The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 1228 - Kneeling thoroughly

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Chapter 1228: Kneeling thoroughly

In the doctor’s office, the preoperative consultation had ended. Zheng Ren knew about the illness. Dr. Mehal himself was a leading figure in Cardiology, and he usually took good care of himself. Zheng Ren felt that he was much more professional in using medicine than himself. This was also a very worry – Free matter. At the very least, he did not have to spend much effort on the postoperative medication. In fact, it was only because the hospital attached great importance to Dr. Mehar that it took so long. If it was someone else, he would have finished explaining in a few words. The doctor asked in detail, and all complications were considered. When he was asked about some remote complications and rare diseases, Zheng Ren had no choice but to’ waste ‘some of his surgery training time by going into the system operating theater to read the information. He had originally planned to do one to two hours of surgery training before the surgery, but Zheng Ren silently deducted that time. After he had gone through the experience of not having to perform surgery training, he had an extreme desire for rewards such as experience points. Without any training time or experience points to protect himself, he really had no confidence. Dr. Mehal was very satisfied. Not only was Dr. Zheng’s surgical level high, but his basic knowledge and theory were also very solid. “Zheng, I’m very happy that you can be my chief surgeon.” Finally, Dr. Mehal stood up and reached out his hand. Zheng Ren smiled and extended his hand as well. “Doctor, when do you want to do the surgery?” Zheng Ren asked. “The equipment will arrive tonight. My assistant will communicate with the hospital and test the equipment. The day after tomorrow, is it convenient for you?” Zheng Ren thought for a while. The patients who had undergone TIPS today and tomorrow would be discharged, and the new patients would be admitted. There seemed to be a conflict in the operation time. Su Yun gently nudged this fellow from behind. He felt helpless. Was there a need to hesitate at this time? They definitely wanted to make TIPS for surgeries. “Doctor Zheng, what are you thinking about?” Dr. Mehall asked. “Oh, oh.” Zheng Ren came back to his senses and immediately said,””I’m thinking if communicating with you during the surgery will affect the surgery. ” Dr. Mehal looked at Zheng Ren with a smile and did not speak for a long time. The people who were qualified to enter the room all looked at each other, not knowing what the doctor was laughing about. Zheng Ren’s question was the same question in their hearts. “You’ll know when you’re old and sick. ” Dr. Mehal waved his hand and said a few words to his assistant. He then smiled at the others in the room and walked out. After Dr. Mehal got in the car, his assistant came to Deputy Director Yuan’s side and discussed the installation of video equipment. Deputy Director Yuan didn’t have any objections, but he was worried that something might happen. However, Dr. Mehal’s words just now touched his heart. Although he hesitated, he still agreed. “Boss, do you know what Dr. Mehar means?” Su Yun had a guess, but she still asked Zheng Ren. “I guess he doesn’t believe in other people’s surgical skills?” Zheng Ren was not sure. Seeing the convoy leave, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. It was not easy to perform a major surgery that was presented to him. The preoperative discussion alone had ‘wasted’ nearly two hours of Zheng Ren’s surgery training time. “Doctor Zheng, director Yan will be back tonight. Come and find me tomorrow morning. I’ll take you to report to director Yan. ” Deputy Director Yuan said. “Alright,” he said. Zheng Ren immediately replied. Zheng Ren only heaved a sigh of relief after he sent The Hospital Leader away. The leader of the reception Department was really tired. It was more tiring than wearing lead clothes and performing surgery for a day and a night. “Boss Zheng, your Foundation in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine is quite solid.” Department Director Kong looked at Zheng Ren, and his eyes were filled with doubt. “It’s alright. I was more serious in school. ” Zheng Ren gave a perfunctory reply. These words were too insincere. The school’s top student had memorized all the books and didn’t know many things. Department Director Kong was so angry that he laughed. He shook his head and said,”Boss Zheng, I saw Zhu Laowu when I came out.” “Oh, I’ll go back and take a look at the film now.” Zheng Ren also realized that he had not been paying attention, so he hurriedly tried to make up for it. “What I want to say is that Zhu Laowu and I have a good relationship, but he doesn’t know how to cherish the opportunity I gave him. You don’t need to give me too much face, you can decide what to do. ” Department Director Kong said faintly. Zheng Ren was sweating profusely. He didn’t know how to respond to that. “Chief, you can’t scare people like that.” Su Yun chuckled and replied,”no matter what, he’s an old senior. Respect is still necessary.” Director Zhu, you’re not a fast learner. It’s nothing, nothing. ” Department Director Kong smiled, turned around, and walked back. When he returned to the Department of interventional services, Zhu liangchen stood at the door of the director’s office with an x – ray in his hand. He did not go in. Zhu liangchen’s sideburns were all white, and half of his hair was white. No matter what, he was still a man in his fifties, and his dazed state looked a little miserable. If it were not for Department Director Kong, both Zheng Ren and Su Yun would not mind beating the dog when it was down. However, since Department Director Kong had already said so just now, who would be so blind as to pick a bone with him? “Fifth brother, why don’t you go in?” Department Director Kong walked over and asked with a smile. “Uh …” Zhu liangchen’s brain had not recovered from the shock after seeing Dr. Mehal walk out of the doctor’s office. “Come in and talk, come in and talk.” Department Director Kong patted Zhu liangchen’s shoulder, opened the door, and walked in. Seeing Zheng Ren following director Kong, Zhu liangchen, who was about to follow director Kong into the room, paused and almost fell. He turned sideways to let Zheng Ren enter first. “Director Zhu, you don’t have to be so polite. Come in, come in.” Zheng Ren said with a smile. Did the sun rise from the West? Zhu liangchen was confused. To perform surgery for Dr. Mehal, not to mention boss Zheng’s age, even if it was him, wouldn’t he have to float for a few days? If he couldn’t do it for a few days, he would probably float for a lifetime. However, boss Zheng, who had not eaten anything after saving the situation last time, was so polite. It was really unimaginable. Zhu liangchen looked at Zheng Ren, unable to move. Zheng Ren was helpless. What was wrong with director Zhu? A problem with a surgery, and he was dumbfounded? “Hurry up and come in. We have other things to do tonight.” Department Director Kong said. Only then did Zhu liangchen come back to his senses. He bent over slightly with a smile on his face and argued with Zheng Ren for a while. In the end, he only entered the office after Zheng Ren and Su Yun entered. Su Yun was amused. In the past, director Zhu said that he would not kneel, but once he knelt down, he really did it thoroughly. Even though he knew what was good for him, he was still far from Zhou chunyong. Only when a knife was pressed to one’s neck did one know how the word “death” was written. “Fifth brother, let me take a look at the x – ray.” After Su Yun closed the door, Department Director Kong went straight to the point without any delay. “Tell me, what happened?” Department Director Kong took the x – ray film from Zhu liangchen and inserted it into the film reader as he asked.

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