The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 954 - You’re A Dog

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Chapter 954: You’re A Dog

Ning Qirui choked on Su Yayan’s words. He was too embarrassed to tell her that his ego was in the way and could not bear to go and beg for food.

“Ahem… the program team did prepare some missions, but those missions were also very, very crazy. We had to walk on a tightrope in the air without any safety measures, and even go up to the roof. In short, they were just some tiring and dangerous missions that are very difficult to complete. We’re supposed to participate in a variety show, not to form a circus. In the end, we gave it a try. We felt that it was too dangerous and gave up. We spent three days and two nights nibbling on fruits and low-quality nutrient shakes.”

When Ning Qirui said this, he was like a flower bud that had been hit by a storm. He was miserable and haggard, and could wither at any time.

When Su Yayan heard this, her brows furrowed, she said to Xia Junsheng, “Contact the program team’s director and tell them that if they don’t take safety precautions during the next mission, Ning Qirui won’t go. Let it go if nothing happens this time. If there’s a next time, the East City legal department will definitely hold them legally responsible.”

Generally speaking, this kind of rural experience variety show was quite different from that kind of adventure variety show. They wouldn’t deliberately sign any safety protection agreements.

However, the few missions mentioned by Ning Qirui just now, in Su Yayan’s opinion, were no less dangerous than the adventure variety show.

Su Yayan could understand that the program team would set up some strange missions for the artists to complete to create a gimmick, but this did not mean that she could accept the program team openly joking about the lives of the artists.

After explaining to Xia Junsheng, Su Yayan turned to look at Ning Qirui, she comforted him, “You did the right thing. No matter what the situation is, your life and safety should be the top priority. If you encounter such a thing again in the future, remember to tell your agent to inform the company. The company will naturally have someone to support you. At the very least, don’t you still have your brother?”

Ning Qirui felt a little sour and moved when he heard her say that.

In this world, besides his family, Su Yayan was the first person to say that she would support him.

Although Ning Qirui was favored at home, he was not some spoiled brat. Usually, when he encountered something at work, he would deal with it himself, reporting the good news but not the bad news.

The reason why he specifically mentioned this in front of Su Yayan this time was that he wanted to show off in front of her to pave the way for what he would say later. Unexpectedly…

Ning Qirui was touched, then, he heard Su Yayan say disdainfully, “To think that you’re a second-generation rich kid. Now you know how to swallow your anger. Where’s the b*stard who dared to give me a hard time when we met earlier? Don’t tell me that you’ve become soft-hearted after getting sick? Don’t forget that I’ve put a lot of effort to save your life. If anything happens to you now, who will work for me for the next nine years? I would be running a loss.”

Ning Qirui, “…” Well, he swallowed back the little bit of gratitude he felt just now.

After Su Yayan finished speaking, she raised her head and frowned. “Why are you still here? Is there anything else?”

“…” Are you asking me to leave just like that?

The corner of Ning Qirui’s mouth twitched slightly, and he said cheekily, “Ahem, about that…”


“My girlfriend’s appetite hasn’t been very good recently, and she wants to eat something delicious that she hasn’t eaten before. I think the barbecue and beggar’s chicken that you made for my brother and the others before is pretty good.”

Su Yayan, “…” After all this time and all this beating around the bush, it turned out that he was thinking about her cooking!

Ning Qirui’s girlfriend, Xia Ningxi, who was caught off guard by cue, “…” I’m being put on the spot, you’re a dog!

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