The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] - Chapter 859: AMAZING

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Chapter 859: AMAZING

LUO JIN scratched the bac of his head and let out a harsh breath. “Fine. I’ll leave you two be.”

What else could he say besides that? Especially after those words Luo Yan said. It would only make him appear like a total villain. If he objected, it would seem like he didn’t want his brother to be happy at all. But even though his logical mind understood that, the illogical part just had a more of a hold on him than the other.

And so, even if he wanted to support Luo Yan 100%, he just couldn’t.

He knew that he was being too overprotective. It’s probably because even now, that car accident that happened to them still had a profound effect on him. He wanted to protect Luo Yan from everything. Mayhap it be a person or not. And for some reason, he just identified Shen Ji Yun as the bad guy.

But the truth was, he was simply afraid that Shen Ji Yun would hoard all his brother’s affection. That’s not the only thing he realized. After what Luo Yan said, something clicked in his brain. That even if it’s not Shen Ji Yun here now, he would still react the same way.

And Luo Yan was right. At least he was sure that Shen Ji Yun was a good person. That the other would do absolutely everything to make his brother happy. The guy even sewn a plushie for Pete’s sake. That’s dedication right there.

He still didn’t like him though. But he could slowly accept this thing between him and Luo Yan. It might not be today. But he could get there. He would try to get there.

Luo Yan smiled brightly when he heard that. He jumped and hugged the other. “Thank you, Ah Jin!”

Luo Jin’s whole face turned red. “No hugging!”

And yet he couldn’t even bear to push the other away.

Luo Yan’s smile became even brighter at that. He then turned to his older brother. “How about you, Brother?”

Luo Ren raised both hands as if in surrender. “Hey, I already promised not to intervene with your relationship with the guy,” he said. “I still don’t like him though.”

“I think if you give it a chance, you will like him,” Luo Yan said. “Both of you will.”

Luo Jin only scoffed.

“I don’t think I have the heart to give it a chance right now,” Luo Ren said, obviously also sharing the same opinion as Luo Jin about Shen Ji Yun.

Luo Yan could only sigh. Well, at least this was much better than constantly having the two breathing down their necks.

“Truthfully, the one you should be worried about is Dad,” Luo Ren added. “He’d be a much tougher nut to crack.”

“Right? Dad would probably beat him up to a pulp,” Luo Jin said in a teasing tone, clearly enjoying the thought.

Somehow, Luo Yan could actually imagine that quite visibly.

“So, you should also warn that robotic loverboy of yours not to be too obvious in this trip,” Luo Ren said. “Or else, he might really just get beaten up by Dad.”

“I actually would love to see that,” Luo Jin added.

“Hey, if you’re thinking of instigating him for that to happen, I’m telling you in advance, ‘don’t’,” Luo Yan said, warning the two.

Luo Ren reached out and pinched Luo Yan’s cheek. “You’re starting to be no fun, you know that?”

Luo Jin then pinched Luo Yan’s other cheek. “Yes. Definitely a total bore.”

Luo Yan just raised both his arms and also pinched the cheeks of the two. “I’m the prettiest bore in the world then.”

“That, I actually agree,” Luo Ren said.

The three of them looked at each other and just laughed uncontrollably.

Shen Ji Yun was sitting almost frozen at the living room. Probably because he was in an unknown environment and he really didn’t know what he should be doing. Luo Yan told him to wait here. But the three of them had been gone for about 10 minutes already. So, how long should he wait here?

“Xiao Yun?”

He heard a voice from the stairs. He raised his head and saw Uncle Tian. He quickly stood up. “Uncle Tian, good morning,” he greeted first.

“Good morning,” the other greeted back. “Are you the only one here?”

“Yan Yan and the others are currently at the second floor,” Shen Ji Yun answered.

Luo Wei Tian frowned a bit and looked upstairs. What were his sons doing leaving a guest here alone? He walked to the other.

“Never mind them. Let’s go to the dining room. The breakfast is probably already prepared,” he said. “I’m sure those sons of mine will come back down soon.”

Shen Ji Yun nodded and he followed Uncle Tian towards the dining area. As the other said, the maids were already starting to bring different dishes on the table.

“Sit anywhere you want.”

Shen Ji Yun simply sat down on one of the chairs as Uncle Tian said.

“Have you been here for a while?” Luo Wei Tian asked.

“Just a few minutes.”

Luo Wei Tian then noticed the band-aids on the kid’s hands. “What happened to your hands?”

“Ah.” Shen Ji Yun looked down at his hands. He ignored the urge to put it back down on his lap. “I accidentally cut my it while I was cooking.”

He didn’t raise his head as he answered so the other wouldn’t notice him lying. He knew he’s a bad liar. So, that’s the best he could do.

Luo Wei Tian was quite surprised to hear that. He didn’t expect that Shen Ji Yun could actually cook. With that cold demeanor, he fully expected the other to be just like other young masters who knew nothing about any housework.

“That’s amazing,” he couldn’t help but say.

“What’s amazing?” a voice asked from the entrance of the dining room.

They both turned to that direction and saw the three Luo brothers walking inside. Each sat on empty seats. Of course, Luo Yan sat down beside Shen Ji Yun.

He turned to his father and asked once again, “So, what’s amazing?”

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