The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 1229 - All interventional physicians start with imaging.

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Chapter 1229: All interventional physicians start with imaging.

“The patient now has black poop. The report is out. It’s positive for latent blood.” Zhu liangchen added after he finished his medical report. This was the result of the report by his Deputy Director. There was no need to hesitate. The diagnosis was clear. The patient was bleeding from the lower gastrointestinal tract. There were countless considerations for him to have yang blood after the surgery. However, after an interventional surgery, it was not an interventional liver surgery. The patient already had splendidness, liver cirrhosis, and gastric varicose veins. It was very rare for positive latent blood to appear. Zhu liangchen felt that he would not be able to sleep if he could not find the problem. Zheng Ren wasn’t as polite as he was when he first entered the room. He listened to Zhu liangchen’s explanation of the treatment process while staring at the x – ray. Out of habit, Zheng Ren rested his cheek on his right hand and placed his left hand under his right armpit. His eyes narrowed. Zhu liangchen finished his medical report and looked at the x – ray. This wasn’t the latest film. Would boss Zheng directly say no and want to make another film? But what kind of examination did he have to do to find out? A endoscope? Zhu liangchen thought of many possibilities. Fortunately, his family had reported to him that the patient’s condition was stable and that the blood in his stool had not worsened. He was relieved. After a full ten minutes, Zheng Ren finally said,””The CT scan didn’t show it very clearly.” Zhu liangchen’s heart sank. This was Tai Chi Kungfu. Any experienced doctor would know how to drag a word. Did boss Zheng not know either, or was he just brushing her off? However, just as he had this thought, Zheng Ren continued. “But the ulcer at the gate of the underworld has already been shown.” Zhu liangchen and director Kong both frowned. CT scans could not reveal empty organs, such as the stomach and intestines. If there was a huge solid tumor, it could be seen by CT, but the patient did not have a tumor. “Director Zhu, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the patient’s stomach wall has expanded.” Zheng Ren continued. “I noticed. I think it’s caused by embolism in some of the arteries, insufficient blood supply, and slow gastric emptying.” Zhu liangchen said immediately. Zheng Ren shook his head and said,”the problem is indeed the slow gastric emptying. Give me the postoperative medication and the medical advice.” Zhu liangchen didn’t argue with her. Instead, he took out his phone and showed her the pictures taken. He had to have an attitude when he was asking for help. Moreover, when Dr. Mehal came to see the film, the scene of a row of foreign experts standing against the wall had completely shocked Zhu liangchen. He didn’t have any other thoughts and knelt down completely. After Zheng Ren finished reading, he had a comprehensive treatment plan in his heart. “Director Zhu, we’ll do a biopsy when we get back. Remember to take the gastroscopy,” he said after a pause. “Biopsy?” Zhu liangchen was stunned. Did he encounter a rare malignant tumor? That can’t be. I’ve watched the film so many times, why can’t I see it? Zheng Ren was mumbling to himself, but he did not expect Zhu liangchen to think of so many things in an instant. “Biopsy tissue and bacterial cultivation.” Zheng Ren said. “Bacterial cultivation? What are you suspecting?” Zhu liangchen wanted to ask, was it H. E.L.terus? That was nonsense. “Are you familiar with the medical Laboratory Department?” Zheng Ren suddenly asked. Even Su Yun felt that her boss was like a ghost. Could it be that after the conversation with Dr. Mehal, his ego had inflated to outer space? “It’s alright. ” “When you send the specimen over, director Zhu, you have to personally inform your acquaintances in the laboratory Department. It’s not an ordinary bacterial cultivation. You have to see if there’s any gasterian octadic bacteria.” Zheng Ren said. Zhu liangchen was speechless. Department Director Kong was also speechless. Only Su Yun’s eyebrows twitched as if she had thought of something. “Boss Zheng, what’s that?” Zhu liangchen really didn’t know if boss Zheng was making things difficult for him or if he really wanted to. He had come here today to beg for forgiveness, and boss Zheng was already giving him face by welcoming him with a smile. Therefore, he could only ask in a low voice and didn’t dare to say anything else. “Gastritis is often stacked together in a regular manner with eight bacteria cells in a cube shape. It’s a kind of slightly oxygen – resistant bacteria that can be easily separated from the soil and can also be found in the stomach contents of gastritis patients.” Zheng Ren pointed at a part of the scan that had an uneven density and said,””Here, I’m thinking that it’s a pylorus ulcer, and the surface area of the ulcer is quite large.” “The growth of gastritis in the human stomach leads to certain pathological changes, such as pylorus ulcers and pylorus narrow, which causes food to flow slowly in the intestines. In this abnormal situation, the stomach is in acidic conditions, and the carbohydrates and other nutrients for growth in the food promote rapid proliferation of stomachache. ” Zhu liangchen was stunned.”And then?” Zheng Ren was also a little surprised. He turned to look at Zhu liangchen as if he had seen something that was hard to understand. “Boss, all the doctors involved in interventional surgeries have a background in imaging.” Su Yun reminded him in a low voice. “Oh, oh.” Zheng Ren finally understood. Department Director Kong and Zhu liangchen felt as if they had been slapped in the face. They really wanted to press Su Yun to the ground and beat her up. Aren’t you a doctor just because you’re an image? “Professor Goodsir first discovered gasterectomy in a patient’s stomach in 1842. In 1872, professor Ferrier also discovered its existence in the patient’s blood and believed that its existence in the blood was related to the delay in gastric emptying. ” Zheng Ren explained. “It’s normal that you don’t know about it, director Zhu. The most common clinical department is the General Surgery Department. Even the gastrointestinal department isn’t very common. ” “General Surgery Department? Why?” Department Director Kong asked. “Because of previous gastric band surgeries, there is a high possibility of gastrointestinal Happer bacteria appearing after surgery.” Zheng Ren smiled.”That’s why I said that the paper from Johns Hopkins Hospital is worth discussing. That’s the reason.” “That paper didn’t mention how to prevent and prevent gastricles after surgery, nor did it mention any complications. It only said that the long – term treatment was better.” “I wanted to wait for Dr. Mehal to leave and think about it, but director Zhu took action first.” Zheng Ren said it in a very serious tone. Zhu liangchen could not hear any mockery from his tone, so he was very frustrated. He really wanted to flare up, but if he didn ‘t, he would feel suffocated. He felt even more helpless when he saw Zheng Ren’s honest face. Zhu liangchen knew that Zheng Ren was not mocking him on purpose. However, the more he acted this way, the more it made his previous actions seem extremely stupid. Department Director Kong smiled bitterly. It turned out to be a common complication after the general surgery of the stomach band. No wonder Su Yun reminded boss Zheng that all those involved in interventional surgeries had a background in medical imaging. Who would know about some bullsh * t p * ssy p * ssy if they had never done a gastric band surgery? As he thought about this, Department Director Kong could not help but want to curse. This was simply an insult to interventional physicians, but … The other party was right. What could he do? Department Director Kong sighed.

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