The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 955 - Men!     

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Chapter 955: Men!

Su Yayan saw through Ning Qirui’s thoughts at a glance. Instead, she thought of Lan Jiaye, who had come with Yan Xiaoran that day.

Lan Jiaye’s girlfriend and Ning Qirui’s girlfriend were best friends. That day, Lan Jiaye probably had a lot on his mind. He had never thought that he would be able to “bring his family” like Ling Xiaoqi and Ning Siyuan, he came over to accompany his sister-in-law.

After he went back, it was said that he foolishly went to tell his girlfriend about his amazing discovery and the many delicacies he had eaten at the Huo family’s house that day. He had a lot of thoughts…

The result was obvious. A man who ate alone was not worthy of having a girlfriend.

Although the two of them did not have a fallout to the point of breaking up, domestic violence was definitely not going to go away.

One was eating alone and happily showing off to his girlfriend, while the other was using his girlfriend as an excuse to eat alone.

Ha, these men!

To make up for Ning Qirui’s miserable situation of being forced to suffer in a variety show, and to prevent him from following in Lan Jiaye’s footsteps, Su Yayan still had someone send Ning Qirui a plate of food.


“Since it’s your girlfriend who wants to eat it, bring it back to your girlfriend.”As Su Yayan spoke, she flashed Ning Qirui a meaningful and evil smile, “Miss Xia has worked with our company before. Bro Junsheng should still have her contact information.”

The smile on Ning Qirui’s face instantly froze. Having her contact information = being able to contact her at any time = being able to expose his lie at any time.

So, he had been busy for so long, but in the end, he had actually made a wedding dress for someone else?

The person who had originally given him a bit of sunshine immediately withered again!

However, he quickly pulled himself together. His girlfriend loved him so much, so she definitely would not eat alone. She could also share it with him when he brought it back. He was still in luck!

Fortunately, Su Yayan did not know what he was thinking, or else she would definitely send him a wave of ridicule.

Ha, men were sometimes shrewd and sometimes naïve (conceited) to the point of being terrifying.

In the face of delicious food, what was a boyfriend? Could he be eaten?

Although Su Yayan asked Xia Junsheng to temporarily stop and no longer let people lead the public opinion on the Internet.

Nevertheless, the matter of Mrs. Ding bringing her children back to her mother’s house was exposed by other media not long after.

Mrs. Ding’s action also caused the righteous passers-by, who were originally wavering and did not know which side to take, to switch sides in an instant.

If he was not having an affair, why would he go into a room with a young and beautiful girl alone in the middle of the night?

If he was not having an affair, why would his wife bring their children back to her parent’s home in a fit of anger?

Facts proved that the more intense the fight, the more people liked the news of love.

The fans who were originally shouting, “Brother Ding loves his wife so much, he can’t fall in love with such a White Lotus” were also a little confused at this moment.

They had been fighting for so long on the internet, telling people everywhere how much Ding Juesi loved his wife. In the end, he turned around and drove his wife and children back to her parents’ home, but he could not coax them back. This…

Just like what Mrs. Ding had said before, although Ding Juesi had entered the entertainment industry early, his real popularity came after he married her.

Mrs. Ding’s family had given him a lot of resources on one hand, and on the other hand, it was also because his team had worked hard to create the image of a loving family man, attracting a lot of fans for him.

Even if there were some fans of his work, a large part of them were fans of his work that overlapped with his and his wife’s CP.

Now that his image had collapsed, those CP fans who were originally just fans of other people had their hearts turned cold, and he had lost a lot of fans on the spot.

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