The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 354 - Fired

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Chapter 354: Fired

The reason for the change was still all sorts of strange reasons, which made the employees speechless and complain.

This meant that their usual rest day was going to be spent in overtime.

There were also a few managers and directors who were scolded for the same reason. However, many of them were Fu Jiuxiao’s best men in the past.

Therefore, many of the projects were handled according to Fu Jiuxiao’s style.

This caused Fu Zhongtian to be dissatisfied. He demanded that those projects be changed. If they could not be changed, then they might as well stop! Anyway, it was not a multi-billion-dollar project like Zhuo Yihang’s.

The directors were scolded until their faces turned red, but they did not dare to refute, because the only one who refuted almost got into a fight with Fu Zhongtian.

Fu Zhongtian was also shocked. He immediately called for the security guards and fired that person.

Since Fu Zhongtian was in charge of the Fu Corporation employees’ salaries, was Fu Zhongtian afraid of those people rebelling?

If they really rebelled, he would just kick them out.

There were tens of thousands of employees in Fu Corporation, so would he be afraid if one of them was kicked out?

Fu Jiuxiao did not come for two days, but it was already torture to Fu Corporation employees.

Except for some old partners who still trusted the Fu Corporation, the others all chose to leave or find other partners.

Thus, the Fu Corporation’s stock market once again attracted a record low.

After Zhuo Yihang found out about this, he personally went to talk to Fu Zhongtian, but Fu Zhongtian also pointed at his nose and scolded him. Some of the words were really unpleasant.

Zhuo Yihang had never heard such disgusting and insulting words! They were blood-related brothers, so why was there such a big difference between Fu Zhongtian and Fu Jiuxiao?!

When Fu Jiuxiao was angry, he would at most ask Zhuo Yihang to go somewhere far away on a business trip, and he would call him back when his anger subsided.

Even if Zhuo Yihang made any mistakes in his work, Fu Jiuxiao would at most say that he was stupid or inflexible, and then teach him what to do in the future.

Two of Fu Zhongtian’s three sentences contained swear words, and there were barely any words in the sentence that could be considered polite.

When had Zhuo Yihang ever endured such treatment? He threw the document and directly punched Fu Zhongtian in the face.


there was a loud noise, and those who heard it hurried over. They saw their Assistant Zhuo flexing his wrist in a domineering manner, looking coldly at the acting president who had fallen to the ground, he said the first swear word that everyone had heard him say since he had joined the company.

“What is it? I won’t serve you anymore!”

After saying that, Zhuo Yihang packed his things and planned to leave.

When the others knew that even Assistant Zhuo was about to leave, they were all very nervous and afraid.

Would there not be anyone who could fight with this acting president anymore?

This acting president’s temper was really strange and difficult to understand. He was clearly smiling the day before, but this day, he was so angry that he looked like a fire dragon.

“Assistant Zhuo, are you really going to leave?”

A staff member shouted sadly.

“Sob, sob, sob, sob. If you leave, won’t our days in the future be even more difficult?”

The other employees also agreed.

“Besides, if you leave, what about the important cooperation projects of Fu Corporation?”

Zhuo Yihang comforted everyone.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I just don’t work on this floor anymore. I will continue to help the other managers with the other unfinished work. This is the task that President Fu gave me, so I naturally have to complete it perfectly!”

He was just changing his space to work, so it did not have much of an impact.

Zhuo Yihang was being looked down upon by Fu Zhongtian every day. Fu Zhongtian kept making it troublesome for him and it was affecting his work.

He did not want to see Fu Zhongtian’s face every day, so he might as well go home and work online.

However, if Fu Zhongtian continued to mess things up like this, the Fu Corporation would really be in a mess, which made Zhuo Yihang a little worried.

As for why Fu Zhongtian had such a bad temper…

It was because he heard early in the morning that Fu Jiuxiao actually woke up!

He woke up on the second day after he took office!

Would Fu Jiuxiao regain his authority after waking up? Then, would Fu Zhongtian be sent out of the country by Old Master Fu?

No, Fu Zhongtian had sacrificed so much, so he definitely could not fall here.

It was not easy for him to get what he wanted even in his dreams!

Fu Zhongtian’s eyes turned cold, and he had another idea.

Since Fu Jiuxiao would make him lose what he got when Fu Jiuxiao woke up, then he might make sure Fu Jiuxiao would never wake up again…

Jiang Li finished making the medicine, and while she was making the soup, she issued a reward in the Shadow Alliance, which was given under the code name of God J.

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