Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years-Chapter 1179 - Chapter 1180 Ultimate Origin World’s Power

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Chapter 1180 Ultimate Origin World’s Power

Zhao Xuanyuan was even more pleased upon seeing Dao Heaven’s shocked expression. He took over Jiang Yi’s words and began to brag about their glory back then.

That was an era when the Dao Creator did not show himself. Zhao Xuanyuan’s tone was excited, and Dao Heaven’s blood boiled.

Jiang Yi nodded. He had the bearing of Han Jue’s storytelling back then.

As they chatted, Jiang Yi talked about the story that the Lord had told him. This kid Dao

Heaven did not believe him.

He could still believe other things, but not this.

You asked the Lord to tell you a story?

Who are you?

Aren’t you with the Lord’s disciples? You’re even Dao Sovereign’s lackey!

Dao Heaven did not believe it, but he did not dare to say it. He had to give his master face.

Zhao Xuanyuan and Jiang Yi became more and more excited. They even pulled Dao Sovereign along to brag.

“Hmph, what’s there to say? Back then, I helped him when my master, the Lord, awakened his Chaotic Physique. It’s nothing. We’re both master and disciple and good friends,” Dao Sovereign said coldly, making Dao Heaven worship him even more.

First Master was still the best. He spoke sincerely and convincingly.

Just like that, Dao Heaven stayed beside Dao Sovereign and the other two and prepared to cultivate in seclusion.

The noisy Endless Era quietened down again.

However, this silence did not last long.

Time passed.

Another ten million years had passed when Han Jue opened his eyes again.

He stretched habitually. Although it was impossible for the Lord’s body to become stiff,

this action allowed him to relax.

During this period of time, he had a higher comprehension of the rules of the Ultimate Origin World. This comprehension was indescribable and could not be expressed with words, but it could be understood from the Ultimate Origin World’s development.

In the last billion years, the Ultimate Origin World’s growth far exceeded the previous years together. Such an extreme and exaggerated expansion also caused fear to spread in the Endless Era.

A mighty figure suggested a possibility. Would the Ultimate Origin World devour other Great Dao Worlds like the Chaos in the past?

This possibility caused an uproar.

Even if it was only a possibility, what if it was


Those Great Dao Supremes who had created Great Dao Worlds were the most terrified. Facing a Lord, they had no chance of winning.

Han Jue didn’t care what all living beings thought because their guess was right.

He wouldn’t mind even if all living beings became his enemies. He even looked forward to

it and treated it as an activity.

His benevolence to all living beings was that the Ultimate Origin World would leave a place for them in the future.

The Ultimate Origin World was unstoppable!

Han Jue was finally walking the Ninth Chaos’ path, but he had never doubted it. This was also the reason why he let him survive.

Han Jue’s benevolence could give the enemy a way out. The Ninth Chaos just couldn’t kill the other Dao Creators.

The experts enslaved by him were all living well. Han Jue didn’t deliberately suppress


The previous four Dao Creators couldn’t even cultivate and had to help the Ninth Chaos

supervise his Chaos.

The Chaotic Consciousness watched as his

Great Dao World was suppressed by the Chaos

and had to become a Chaotic Deity. Han Jue felt sorry for him.

These matters were actually not important to


Han Jue would always only believe in himself.

This was also the thought of all the mighty figures. The only difference was who was stronger.

As expected, his children and disciples had

already come to visit. They were all kneeling outside.

Han Jue let them in as he checked his emails.

Han Tuo, Han Huang, Han Ling, Han Yunjin, Dao Sovereign, Li Daokong, Murong Qi, and so on, nearly twenty people, came in at once.

Han Jue was calm.

Everyone looked at each other. Han Huang took

a deep breath and asked, “Father, will the Ultimate Origin World devour other Great Dao


Han Jue said, “If it’s big enough, it will.” Everyone’s expressions changed.

Han Yunjin was the most relaxed because he

did not develop a Great Dao World. He only came to join in the fun.

Dao Sovereign hurriedly asked, “Then what should our Great Dao Worlds do?”

The others also looked at Han Jue. They all wanted to become Dao Creators. Although they respected him, they had to think for


“You can open your Great Dao World again

after the Ultimate Origin World devours them.

As for your living beings, nothing will happen to them. They will only be assimilated,” Han Jue replied with a smile, as if he was talking about an unimportant matter. Everyone was anxious. They had finally

reached this point, and he wanted them to cultivate the Great Dao World again? Han Huang asked, “Will my cultivation realm

decrease if my Primordial Chaos is fused with the Ultimate Origin World?”

“No, but you will have to create the Primordial

Chaos again,” Han Jue replied truthfully and didn’t lie to comfort them.

It was the truth.

Murong Qi said, “Can I take the initiative to

fuse in advance? In that case, it can save time.”

Han Jue thought for a moment and said, “Sure. Your Great Dao World is close to the Ultimate Origin World. You will definitely encounter it before you become a Dao Creator.”

The most uncomfortable were the Great Dao

Worlds far from the Ultimate Origin World. They had a chance to become Dao Creators before the Ultimate Origin World devoured them, but they might not.

Not everyone had the courage to overturn the past billions of years. Han Tuo couldn’t help but ask, “Father, why

are you doing this? Isn’t this like the Chaos

back then? The Chaos’ actions were met with you shattering it and ushering in an Endless Era. Why are you following his path?” Han Jue smiled and said, “This is a path that

you have to take. The difference is that if you fuse into the Chaos, you can’t become a Dao Creator because the Ninth Chaos is a Dao Creator. It’s impossible for living beings on the

same level as him to appear in his Great Dao World. I’m stronger than the Ninth Chaos. You can still become a Dao Creator if you join the Ultimate Origin World.”

“What about a higher realm? Doesn’t that

mean that we have to wait for you to surpass a higher realm first?” Han Huang asked. He was already prepared to surpass the Dao Creator

Realm. He did not expect the Ultimate Origin World to devour his Great Dao World. Han Jue looked at him and said, “That’s right.

You will have a chance to surpass the Dao Creator Realm if I break through again.” Han Huang frowned.

The other disciples also fell silent.

Han Yunjin said, “Don’t think too much. Second Brother, you’ve just become a Dao Creator and you already want to surpass it? The others haven’t even touched the Dao Creator Realm. It’s better to join the Ultimate Origin World first and make it seem like the Dao Creator Realm is not your limit. To put it bluntly, how many people here can become a

Dao Creator? I don’t dare to expect it, anyway.’ Han Huang glared at him.

The other disciples were the same. Han Yunjin

shrank his neck and did not dare to say anything else lest he offend them. Han Ling asked, “There’s no other way?”

Han Jue said, “Yes, I also want to cultivate. The only thing I can promise you is that I will definitely surpass my current realm. No one can stop me.”

Everyone was silent.

After a long while… They left the third Dao Field. Han Jue didn’t care about them. They could try

to oppose him. It was a good opportunity to show the Creator Lord’s might. There was no harm in doing so as long as they

trusted that Han Jue could still surpass the Creator Lord Realm and join the Ultimate Origin World. Of course, if they didn’t believe it, from their point of view, Han Jue’s actions would indeed destroy their future.

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