eyes and was a little angry.

It was not that he was angry that the two of them had been exposed, but he was angry that the two of them dared to create such trouble for him in his own company and let his company’s people clean up the mess.

“Has the news been suppressed?”

“Yes, but…” Li Yue looked troubled.


“But the people in charge said that someone is manipulating the matter behind the scenes. They can’t suppress it.”

“Someone is manipulating the matter behind the scenes?” Dou Tianyi pondered for a moment and soon realized that something was wrong.

Li Yue stood beside Dou Tianyi. He thought that Dou Tianyi would definitely be angry if he said this.

He did not expect that not only was Dou Tianyi not angry, but a smile suddenly appeared on his face. “Even a kitten will bite when provoked.”

Li Yue, “???” Kitten? What kitten?

It took Li Yue some time to realize that there was a hint of helplessness and indulgence in Dou Tianyi’s tone when he said this. He could not help but shiver.