The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!-2844 Chapter 2844-walking is the best strategy

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An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao couldn’t be bothered to talk about this monster! They finally understood that this guy had the nature of a monster. Even if he had nothing to do, he could still cause trouble!

After a while, just when Yun Chujiu was so happy that she couldn’t close her mouth because she had caught a big fish, a big ship came from the distance.

Yun chujiu was delighted. She finally saw an outsider! It was probably very close to land. This was great!

However, when the two ships approached, a certain jiu found that most of the people who came were wearing black and silver masks. The one leading them was the priest.

The priest said coldly, “Yun Chujiu, we have been waiting for you here for a long time! Last time, because we didn’t have enough people, we let you take advantage of us. This time, you won’t be able to escape even if you have wings!”

“TSK TSK, so it’s you who lost! What’s the matter? How many helpers did you bring this time?”Yun Chujiu crossed her arms and pouted.

“HMPH! I brought over a hundred people this time. Even if you let out that giant purple pig, we are more than enough to deal with the three of you! The reason why we are here to block you is to ensure that nothing goes wrong! “On this sea, you are saying that every day should not be called by the Earth. Today, you are dead for sure!”

The priest hated Yun Chujiu to death in his heart. After many years of planning, he finally started to see the results. He did not expect to be disturbed by this stinky girl!

However, it did not matter. First, they would kill this stinky girl. Then, they would think of a way to sneak into chessboard island. As long as they controlled those five old things, they were not afraid that the others would not comply.

When that time came, the spirit stone mine would still be his, and he would even kill the number one enemy of the Divine Devil Hall. It was simply killing two birds with one stone!

Just as the priest was feeling pleased with himself.., he heard Yun chujiu sigh. “Sigh! What you said is quite reasonable. I am a passable person on land, but when I am in the water, I am a good-for-nothing! My Da Hua is a good-for-nothing like me in the water, not to mention my husband and my husband. They are just landlubbers!

Moreover, we were all alone and did not have any helpers. There was really nothing we could do except to surrender. How about we discuss this? If you let us go, I will give you money! I will give you a lot of money!”

“Tch! Stinky Girl, Do You Think We Are Fools? As long as we kill you, your things will be ours! Cut the crap, everyone go! Kill them!”

The priest waved his hand, and the ship he was on accelerated towards Yun Chujiu.

“Oh my, are you really going to kill me? I’m not going to fight with you. The best plan is to run for your life!”Yun Chujiu had an linchuan turn the bow of the ship and start to run.

Although an Linchuan and Shangguan Hao were expressionless, they secretly lit a hundred candles for the people of the Divine Devil Hall. These people were really unlucky!

Did they think that there were only the three of them? There were thousands of people behind them! Moreover, there were hundreds of sea beasts in the sea. Although there were no sea beasts above level 40, the sea was their territory. These people of the Divine Devil Hall, Hehe, were simply snacks for them.

The priest did not know this. His eyes were full of excitement. Yun Chujiu was dead for sure today! Even if she could run, where else could she run to? !

Moreover, she was simply out of her mind. She actually turned around and ran back!

If she ran toward the shore, perhaps she would run into a fleet of ships or something. If she ran back, it would be impossible for her to meet anyone who would help her.

Just as the priest was feeling smug, his eyes suddenly widened. He saw seven or eight large ships approaching from the distance..

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