The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 746 - Xu Jing,"don't bully my granddaughter!"

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Chapter 746: Xu Jing,”don’t bully my granddaughter!”

Fu Zhi looked at Xu Wei, who was still talking about asking the principal of Qing University to give her a speech on how obedient her daughter was. Fu Zhi said,“……” [I have something to tell you, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on.] Xu Wei: [??? So you’ve been fired? Oh my God, Baoer, the principal of Qing University is too much, I’m going to cut people with a knife! He cried! [Magnanimous!] […The principal of Qing University is your father.] Xu Wei replied,[of course he’s my dad!] Even in my dreams, I wish he was my father. I’ll kneel on the ground and beg him not to fire you! But when I wake up, you’re fired! Mom felt so wronged! Zhizhi is also aggrieved …] Fu Zhi: She didn’t feel aggrieved. In fact, she felt a little proud when she saw that it was her grandfather who was giving the speech on stage. Fu Zhi knew that Xu Wei wouldn’t believe her even if she continued, so she secretly took a photo and sent it to Xu Wei. Grandpa was the one giving the speech. Fu Zhi had to listen to the speech properly. She turned off her phone and sat up straight. She looked at Grandpa who was giving the speech on the stage, and her eyes sparkled like stars. The girl sitting behind her sneered.”You’re so serious in your speech. How shameless. You must have become a Senior Lecturer by currying favor with the former principal!” She said it in a weird way. She couldn’t stand the behavior of rich people who went through the back door. She wanted to uphold justice, but Fu Zhi ignored her. Fu Zhi, who was completely immersed in the fact that her grandfather was the principal, thought to herself,”at such a great moment, I might as well take a few more photos of my grandfather and send them to my mother. I don’t have time to argue with this fool!” The netizens who were watching the live broadcast had the same thought as Fu Zhi. In minutes, the bullet screen was full of comments: Ran ran: [sob, sob, sob. Grandpa hero is so gentle!] [Principal Xu must have had a lot of girls chasing after him when he was young. How could there be such an outstanding person in the world?] I really want to be principal Xu’s daughter! He must love her daughter very much. Otherwise, why would his eyes be filled with stars and honey when he talked about her?] …… Xu Xin didn’t know how the comments were praising her, but she seemed to have noticed her granddaughter on stage. Her eyes became gentler as she said,”because of me, my daughter has been looked down upon by her classmates, teachers, and even her current mother – in – Law. They all think that she’s a stupid village girl from the countryside who doesn’t know anything. But she’s very lucky. She always has a kind heart that sparkles. She has a husband who dotes on her, two sons, and even adopted a pair of siblings. ” He said,”because I’m busy with work, I only see my granddaughter and grandson through video calls. I feel that I owe them too much. I’m afraid that the children will be sensitive to the new family and think that I don’t value them. ” “I’ve doubted myself several times whether I’m a good father. Grandpa, I’ve given up on myself, but I’m glad that Zhizhi and xiaojiu are both sensible. They understand that I’m busy with work and will advise me to rest well. ” He said,”I have a lot of money, and this money is the bargaining chip for my children to live the best life. But my children say that they are satisfied with their current life and want me to donate the money to those who need it the most.” “I realized that while I was giving my children unfair love, they were all growing tenaciously, like flowers that would grow to the sun when they received a little sunlight, giving me the greatest strength and warmth.” “Therefore, whenever I encountered difficulties in my work and wanted to give up, I would always tell myself that if my comfort and retreat became reasonable, I would no longer be a hero who could shelter them from the wind and rain.” “So, I pulled myself together and supported the four corners of the sky of the country with countless ordinary and great people. I gave my child a stable and prosperous living environment.” Thunderous applause rang out from the audience, and it lasted for a long time. Fu Zhi was a little embarrassed by her grandfather’s praise. Perhaps it was because they were relatives from another generation, but the love the Xu family’s elders gave Fu Zhi was a love that abandoned everything. They didn’t allow their son and daughter to make any mistakes, but they could tolerate Fu Zhi’s touch and then earnestly beg their child to change. If it wasn’t for Fu Zhi’s three views, she might have been brought up by the two elders into a brat. She clapped her hands and thought that if her grandfather became the principal, she would have another backer! Lu chuwan, who had a criminal record and had framed her classmates multiple times, had nothing to say when she was expelled! Don’t even think about bribing her grandfather with money! And Jiang Zong, don’t even think about touching her grandfather! At this time, Xu Jing suddenly looked behind Fu Zhi and said in a rare angry tone,”The girl in the black short – sleeved shirt with the 1994 logo on it, I’ve been looking at you for a long time. May I ask why you kicked my granddaughter’s chair and pushed her shoulder with your hand?!” The scene was silent for a moment. The media seemed to have caught some big news. The cameras were moving around, looking for the yellow – haired girl. Grandpa Xu wasn’t a hot – tempered person. On the contrary, he had a good temper. He was gentle and elegant, and usually didn’t speak too loudly. Grandma Xu really liked this about him. In the older generation, Grandpa Xu was the kind of gentle and elegant person who was born with it. However, Yazhi was not a pushover. Gentleness did not mean that there were no thorns. Grandpa Xu would not accept anyone bullying his child! Fu Zhi knew that the girl sitting behind her was the one she had met at the cafeteria. The little girl’s words were not pleasant to hear, and she also had many problems in the way she conducted herself. If you think you’re just, you have to reach out to beat down Fu Zhi, this darkness. Fu Zhi ignored her because she didn’t want to get into a fight during her grandfather’s speech and embarrass him. The girl was dumbfounded. She snapped back to her senses and said unhappily,”I don’t know who your granddaughter is. I’m just punishing a Senior Lecturer who got into Qing University through the back door! Why did you call out my name in front of everyone? Do you want your fans to attack me because you know this is a live broadcast?” Grandpa Xu still had a gentle temperament, but there was a bit of sternness and sharpness.”Anyone who makes a mistake has morals and the law to punish them. You can’t represent morals or the law. I can tell you responsibly that you have no right to punish anyone! And what you’re doing now has also violated morality! As the principal, I’m asking you why you broke the order of the hall and pushed the students. ” “But as Zhizhi’s grandfather, I’m asking you why you bullied my granddaughter?!” “……” The girl didn’t expect the new principal to be so straightforward under the spotlight. She opened her mouth but couldn’t say anything. She was stunned. The bullet screen in the live broadcast room exploded at the same time. The screen was filled with question marks. Grandpa Xu couldn’t see the question marks, but he knew how much the online comments could hurt a person. He looked at the camera and repeated,””I’ll hire a lawyer to Sue the internet for all the malicious photoshopped photos and all kinds of distorted rumors about my granddaughter. I’ll Sue them until they pay the price or I go bankrupt. So, don’t bully my granddaughter.” “She’s the senior professor that the higher – ups of Qing University directly hired!”

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