The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] - Chapter 843: FIREWORKS

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Chapter 843: FIREWORKS

TEN minutes before 12 midnight, Luo Yan woke up because of the ringing sound of his phone alarm. He set that up earlier to make sure he would wake up on time. He turned the alarm off and groggily sat up. He yawned and stretched his arms before walking out of bed.

He picked up his phone and dazedly wrapped himself with his thick blanket before walking towards the window. The one that opened up towards the garden.

It probably took a minute before Luo Yan became fully awake. He looked outside and wondered just what kind of surprise Shen Ji Yun prepared for him.

He didn’t log in the game today, so, he had no chance to talk to the other and ask him about this ‘surprise’. He’s super excited to know what it was though.

Luo Yan looked at the sky. There were less stars, probably because of the winter season. Still, the moon looked beautiful.

He didn’t know how long he had been standing there. His phone then vibrated, signaling that it was already 12 midnight. He also set that up as an alarm. That was then followed by the sound of message notifications. Luo Yan didn’t have time to look at his phone because his gaze was immediately attracted by something that suddenly appeared in the sky.

It was fireworks. Beautiful fireworks blooming in different colors. But the most important part was these fireworks actually spelled the words ‘Happy Birthday’.

The fact that Luo Yan couldn’t hear its take-off meant that the fireworks were being set-off at fairly far distance from their family’s mansion. And yet, despite that, he could still see the ‘happy birthday’ so clearly as if it was set-off just two or three houses away.

He opened the window. Cold winter wind entered inside. He wrapped himself tightly with the warm blanket. Luo Yan decided to stop analyzing for a second and just enjoy the fireworks display.

Different colored ‘happy birthday’ appeared in the sky one after another. This continued on for five minutes. And then the last firework was that of a rabbit surrounded by hearts.

Luo Yan couldn’t help but chuckle seeing that. He raised his phone and took a picture of it. After he’s sure that there’s no more fireworks appearing, he closed the window and then sat back down on his bed.

He didn’t expect that this would be Shen Ji Yun’s ‘surprise’. Just how much did that guy spend for this? It would definitely not be a small amount. He set this up when he was in another city. So, he obviously needed to hire people for this. Not to mention all those special fireworks. He really prepared a lot.

As he was thinking, a call prompt sounded from his phone. He looked down and saw Shen Ji Yun’s caller ID. He was slightly surprised because the other didn’t directly video called him. Still, he answered the call.

“Happy birthday, Yan Yan,” Shen Ji Yun greeted first.

Luo Yan smiled unconsciously. “Thank you, Brother Ji Yun.”

“Did you see the fireworks?”

“Yes. I love it!” Luo Yan didn’t hesitate to say. “Thank you! It’s such a wonderful gift.”

Shen Ji Yun, on the other line, also had a small smile on his handsome face. Hearing that Luo Yan liked the fireworks he prepared, all the hard work for this night felt very worth it.

“I’m glad you do.”

“It must have taken up so much effort for Brother Ji Yun to set this up,” Luo Yan said.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s Yan Yan’s 18th birthday today. Doing this much is just natural.”

Luo Yan smiled once again hearing that. It’s like the other was saying that he’s worth all the trouble. Thinking that, he felt like he was being surrounded by a warm cocoon.

“Brother Ji Yun, do you want to do video call?”

There were a few seconds of silence from the other side before Shen Ji Yun answered, “No. If we video called and I see your face, I might not want to stop talking to you.”

Luo Yan was surprised. He didn’t expect the other to be so straightforward. Was Shen Ji Yun’s Casanova instinct triggered again?

“You still have school tomorrow. I don’t want you to sleep so late,” the other added.

Well, that explanation was indeed understandable. “Hmm, okay. Then, let’s talk again later.”


“Thank you again for the fireworks, as well as the cake. I like it both.”

After saying that, Luo Yan hung up the phone and ended the call. He fell back on the bed with a smile on his face. It didn’t take long for him to go back to sleep.


What Luo Yan didn’t know was the guy he thought was in B City was now currently in S City.

Shen Ji Yun was looking at the bustling city outside from the floor to ceiling window of his hotel room.

He arrived at S City just this afternoon. The first thing he did was to talk to the fireworks company that he had an appointment with. He had to tell them what to do, what kind of firework they should use, and where and when they should set it up.

It took a whole afternoon before he was finally done with that. Then, he went straight to the hotel where he booked a room in advance.

What was he doing in S City you might ask? Well, the answer was pretty obvious. He was here for Luo Yan. He planned to surprise the other’s afternoon class was over. He had already taken a leave for his classes just for today.

Shen Ji Yun only hoped that Luo Yan wouldn’t dislike him suddenly appearing here. Of course, he would message Luo Yan later once he was at the other’s school gate. Hopefully, his rabbit wouldn’t find his actions too weird.

He glanced at the paper bag that was carefully placed on the bedside table. He also hoped that Luo Yan would like this gift.

And finally, he wished that he could have the courage to do what he was planning to do.

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