The Rest Of My Life Is For You - Chapter 2014 - Face smacking! Wife slave online! (4)

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Chapter 2014: Face smacking! Wife slave online! (4)

In the car.

“Mom, we seem to have lost dad.”

Fan Fan was sitting in the child safety seat. Although he was talking to Qiao Yuanfei, his head kept looking behind him.

He was trying his best to find Fan Yu’s figure.

After making sure that fan yu did not catch up, he asked worriedly.

Hearing this, Qiao Yuanfei slowed down the car and looked at the rearview mirror.

Indeed, she did not see Fan Yu’s car.

At first, she was worried that he would catch up to her soon, but she did not expect that he did not catch up at all.

Qiao Yuanfei returned to her normal speed. The nervousness in her heart was gone, and her chest suddenly felt empty.

She could not tell what it felt like.


“Daddy won’t be lost. He probably just had something to do and went home first.”Qiao yuanfei comforted fan fan and continued to focus on driving.

In the next second, she heard the little guy ask again.

“Mommy doesn’t like daddy? Daddy just told me that as long as there’s a marriage agreement, fan fan and Mommy and Daddy will be together forever, but Mommy doesn’t want to sign it.”

Qiao yuanfei denied it without thinking.

“No, mommy just… just…”

Qiao yuanfei herself couldn’t tell what it was.

She was feeling conflicted right now.

She liked fan yu very much.

He was obviously not a shy person. Once he was in front of her, even if he only smiled casually, she would blush uncontrollably and her heart would beat faster.

Probably like all girls who had just fallen in love, she would not be able to resist him as long as he flirted with her.

But because of this, when she was close to him, she always had a surreal feeling..

That feeling was like the Prince Charming of your dreams suddenly appearing in front of you, confessing to you, and promising to marry you.

It was more of a shock than a surprise.

Because from the moment you fell in love with that person, you never had any hope.

You only wanted to look at him from afar, just look at him..

This kind of little fan mentality made her unable to resist the urge to flee when faced with fan Yu’s sudden closeness.

She was worried that when she wanted to reach out to hold him, she would suddenly realize that everything before her eyes was just a dream.

Fate had never favored her, and she was afraid that this was just a heartless joke.

Just like today, she thought that fan Yu would catch up to her, but when she turned around, he was no longer in the stream of cars behind her..

“Swish –”

The car stopped at the Qiao Corporation.

Fan Fan was asleep.

Qiao yuanfei took her coat and draped it over him. She carried him out of the car and walked into the company.

She brought him to her office and let him sleep in the lounge.

She was just about to focus and finish her work early to accompany fan fan fan when her phone rang the moment she sat down.

She glanced at it. It was not fan Yu’s phone call.

It was an unfamiliar phone call.

Qiao Yuanfei was a little disappointed for a moment, but she quickly adjusted herself and picked up the phone.

“Hello, I am Fay.”

“Hello, I Am Yu Yuehan.”The magnetic male voice that came from the other end of the line made Qiao Yuanfei slightly stunned.

When she realized who it was, Qiao Yuanfei sat up straight without realizing it.

Yu Yuehan..

In the business world, there was no one who did not know this name.

What Qiao Yuanfei knew more than the others was that Yu Yuehan and Fan Yu seemed to have an inexplicable relationship.

Friends were not like friends, and enemies were not like enemies.

The purpose of his call today was..

“I have prepared a surprise for you. If you are interested, you can go to Fan Yu’s villa now. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go. After all, I am not the one who regrets it.”

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