Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 856 - Han Jue’s Spies

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Chapter 856 Han Jue’s Spies

Han Jue frowned slightly at his bragging.

Huang Zuntian noticed the change in his expression and immediately shut up.

He started to reflect before Han Jue could speak.

What did he say wrong?

Han Jue said meaningfully, “No matter what high position you are in or what achievements you have, you have to always keep a low profile and maintain humility and caution. Back in the mortal world, you were arrogant and walked towards doom. All these years, you have been walking on thin ice. Perhaps you are tired, but this is the key to your success.

“Look at me again. When have I ever been proud?”

Huang Zuntian was ashamed. He had indeed woken up.

Thinking about it carefully, he was quite arrogant now. He had a high and mighty attitude towards people and things. He had neglected his subordinates’ thoughts and was not as considerate towards his superiors as before.

Huang Zuntian hurriedly said, “I’m indeed too arrogant. Thank you for your reminder, Master. I’ll definitely do as I promised, but I won’t say these things anymore. I’ll use my actions to prove it.”

These words were a little high-level. He promised and sincerely accepted Han Jue’s criticism.

Anyway, Han Jue felt quite comfortable.

No wonder this fellow was doing well everywhere.

Han Jue asked, “Is there really nothing you need my help with? You can learn a Mystical Power if you want.”

Huang Zuntian said, “There’s really no need. I usually won’t make a move. I’ll easily expose myself if I learn too much. I’ve grasped a Great Dao Providence Mystical Power. It’s enough to protect me at the critical moment.”

Han Jue nodded and canceled the dream.

Huang Zuntian had developed very well, so he could rest assured.

Han Jue sent a dream to Shi Dudao next as the Dark Forbidden Lord.

This time, he gave him a mission.

“Think of a way to secretly spread the news that the Divine Authority General is a power used by the Great Dao Divine Spirits to restrain the Chaos. It’s not just a rule. You have to think of a way for the other living beings to help spread the news. Don’t take the lead. It’s easy to deduce.”

Han Jue reminded.

This news was not very useful, but he wanted to plant a seed.

What if it was useful?

Shi Dudao finally had a mission and immediately agreed excitedly.

From the beginning to the end, he did not mention the battle of the Heavenly Dao. The longer he stayed in the Chaos, the more he knew how terrifying certain existences were. Some things could cause chaos just by talking about them behind their backs.

“Let me teach you a Mystical Power,” Han Jue said. Shi Dudao immediately thanked him.

Unlike Huang Zuntian, Shi Dudao did not have so many opportunities.


Han Jue taught him three Mystical Powers that he seldom used. Then, he canceled the dream.

He sent a dream to Li Daokong in his true form next. However, Li Daokong did not need a Mystical Power. The Ten Thousand Life Sword was enough for him to cultivate.

Han Jue didn’t give him a mission. He hoped that he could take care of himself.

Next was Jing Tiangong.

Speaking of Jing Tiangong, this fellow had been wandering in the Chaos, but he still hadn’t made a name for himself. Han Jue casually taught him a Mystical Power and ended the dream, but Jing Tiangong was still flattered.

Only Divine Lord Peacock was left. Han Jue checked his portrait in his interpersonal relationships and discovered that this fellow had yet to become a Great Dao Sage. He immediately had no intention of taking care of him.


He would wait until this guy became a Great Dao Sage!

Han Jue looked at the Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao became even more lively after a hundred thousand years. The two Chaotic Heavenly Roads were still being repaired. They would probably recover in at most five thousand years.

The Heavenly Dao welcomed two more Sages recently.

This meant that the Heavenly Dao was developing better and better.

Not bad.

Han Jue closed his eyes in satisfaction and continued cultivating.

In the dark purple starry sky, a figure moved forward quietly. It was Han Jue’s Reincarnation Avatar, Liu Bei.

Liu Bei scanned his surroundings nervously.

After so long, he was still looking for a place for the third Dao Field.

“This area is alright. There are no living beings, but there are fewer restrictions.”

Liu Bei thought silently and felt a little regretful.

Perhaps the previous Hidden Sect Island had set a high standard for him, so he had special requirements when he searched for a place for the third Dao Field. At the very least, he could not see the Dao Field with the naked eye.

Liu Bei continued forward.

Several months later.

A huge crimson planet appeared in front of him, attracting his attention.

This planet was filled with a mysterious aura. It was not Chaotic Qi or Spirit Qi, but it attracted him.

He quietly approached.

He wanted to use his divine sense to observe this planet, but it was isolated by a mysterious aura.

He hesitated for a moment and decided to check.

Perhaps this was the suitable place he was looking for.

After landing, Liu Bei felt heat from the bottom of his feet, but there was no burning pain. The high temperature here could instantly fuse with an Immortal Emperor, but it was nothing to him.

Liu Bei began to wander around and sized up the planet.

He was very fast. After all, this planet was


Several hours later.

Liu Bei suddenly stopped and stared at a hill ahead. The hill was bare and covered in magma. A figure was meditating halfway up the hill.

This person wore a tattered robe. Most of his hair had fallen off and his face was like dry bark. His eyes were tightly closed, but a vertical eye between his eyebrows stared at Liu Bei.

Liu Bei was almost frightened to death as he broke out in cold sweat.

Being stared at by that vertical eye, his blood ran cold.

Liu Bei quietly retreated after a moment of stalemate.

“Stop right there.”

An ancient voice sounded softly. Liu Bei immediately stopped. He knelt down and shouted, “Senior, I didn’t mean to disturb you. I happened to be passing by. I also want to find a place to cultivate. I have no ill intentions. I’ll pretend that I’ve never seen this place and never mention it!”

Liu Bei began to kowtow.

The ancient voice said, “You’re only a clone. Who is the main body?”

Liu Bei replied, “My main body is Cao Cao from the Heavenly Dao.” “Cao Cao? The Heavenly Dao is very far from here.”

Liu Bei lowered his head, feeling uneasy.

“Don’t leave. Stay here and cultivate.”

“Ah? I…”


“Alright!” Liu Bei agreed aggrievedly.

In the blue sky, there were green mountains and rivers. A river crossed the mountains and rivers, floating like clouds.

Han Tuo and Yi Tian meditated in the forest.

A black light descended from the sky and landed in front of the two of them, startling them so much that they opened their eyes.

The black light dissipated and Devil Ancestor Lu Yuan appeared.

Yi Tian smiled teasingly. “You’re still alive. I thought you were like the Chaotic Fiendcelestials…”

Lu Yuan looked down at him and said, “I have a mission for you.”

Yi Tian curled his lips.

Han Tuo asked, “What mission?”

“The leader of the Divine Spirits is summoning the Great Dao Divine Spirits. Go immediately.”

“But we just escaped from him…”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already discussed it with him. Let bygones be bygones. Gathering the Divine Spirits this time is a huge opportunity. The Great Dao Sage Realm will not be the limit in the future once you succeed,” the Devil Ancestor Lu Yuan said indifferently.

Han Tuo frowned.

He smelled a conspiracy for some reason.

He asked, “By the way, where’s the Divine Authority Generals? Previously, there were rumors that ten thousand Divine Authority Generals were about to attack the Heavenly Dao…”

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