Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years-Chapter 932 - Power Above Chaos

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Chapter 932 Power Above Chaos


The Chaotic Space twisted violently. Above the Ancient Desolate, above the heads of the billions of Dao Devils, purple lightning interwove like a lightning prison descending.

The War Buddha looked at the hundred billion Dao Devils in front of him and the terrifying aura in the depths of the Ancient Desolate. His heart beat wildly.

“Your Majesty, the strength and power of the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit far exceed our imagination. Aren’t you going to retreat? Could it be that Your Majesty wants to save him at the cost of your life?” Black Heaven General asked carefully as he stood beside the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor narrowed his eyes and said, “Who do you think you are? How dare you predict life and death? Let’s watch. If the Divine Might Heavenly Sage dares to come out, it will be unprecedentedly terrifying, and this terror is for the Ancient Desolate!”

The corners of his mouth curled up into a confident smile that others could not understand.

The War Buddha and the Black Heaven General were stunned.

Why did His Majesty trust the Divine Might Heavenly Sage so much?

At the same time.

Han Jue’s expression didn’t change upon facing the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit’s domineering aura.

Han Jue’s robes fluttered in the divine light. He was like the absolute peak of the Divine Spirit Lord in ancient legends. No storm in time could shake him.


Han Huang raised his hand and called out with a worried expression.

Han Jue’s voice floated into his ears. Only he could hear it.

“Watch carefully. Father will teach you a lesson today.

“I can kill him. The reason I’m waiting like this is to defeat him openly, to intimidate all parties in the Chaos. Let your enemy show his strength first so that others will know how terrifying you truly are!

“The prerequisite for all of this is the cultivation that persisted for the last million years!

“Cultivation is to always be stronger than your opponent!”

Han Jue’s words resounded in Han Huang’s ears like thunder, shocking him.

Especially the last sentence!

Always be stronger than your opponent!

In the depths of the Ancient Desolate, billions of Dao Devils parted to make way for the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit that emitted an endless evil aura.

“Divine Might Heavenly Sage, you’re getting anxious. I haven’t even gone to the Heavenly Dao and you’re already here. You’re not like the past.”

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit’s voice sounded, desolate and cold.

Han Jue smiled. “Who asked you to brag? It’s been millions of years. I had to come personally.”

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit sneered.

Han Jue continued forward. His gaze landed on the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit and he said, “You have surpassed the Great Dao Supreme Realm. You are indeed impressive. Attack.”

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit laughed wantonly. “Attack? Divine Might Heavenly Sage, you think too highly of yourself! Feel the power of the 8 quadrillion Dao Devils first!”


All the Dao Devils rushed towards Han Jue with a huge commotion. It was a spectacular sight.

Han Huang nervously prepared to fight.

However, at this moment, the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal emitted a dazzling red light. In an instant, the 8 quadrillion Dao Devils vanished. Almost at the same time, they appeared in the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal and struggled crazily.

The densely packed Dao Devils were all trapped in the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal. They struggled crazily like sticky boards filled with ants. One’s scalp tingled upon looking at this scene.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was moved.

Han Huang was stunned. He didn’t expect the 8 quadrillion Dao Devils to be directly suppressed by his father.

He wasn’t the only one. The spectators in the distance were also shocked.

How strong was the Divine Might Heavenly Sage?

Han Jue smiled. The 8 quadrillion Dao Devils in the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal instantly turned into red smoke and were sucked into the seal. They fused into one, and only Ancestor Tian Xu was still struggling at death’s door.

Ancestor Tian Xu could survive because Han Jue didn’t want to kill him.

Han Jue looked at the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit and smiled. “You can attack now!”

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was silent.

The entire Chaos fell silent.

The moment the Dao Devil appeared, the pressure caused everyone to shiver, but they didn’t expect it to be easily resolved by Han Jue.

What would the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit do next?

“Very good! I didn’t think too highly of you. The Dao Devils were not prepared for you. They were prepared for the Heavenly Dao. I’ll let you see how strong the power above the Chaos is!”

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit rose. Its already terrifying aura was still increasing!

Space collapsed and layers of deep space appeared. The living beings watching the battle panicked. They mobilized their Dharmic powers, afraid that they would be destroyed by the surrounding spatial power.

Han Huang looked at the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit and was secretly shocked.

The power that surpassed the Chaos?

So powerful!

This was the strongest aura he had ever felt!

He felt as weak as a mortal in front of the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit. He couldn’t resist in the slightest.

Even though he tried his best to fill himself with fighting spirit, he was still suppressed and could not move.

The difference in cultivation level was too great!

Suppressing his talent!

It was not only all the living beings in this Chaos. All the living beings in the entire Chaos and countless domains could sense the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit’s terrifying aura.

On the Heavenly Dao’s side.

The Sages gathered in the Universal Hall, thinking that the Ancient Desolate was attacking

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du waved his hand, and a crystal appeared in the hall.

The crystal expanded and revealed the scene in front of Pan Xin.

“Divine Might Heavenly Sage!”

“The Heavenly age went to fight the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit?” “What’s going on? Why didn’t the Heavenly Sage tell us in advance?”

“Is it really the Heavenly Sage? Doesn’t the Heavenly Sage always stay in the Heavenly Dao?”

“Indeed. He used a clone to go to the Grand Primordium Domain previously. Why this time…”

The Sages discussed. Everyone was worried for Han Jue.

Because the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was too powerful!

His aura caused the Sages to feel tiny and made Freedom tremble.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit looked down at Han Jue and said disdainfully, “Divine Might Heavenly Sage, I’ll let you experience the power of the Divine Authority first!”

He raised his hand and waved it. Above the Chaos, one of the Seven Supreme Rules emitted light of power and swooped down.

In the blink of an eye, a huge hole was torn in the shattered space of the Ancient Desolate. A holy and dignified pillar of light descended, targeting Han Jue.

Han Jue raised his hand and struck out with his palm. It was invisible and colorless as it directly destroyed the pillar of light.

Divine Might Great Heaven Palm!

No one could see his Ultimate Origin Power. Even so, the pillar of light that dissipated into thin air displayed his domineering strength. It was as if any power could only disappear in front of him.

Han Jue’s gaze landed on the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit and he said, “I’m tired, I won’t talk nonsense with you. Give me your life.”

His voice was very soft, but it was filled with killing intent. It caused one’s heart to turn cold as if they were in ice.

With that, the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit instantly vanished and appeared in the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was shocked and immediately struggled.

“What Mystical Power is this?”

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit exclaimed in his heart. He kept using his Mystical Powers and wanted to jump out, but an invisible force pulled at his body and soul, preventing him from escaping. Han Jue tilted his head slightly and glanced at the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit trapped in the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal from the corner of his eye. He said, “Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit, I didn’t want to be enemies with you, but you want to destroy my Heavenly Dao. Every injustice has its perpetrator and every debt has its debtor. You didn’t seek revenge from the Dao Ancestor and implicated the innocent. You’re just using the excuse of revenge to destroy the Heavenly Dao and dominate the Chaos.

“You reached your current cultivation level after cultivating for eons. Why force me?

“I feel your hatred.

“So, it’s time for you to die!”

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