The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 2255 Chapter 2255, Xiao Tian Tian

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My fate is in my hands, not in the Sky? Old Bastard Tian Dao?

Tian Dao cliff was stunned by Yun Chujiu’s words!

It originally thought that this little girl was just a little crafty, relying on some small tricks and schemes to trick it. It did not expect this little girl to be so domineering!

However, Tian Dao cliff still felt that Yun Chujiu was young and impetuous. Tian Dao was the ruler of this world. What right did a little girl have to go against Tian Dao and control her own fate?

Just as Tian Dao cliff was indulging in his wild thoughts, Wu Yun saw thick and heavy dark clouds gathering in the distance.

He was shocked. It must be that the little girl’s words just now had angered Tian Dao. He was going to send down heavenly lightning to kill her! She was really a demon!

Yun Chujiu’s eyes lit up. Haha, this was great! The good opportunity to break through had come!

However, he had to do some preparations first.

Yun Chujiu took out the voice transmission talisman and said to Jin Zhi, “Beauty Jin Zhi, I want to go to the deep valley of Hell Below the Heavenly Dao Cliff to have a breakthrough. Next time, you can help me apply for a leave of absence during the Beast Taming class. Just say that I have diarrhea!”

After Yun Chujiu put away the voice transmission talisman, she took out a handkerchief to wrap her hair properly, then, she said to the Heavenly Dao cliff with a smile, “Little Tian Tian, come, bring me to the bottom of the valley below. I’m going to be struck by lightning! Haha, I’m finally going to be struck by lightning! This is great!”

Tiandao cliff was no longer able to complain about “Little Tiantian”, it felt that it was necessary to remind the crazy woman in front of it, “Little girl, the Heavenly Lightning is coming menacingly. Are you sure you want to go to the bottom of the valley? There might be someone on top who can help you carry a few heavenly lightning bolts. If you go down there, no one will be able to help you!”

“Little Tiantian, I didn’t expect you to have such a good heart! Don’t worry, the Heavenly Lightning Can’t kill me! Hurry up and bring me down.”

Seeing that Yun Chujiu was determined, the Heavenly Dao Cliff had no choice but to teleport her to the bottom of the valley.

A thought flashed through the Heavenly Dao Cliff’s mind. Should I do something to kill this little brat? After thinking for a while, he gave up. Firstly, if he couldn’t kill her, the Little Brat wouldn’t forgive him. Secondly, he really wanted to see what would happen to this little brat who said “My fate is in my hands, not the heavens”in the future.

After Yun Chujiu was teleported to the bottom of the valley, she found an empty space and sat down cross-legged, waiting to be struck by lightning happily.

Her side was quite beautiful, but the people of Xingtian Academy were a little uneasy because of the abnormal weather.

Although it was usually cloudy and rainy, the dark clouds this time were too heavy, right? It didn’t look like rain, but more like Heavenly Thunder. Could it be that Tian Dao wanted to kill the Mo Fang grass with the Heavenly Thunder Spirit Root?

As the dark clouds grew heavier and heavier, even the students in the classroom felt uncomfortable. Moreover, the sky had clearly darkened.

Dean Gongsun of Xingtian Academy and a few vice-deans gathered together. They looked at the dark clouds in the sky and discussed, “What’s going on? This looks like Heavenly Thunder! Could it be that they are here to kill that Mo Fangcao?”

“It doesn’t seem like it. That Mo Fangcao should be in the classroom. However, those dark clouds are gathered near the cliff of Tian Dao. Could it be that the thing from the deep valley of Hell didn’t Die Last Time? is that why it attracted heavenly lightning to kill it?”

“What you said makes sense. It’s probably because that thing revealed itself after Mo Fangcao and the others went down last time. That’s why Tian Dao asked Heavenly Lightning to kill it.”


Yun chujiu did not know that everyone had already made up an excuse for her. This fellow was sitting there with Xiao Heiniao and Xiao Mogu to share the spoils.

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