Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years-Chapter 952 - Immortal Fate, Strongest in the Chaos

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Chapter 952 Immortal Fate, Strongest in the Chaos

Dao Creator?

Han Jue almost wanted to laugh. If not for him asking the system as quickly as possible if he could insta-kill this person, he might really be shocked.

However, he had spent 100 trillion years knowing that he could insta-kill the other party. This meant that the other party was not a true Dao Creator.

This fellow was still arrogant.

After all, he had never come into contact with a true Dao Creator. Once his cultivation level increased, it was indeed easy to misjudge.

“Divine Might Heavenly Sage, have you heard of the Dao Creator Realm? A Dao Creator can create everything and is not restricted by the Chaotic Rules. He can freely wander in this blank domain. Here, the Chaotic Will can’t harm the Dao Creator!” Carefree Immortal raised his arms and said with an intoxicated expression.

Han Jue asked, “Then if I can also wander here, won’t I be considered a Dao Creator?”

Carefree Immortal’s expression froze.

Han Qing’er laughed. “Father, you scared him!”

Jiang Jueshi and Han Huang also smiled.

Carefree Immortal sneered. “It’s not that simple. In that case, attack. Let me experience the Divine Might Heavenly Sage’s power!”

Shadows appeared above Han Jue’s head and quickly disappeared. This was the Dharma Idol Fusion Technique.

Carefree Immortal was not in a hurry to attack. Instead, he took out a half-moon red jade. This red jade emitted light and froze this blank domain.

He wanted Han Jue to be unable to escape!

Carefree Immortal raised his arms and his body suddenly exploded, turning into countless purple Qi. Figures struggled to come out of the purple Qi with all their might. They were sinister and terrifying.

The purple Qi transformed into a terrifying giant shadow that was ten million feet tall. Its figure was like a carefree immortal and was no longer double-headed. There was only one head of the Carefree Immortal, and the Azure Heaven Mystic appeared in the chest of the purple Qi giant shadow. Unlike the other struggling figures, its eyes were closed as if it had fallen asleep. Its body undulated with the purple Qi.

The half-moon red jade flew up and landed between the Carefree Immortal’s brows, transforming into a third eye.

“What is he doing?” Han Qing’er asked nervously.

Han Jue didn’t answer. He couldn’t be bothered by the Carefree Immortal’s actions.

It gave him time to fuse with the Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols.

He blocked the black vortex to prevent the Carefree Immortal from using it to infiltrate the third Dao Field.

“Hahaha. Divine Might Heavenly Sage, do you feel it? This vast aura, this is the Dao Creator’s Dao power. I admire you very much. Unfortunately, you are an anomaly. If the will of all living beings wants you dead, I can’t let you live!

“Go to hell!”

The Carefree Immortal laughed wildly and slapped at him. His ten-million-foot-tall body transformed into a purple storm that swept towards Han Jue. The surrounding corpses instantly turned into dust.

Jiang Jueshi and Han Huang were moved. Han Qing’er’s face was pale.

What a terrifying pressure! They had never felt such a powerful force!

This was even stronger than Han Jue’s aura when he appeared!

They couldn’t help but look at him.

Han Jue’s back was facing them. No matter how the wind and waves tried to sweep them, his body didn’t tremble at all.

The three of them suddenly felt at ease.

With Han Jue in front, they felt infinitely safe.

“How arrogant!”

Han Jue’s voice sounded. Unlike before, it was cold and serious, filled with killing intent.

The three thousand Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols gathered and formed the Ultimate Origin Power in front of him.

The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal emitted endless red light and crushed forward with an unstoppable force!

Extremely fast!

Jiang Jueshi and the other two felt a red light flash in front of them. The terrifying purple aura storm instantly exploded. Everything in front of them vanished, leaving only the blank domain.

The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal swept past, leaving only a head behind.

The geniuses he had fused with were all sucked away by the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal.

Carefree Immortal’s eyes widened. His face trembled and his mouth twitched.

“Impossible… I’m a Dao Creator… Impossible…” Carefree Immortal said in disbelief.

Seeing him like this, Jiang Jueshi and the other two felt extremely comfortable.

Han Qing’er smiled. “Dao Creator? That’s it?”

She mocked the Carefree Immortal impudently.

Carefree Immortal was furious. His eyes turned red as he cursed. “How dare you humiliate me! You’re courting death!”

He condensed his body again and raised his hand to pull the half-moon red jade off his forehead. He crushed it, and the half-moon red jade turned into dust and entered his


He suddenly disappeared. Han Qing’er felt a terrifying killing intent and was so frightened that her face turned pale.

Han Jue suddenly raised his right hand. The Carefree Immortal revealed his true form and his throat was grabbed by his right hand.


Carefree Immortal widened his eyes in shock. He gritted his teeth and asked, “You’re also a Dao Creator? Your Dharmic powers…”

Han Jue glanced at him from the corner of his eye and said, “I don’t know what a Dao Creator is. I only know that you shouldn’t hurt my children and disciples, much less capture the juniors of the Chaos. I don’t know your name either, but it’s not important.”


Carefree Immortal suddenly turned to dust. An Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal flew out from Han Jue’s palm and quickly expanded.

At first glance, the Carefree Immortal seemed to have been shattered by the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal, scaring Jiang Jueshi and the other two.

Han Jue quickly took away the half-moon red jade that had just recovered.

This was an Ultimate Dao Treasure. He had to snatch it!

Han Jue glanced at Jiang Jueshi and the other two. He used the Ultimate Origin Power to move them into the black vortex and threw them back to the third Dao Field.

He then prepared to return.

“Heavenly Sage, wait!”

A voice drifted over.

Han Jue glanced over and saw a mighty figure speeding over.

That was…

Holy Mother of Order!

Han Jue had an extremely deep impression of her. An ancient deity above the Great Dao Divine Spirit had once used a drop of water to pierce through the Heavenly Dao. She had frightened him at that time.

“Who are you?” Han Jue asked. Even if he knew, he had to pretend not to.

The Holy Mother of Order stopped and said, “I am the Chaotic Great Dao Divine Spirit, the Holy Mother of Order. I was nearby and happened to witness the Heavenly Sage killing the Carefree Immortal. I want to talk to you about the Carefree Immortal. He’s not dead yet.”

Carefree Immortal? The name of that thing just now?


Han Jue asked, “Then, where is he hiding?”

He did not receive any hatred notifications from the Carefree Immortal, nor could he sense his aura. He thought that this fellow had already died.

The Holy Mother of Order said, “The Carefree Immortal was one of the first living beings in the Chaos. In order to be eternal, he sacrificed his cultivation and fused into the will of the Chaos to obtain the fate of freedom and immortality. He will appear every long era. His appearance means that the will of the Chaos is about to revive. I guess the will of the Chaos wants to target you. The last time the will of the Chaos awakened, it made the Dao Ancestor the enemy of all living beings.”

Han Jue showed a frown.

The Holy Mother of Order said, “I want to remind the Heavenly Sage that the Chaotic Will is the strongest existence. You can’t fight it head-on. The Heavenly Dao Pangu and the Dao Ancestor have both failed.”

Han Jue narrowed his eyes and asked, “Could it be that this was the reason Pangu was besieged by three thousand Chaotic Fiendcelestials?”

“That’s right. Although Pangu had yet to reach the Great Dao Realm at that time, the Chaotic Will only targeted the strongest in the Chaos. He would either die or submit,” the Holy Mother of Order replied, her tone unchanged.

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