The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!-2845 Chapter 2845 was purely a coincidence (asking for a monthly pass)

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The priest was hoping that those ships were just passing fleets. After giving them a warning, they would not meddle in other people’s business.

However, as they got closer and closer, he was very familiar with the faces on the ships. They were actually people from chessboard island. How could they appear here? How was this possible?

Before the priest could figure it out, he heard his subordinate behind him say in horror, “Sir, you, look, those, those are sea beasts! There are hundreds of them!”

The priest looked in the direction that those people pointed and saw hundreds of sea beasts swimming towards them, surrounding their ship.

Those sea beasts were so happy that they were jumping up and down. Previously, they had flattered the horse hooves, but now they could finally make up for it! Perhaps the little girl would reward them with a lot of pills when she was happy!

Therefore, the sea beasts were very excited in the sea. They were waiting for Yun Chujiu’s order to capsize the priest’s ship.

Yun chujiu asked an Linchuan to stop the ship and then said with a faint smile, “I gave you a chance just now. I said let’s call it quits! But you’re not willing, so it’s not my fault!”!

“People of the Divine Devil Hall, Listen Up. I’m the softest person. If you control that old bastard and don’t let him use the secret technique of the Resurrection Lily to escape, I’ll make the decision to let you go. “If you don’t know what’s good for you, then you can only feed me these little babies!”

In order to cooperate with Yun Chujiu’s words, the sea beasts shook their heads and wagged their tails. For a moment, the entire sea water was like a boiling pot of boiling water, and it was extremely noisy.

Those black-masked men and silver-masked men were so scared that they almost peed their pants!

What happened to them ganging up on Yun Chujiu? What happened to them ganging up on three people with more than a hundred people?

Not to mention the thousands of people on those few ships, these hundreds of sea beasts could eat them up to the point that not even their dregs were left!

The priest fiercely glanced at his subordinates. “Don’t forget, you are the people of the Divine Devil Hall. If you dare to betray the Lord, you will be doomed forever!”

“Ptui!”! Don’t listen to his nonsense. What do you mean by doomed? If that Bullsh * t Lord is so powerful, he will make me suffer! “Don’t just stand there. Hurry up and arrest him. I promise I will keep my word and spare your lives!”Yun Chujiu said with her hands on her hips.

The silver-masked men hesitated for a moment. Between death and betraying the Divine Devil Temple, they chose to betray the Divine Devil Temple.

The main reason was that their status was too low. They were basically bought over by the gold-masked men with pills and spirit stones. There was basically no loyalty to speak of.

Now that their lives were at stake, they would naturally choose to save their lives.

Although the priest’s spiritual power was not low and he had a defensive spirit tool, how could he be a match for a hundred people. ! Moreover, he could not use it on the deck.

He wanted to jump into the sea, but there were hundreds of sea beasts waiting for him in the sea!

He had said to Yun chujiu that there was no way to get into the sea, but now it came true for him!

In less than fifteen minutes, the priest had been tied up and delivered to Yun Chujiu.

The people of Chessboard Island had a new level of worship for their goddess. It turned out that their goddess was not fishing for the fish in the sea, but for the big fish, the priest! The goddess was indeed a goddess. It was truly a divine plan!

An Linchuan:”…”

Shangguan Hao:”…”

They really wanted to shout at them. They were thinking too much! This guy was really just fishing for demons! As for catching the old priest, it was purely a coincidence!

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