The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 745 - Xu Jing,"don't bully my granddaughter!"  

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Chapter 745: Xu Jing,”don’t bully my granddaughter!”

Compared to this video, the post in the forum clearly listed the strict requirements on how to obtain the senior Lecturer qualification certificate. Although it was not explicitly stated, it was more logical to prove how ridiculous it was for Fu Zhi to be appointed as a Senior Lecturer at Qing Da University at her age! —— The teachers ‘seats in the front row were deathly silent. Countless eyes were focused on Fu Zhi. Yu Min pursed her lips and panicked for a moment. Her mind was filled with how to comfort the chaotic parents. Take out the certificate of senior professor Fu Zhi? No, it was impossible. Not to mention that he didn’t have enough authority to get Fu Zhi’s real file, he only knew that the former principal had asked Fu Zhi to teach at Qing University’s finance department before he left. Fu Zhi herself was an 18 – year – old girl! According to what was written on the forum, the age requirement for an advanced professor’s qualification certificate in China was 22! She wasn’t even that old, so how could she have such a certificate? The videos and related topics on the forum appeared at an inappropriate time! Everyone was caught off guard. “Back door! By using connections!” “What misunderstanding? If you have the ability, then show us her Senior Lecturer certificate! What right does she have to teach my child?” “She’s also a child. How can I be at ease with her teaching my child? What is your school up to?” Yu Min had long known that this group of parents would find out that Fu Zhi was a senior professor hired by the Department of Finance. She was thinking about how to introduce Fu Zhi to this group of parents at a suitable opportunity. Who would have thought that the post on the forum would expose it first and fan the flames, focusing the public’s attention on the requirements of obtaining a Senior Lecturer qualification certificate in our country, making the public confirm that Fu Zhi had come to the school to be a lecturer through her connections! This matter was difficult to handle! It was one thing for the school to take the initiative to introduce Fu Zhi as a lecturer, but her parents couldn’t accept it. But Fu Zhi was lazy and unwilling to give a speech on stage, so when the student representative spoke at the end, someone else took the opportunity to announce that she was a Senior Lecturer. It was as if the school was deliberately hiding it! Getting in through the back door and relying on connections was the norm in society. The more you didn’t make it clear at the first moment, the more others would feel that it was true. “Everyone, be quiet. Be quiet for now!” Yu Min stood up and said with a serious face,”everyone, please calm down. Let’s sit down and talk about it in detail. Don’t make a racket in the history building!” Su jinzhi was one of the first batch of students to be interviewed, so he already knew that Fu Zhi was a senior professor. Compared to others who suspected that Fu Zhi’s position was an illegitimate one, he was more inclined to believe that Fu Zhi had the ability to do so. His eyes swept over the parents who were taking videos with their phones. “Fu Zhi, take out your professor’s certificate and deal with it first,” He walked over and lowered his voice to help Fu Zhi feel nervous. The only thing that could dispel the doubts was real strength. For this matter, no matter how much the school explained, it would be labeled as covering up for people with connections. It was better to let Fu Zhi use the certificate to slap their faces. Fu Zhi was speechless. Fu Zhi was silent for a moment. Her dark eyes reflected the faces of the people who were arguing in front of her. She slowly said,”I also want to deal with it simply.” “Then we have the same idea, we have the same goal!” Su jinzhi said with a smile. “You’re right, but I didn’t even pass the senior Lecturer exam. ” Before she was eight years old, Fu Chao had enlightened her. After she was eight years old, she went to study. At first, her teachers were in the Research Institute of the advanced professor. Later, they had nothing to give her, so they naturally became her students. Everything happened so smoothly. When Fu Zhi was teaching for a few years, no one questioned her and asked her to get an advanced professor’s qualification certificate before coming out. However, the parents of the Qing university students were different. They didn’t know about Fu Zhi’s past. They only cared about their child’s future. They couldn’t let it be ruined by someone with a vague identity but had the absolute right to teach in the finance department! The situation was getting more and more chaotic. Yu Min’s explanation seemed to be a deliberate cover – up. Fortunately, this group of parents were very cultured. They only questioned her verbally, called their husbands to come to school, or talked to other teachers privately. No one pushed or pointed at Fu Zhi’s nose and scolded her. However, in this situation, it was better to be safe than sorry if she met a bad – tempered person. Fu Zhi was obviously not suitable to continue staying here. The school’s lecturer asked her to pull Xu Wei, who was stunned by the scene, out of the history building. Lu chuwan, who was standing in the back row and watching everything, smiled lightly. She heard some parents shouting,”just tell me if you can take out Fu Zhi’s teaching qualification certificate! If you can ‘t, then remove her from her position! I don’t care where she’s from, but you all know how advanced the internet is now! If this gets out of hand and gets on the hot search, it will ruin Qing DA’s reputation! You guys can think about it!” It was the first time Yu Min had encountered such a tricky situation. She was covered in cold sweat, but she had to keep her voice steady.”Fu Zhi is indeed a senior professor hired by the higher – ups, she and I were just following orders! I don’t have enough authority, and the previous principal left in a hurry. There are many things that I didn’t have time to hand over to the higher – ups! “The only person who knows why the higher – ups transferred her to be a professor is the new principal of Qing University … As you all know, the new principal of Qing University will only be taking office in a few days. When the time comes, our finance department will ask the new principal and closely examine her qualifications to become an advanced professor. After that, we will give all the parents an explanation. Please wait patiently.” Yu Min was telling the truth. The previous principal had been transferred and had no right to know more about Fu Zhi. He had to rely on Fu Zhi’s alternate accounts to guess how good she was. However, it was different for the new principal. He had the right to obtain the life information of all the teachers in Qing University. “Alright, I’ll tell you guys. My boyfriend works in the Ministry of Education! We know better than anyone when the principal of Qing University will take office! If you still don’t give us an explanation, we’ll post it online and you’ll be embarrassed!” —— A group of parents took into account that their children were still in school and were afraid that their children would be affected in the future. They did not immediately turn against each other and spread the news online. However, Lu chuwan, who was sitting in the back row, had already quietly recorded this farce. Before the school could come up with a solution, they would post it on the internet in one step! Unsurprisingly, it instantly caused a huge uproar. The netizens ‘reaction was almost the same as the parents’. Most of [email protected] the official website and asked for an explanation of what was going on. They wanted to know if someone was spreading the rumor that Fu Zhi was a Senior Lecturer. [email protected] Zhi, saying that they believed in her and hoped that she could prove herself with her Senior Lecturer certificate! But things did not go as he wished. Fu Zhi didn’t come out to slap them in the face immediately, and the school officials didn’t come out to refute the rumors. It was clearly a disguised admission that Fu Zhi was a Senior Lecturer hired by their school without any documents! This time, the internet was in an uproar. All kinds of marketing accounts came out to ridicule Fu Zhi. The internet was divided into two factions. One faction thought that Fu Zhi was shameless enough to be a lecturer by getting in through the back door, while the other faction thought that Fu Zhi’s identity as the founder of the siren Gu group was enough for her to teach future finance students. After all, these students might not earn as much money as Fu Zhi when they stepped out into society! In short, in an environment with two different voices, the conflict became more and more serious. —— At the same time, in the Office of the Dean of the finance department. A few senior executives of the finance department sat there. “Teacher Fu, I’ll have to trouble you with this matter. You can’t teach the children for the time being.” Yu Min, who was sitting on a chair, wiped the cold sweat on her forehead,”you know, as soon as the matter was blown up, many parents came to me. They said that if you don’t remove your position as a lecturer of the finance department, the parents will transfer their children to another department.” This matter had blown up too much. It wasn’t just a few parents, but all the parents of the students in the finance department. Even the voices of criticism on the internet were endless. Expelling Fu Zhi, this teacher, was the best way. However, although Yu Min had the right to fire Fu Zhi, she only asked her not to teach for the time being and to stay away from the limelight. After all, the former principal had a good impression of Fu Zhi. Yu Min’s attitude towards Fu Zhi was also biased after hearing what he said. It’s Wufu. The new principal of Qing University had not taken office yet. If they could not give an explanation and shut everyone up, the new principal’s first impression of Fu Zhi would not be too good … It was not impossible for him to expel Fu Zhi under pressure … Once this measure was released, Fu Zhi would never be able to get rid of the stain of going through the back door. “The school has assigned you a classroom building. There have been a lot of reporters outside the school gate recently. If it’s convenient, don’t go out for the time being. We’ll see how to deal with it when the new principal takes office.” —— Fu Zhi listened to Yu Min’s arrangement. It wasn’t that he was afraid of being interrogated by the reporters, but he mainly didn’t want any more unpleasantries to happen at Qing University. She didn’t need to think to know that Lu chuwan was the one behind the video. Fu Zhi did want to teach her a lesson recently and give her an unforgettable counterattack. However, the recent environment had indeed made Fu Zhi uncomfortable. Ever since she went to the cafeteria to eat, people around her, whether they were acquaintances or not, had been looking at her. The students were whispering among themselves, watching her talk about things like “getting in through the back door,””being dismissed as a teacher,””who knows when she will be expelled,””it’s a pity that she still has to take the college entrance examination again with a score of 770,” and “Qing University won’t want her again”. Although Qing Da had already suppressed the hot search on the internet with money, some things could not be covered up with money. In just a few days, the place where Fu Zhi lived was full of all kinds of noise. Someone he didn’t know had added him as a friend on WeChat. Some wanted to ridicule her, some wanted to befriend her to gain benefits, and some were curious to see Fu Zhi’s movements … There were all kinds of people, all – inclusive. As soon as they finished eating, a girl came over and said,”tsk, isn’t this teacher Fu? Can we take a photo together?” Fu Zhi saw the evil in her eyes and said coldly,”I’m sorry.” The girl didn’t say anything and watched her leave. Then, she spat and complained to her companion,”who doesn’t know that she was forced to fail because she didn’t have a proof when she became a lecturer through her connections? the pressure from public opinion is so great now. When the new principal takes office, the first person to be fired will be her. What’s there to be proud of?!” The girl had a bad temper. However, she was right about one thing. The newly appointed principal of Qing University would be here soon. As the saying goes, insult the person before you see him. The Department of Education was the first to receive the news. After seeing the identity of the other party, the entire Department exploded. “The new principal is the inventor of Zi Wei? This is unbelievable!” Then, this news spread like wildfire, and very quickly, it reached the ears of Lu chuwan and the group of Qing university students. “I’m in the field of scientific research! Didn’t the hot search a while ago say that the people who caused trouble on Zi Wei were a couple? I heard from my uncle that they’ve reserved a spot for these two in the top ten people who touched China this year!” “I’ve seen reports about the couple. They’ve been on the hot search for a while now. The couple has been doing scientific research their entire lives! I can’t even take care of my daughter and son!” “The older generation always hoped that the country would be strong and the people would be safe. They wanted the future Chinese to have enough food and clothes to not be invaded by foreign enemies. I’m so proud that he actually came to be our principal!” “Yup! “I just saw their hot search yesterday. The two seniors have been doing research their entire lives. The country, enterprises, and local governments have given them nearly 80 million Yuan as a reward, but in the end, the two seniors selflessly donated 50 million …” Upright, soft – hearted, tough, and indomitable. This was the first impression that all the students of Qing University had of the principal. It could even be said that the secret researchers in China were all silent and great contributors. They were people who were awarded badges and high – Level honors by the country. She was the cutest and most admirable celebrity. It was precisely because of the existence of such a person that Lu chuwan was particularly determined.””He definitely wouldn’t accept any benefits from Fu Zhi and let an unqualified person mislead the students in school!” It wasn’t just Lu chuwan. One of the other students in the school who was waiting for Fu Zhi’s follow – up also thought so. “The principal will be giving a speech in three days. I’m sure he has some understanding of this matter. Who knows, at the end of the speech, he might deal with Fu Zhi on the spot and expel her!” “I don’t think he’ll be fired. Most of these researchers are friendly and like to give the younger generation a chance. Fu Zhi will probably be fired and will continue to study at Qing University.” “……” No matter what the public and netizens who were also concerned about this matter were guessing, Qing University was already preparing for principal Xu You’s speech. Fu Zhi’s identity was a little awkward. As a teacher, she had to go as well. On the seventh day of school, the honorary principal’s speech officially began. 12 machines recorded this moment, and countless reporters who had come for the news began to broadcast it live. Bored netizens clicked on it to watch. In addition to wanting to eat Fu Zhi’s melon, there were many people who came specifically to see what this old man, who had worked hard for his whole life but foolishly donated the money after receiving the bonus, looked like. Even though it was online, they wanted to see the hero and thank him for everything he had done for their country. Fu Zhi sat in the front row. She deliberately separated herself from her classmates to prevent them from nagging her again. The frustration and gloominess of being disturbed several times were stuck in her heart. The fact that she didn’t want to cause any more trouble made her feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, the new principal was here. It was impossible for the new principal to not know about this matter. Fu Zhi felt that it would only take a few words to get her fired. She turned on her phone and saw that Xu Wei was sending her a message. She replied with a few words.

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