The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] - Chapter 844: GIFT GIVING IN THE MORNING

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DESPITE waking up at midnight, Luo Yan still managed to wake up on time for his morning exercise. After doing some basic yoga, he cleaned up and wore his uniform. Going out of his room, he quickly walked to the dining area.

“Happy birthday, young master,” one maid greeted when she saw him.

Luo Yan smiled. “Thank you.”

The maid felt like her heart had been pierced by an arrow. Their third young master was really becoming more and more beautiful.

Luo Yan continued on his way. Reaching the dining room, he was a bit surprised when he saw no one there. He was about to sit on his usual seat and just wait for the others when something popped behind him. Then, colorful confetti fell on his head. He quickly turned around and saw his father and brothers each holding a party popper in their hands.

“Happy birthday, Xiao Yan!”

“Happy birthday, Yan Yan!”

“Happy birthday, Yan!”

All three said almost at the same time.

Luo Yan was stunned at first, then a bright smile appeared on his face. “Thank you!”

He jumped and hugged the three. If he hadn’t grown this past month or so, his arms wouldn’t probably be able to hug the three all at once. Well, it’s still a bit hard now but at least he could encircle them somewhat.

This move of his almost made the other three lose balance. It’s a good thing that they managed to regain it just before they truly fell.

Luo Wei Tian laughed heartily and patted Luo Yan’s back. “Okay, okay, no need to be so excited. We haven’t even given you your gifts.”

Luo Yan laughed and let go of the three.

“This is my gift to Xiao Yan,” Luo Wei Tian said, taking out a manila envelope and giving it to Luo Yan.

Luo Yan took it and opened it. Inside was a paper, on the very top of it was the name ‘LY Foundation’. He looked at his father, curious. “Dad, this is?”

“It’s a foundation I set up under your name. Last time, when you said that you wanted to donate money to an orphanage of your choosing, this idea came to me. Although Tianhua Group often donated to charitable institutions, we don’t really have our own foundation. So, I thought of setting up LY Foundation. This foundation will set up scholarships for orphans and children living beyond the poverty line. What do you think?”

What Luo Wei Tian didn’t mention was that the children who managed to qualify for this scholarship needed to maintain a certain grade while in school. That way, not only the truly outstanding but also those who were determined to change their life would be able to keep this scholarship.

After all, even if they’re doing this for charity, they still had to make sure that they’re not just mindlessly helping. He would also be very hands-on to avoid any corruption from happening. Especially since this foundation was under Luo Yan’s name. He didn’t want people to take advantage of it.

“This is a good thing, Dad,” Luo Yan said, closing the manila envelope. “Thank you!”

He had been thinking for a long time now how he could help children in the same situation as him during his last life. But he had been busy with a lot of other things that it always escaped his mind. That was definitely a mistake on his part. Now that his father set up this foundation, he couldn’t help but feel extremely happy.

“I love it!” he added.

“Seeing your expression, I probably won’t be able to top that gift,” Luo Ren said with a helpless smile.

“Brother, you don’t need to top it. I would be happy with any gift you give,” Luo Yan said.

“Then, here it is.”

Luo Ren took out a small box from his pocket and gave it to his brother. Luo Yan put the manila envelope he’s holding on the table first before taking the box Luo Ren was holding.

Luo Yan opened the box and his eyes slightly widened when he saw the key. It wasn’t just any other key but a car key. And not just of any car but a Lamborghini. The symbol of the said luxury car could be seen on the key that’s why he immediately knew the brand of the car.

“Since Yan Yan is now an adult, I think it’s just right for you to have your own car,” Luo Ren said with a smile.

Luo Yan didn’t know much about cars, but he was certain that this car was worth, well, a lot of money. He was reminded once again on how wealthy his family was.

“The car is already in our garage. You can go and check it later,” Luo Ren added.

“Thank you, Brother. I’ll make sure to use it,” Luo Yan said.

“Once you get a license, of course,” Luo Wei Tian added. “And once you learn to drive, I’d prefer it if you do it very, very carefully.”

Luo Yan certainly understood his father’s worry. After all, the reason for his mother’s demise was a vehicular accident. “Yes, Dad.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I made sure that the car I bought have a lot of safety device installed in it,” Luo Ren reassured their father.

“That’s good then,” Luo Wei Tian said, nodding in approval.

Luo Yan closed the box of the car key. It seemed that he would finally be able to learn to drive in this life.

He finally turned to Luo Jin. He smiled, as if waiting for the other to give him his gift.

“I will give your gift once we’re in Arcadia,” Luo Jin said.

Luo Yan raised one of his brows. So, it’s a game item? He remembered that his gift for Luo Jin’s birthday last month was also a game item. Was that the reason? Anyway, it’s not like he would hate his brother’s gift anyway.

“Okay. I can’t wait to know what it is,” he said.

“Don’t worry, you will definitely like it,” Luo Jin said in a very proud tone.

And the family of four finally had their breakfast.

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