The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler-Chapter 1492 - Grievances Suffered to be Paid One by One

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Chapter 1492: Grievances Suffered to be Paid One by One

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Shangguan Jing suddenly turned around, squinted his eyes, and glanced at Rong Xiu with deep meaning.

The two men stared at each other. At that moment, there seemed to be sparks flying!

“Yue’er, come over.”

Chu Liuyue coughed and walked over.

Shangguan Jing placed one hand on her shoulders. “My granddaughter and I are really from the same family, but we don’t like to go around with our real names. Since we’re here coincidentally, I’ll formally introduce her to everyone.”

He surveyed his surroundings as the corner of his lips curled up in a proud manner. “This is my Shangguan Jing’s descendant—Shangguan Yue! She’s also the most outstanding genius in my Shangguan family! She’s the apple of my eye!”

Everyone heard it clearly! She was part of their Shangguan family.

Chu Liuyue smiled rather helplessly. Ancestor has followed me for such a long time and clearly knows how Rong Xiu treats me, yet he still did this…

However, she didn’t know that her ancestor didn’t really say this in the past because he was just half a soul. He couldn’t help in many ways. Other than staying beside her and protecting her, he couldn’t think of anything else.

However, it was different now. His Holy Body had awakened, and he had basically recovered his past skills and memories.

Yue’er was no longer a person from outside the realm and with a humble background. She was Shangguan Jing’s most liked and important bloodline!

All these people relied on their decent background and ordered Yue’er around, pressuring her! My Yue’er is so good! How could they bully her as they wish!? 

Shangguan Jing’s voice was low and powerful. “From today onward, anyone who wants to question my Yue’er has to ask for my permission!”

Every single word was like an iron fist with overwhelming suppression!

Quite a few people were stunned! This Shangguan Jing… isn’t someone that is easy to deal with! Even though he is alone, he is a supreme Armory Refinement Master. He is a maniacal existence that once beat seven supreme Armory Refinement Masters in a row! Such a person would be the target of flattery in the current God Residence Realm! Who would be rude to him? 

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm. Ancestor is backing me up! 

She could clearly feel that the surrounding people were looking at her with different gazes than before.

Ling Xiao Academy and Rong Xiu indeed helped her the whole way, but it was different when Shangguan Jing took action. No matter if it were Ling Xiao Academy or Rong Xiu, she seemed to be relying on them to some extent. However, SHangguan Jingwas her closest relative.

In the God Residence Realm, if one didn’t have any background or status, one would still be a level below others.

But now that her ancestor was around, she was no longer alone! Such a top warrior was her strongest and sturdiest backer!

“Now, do you have anything else you want to continue asking Yue’er?” asked Shangguan Jing slowly.

Quite a few people’s expressions changed slightly. What’s there to ask!? You took action so unreasonably. What can anyone else say? We don’t want to end up like Jin Di! 

Ye Lingran quietly moved back, trying his best to hide his figure.

At this point, he then realized that the other party had pulled his punches! If not, his head and his body would be in different places! This Shangguan Jing and Shangguan Yue aren’t people to be trifled with! I was crazy to have rushed forward previously! 

Shangguan Jing glanced at him lightly before retracting his gaze. It was important to kill a chicken to warn the monkeys, but a good chicken had to be picked. Those of too low level would dirty his hands.

After a moment, Shangguan Jing nodded in satisfaction. “It seems like nobody has anything to ask. All these ‘misunderstandings’ have been cleared up. Then… Starting from now, you shall apologize to my Yue’er one by one!”

He raised his chin.

Ye Lingran’s body stiffened.

“Let’s start from you!”

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