Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart - Chapter 1091 - It Was Still Not Enough For Long Yang

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Chapter 1091: It Was Still Not Enough For Long Yang

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As expected, Lu Liangwei noticed the wound on Zhu Yu’s forehead when Zhu Yu next came to serve her.

“How did you hurt yourself?”

Lu Liangwei was looking much better after resting for an entire day.

Zhu Yu proceeded to tell Lu Liangwei exactly what Chu Yi taught her to say.

When Lu Liangwei finished listening, she said, “We have no shortage of helping hands here. If you don’t feel well, just make arrangements for other servants to take your place. You should rest while you can. It’s not too late for you to come back after getting enough rest.”

Zhu Yu stammered and she eventually agreed. “I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Alright, go ahead.” Lu Liangwei nodded in acknowledgment and lowered her head to look at her two little cuties laying side-by-side.

The nanny was on standby at the side, ready to feed the babies at a moment’s notice.

Long Qingzhi came in with some servants.

“Weiwei, it’s time to eat.”

She was about to instruct the servants to set up a small table on the bed as usual, but Lu Liangwei stopped her.

“I’ll get up to have my meal.” Lu Liangwei was able to move around now. If she continued sitting on the bed like a statue, it would be detrimental to her body.

“Alright. That would be better,” Long Qingzhi agreed. She immediately ordered the servants to make sure the windows were all shut tight.

Even though it was the summer season now, women who had just given birth should not be exposed to drafts of wind or they might end up developing migraines.

Long Qingzhi turned around to help Lu Liangwei out of bed after she was done giving instructions.


Lu Liangwei maneuvered around the babies and stepped onto the ground.

She lost a lot of blood while giving birth and her body still felt quite fragile. She had not completely recovered yet.

Lu Liangwei had to consume nutrient-rich food every day to strengthen her body.

Trying to adhere to the principle of having small but frequent meals, she was basically spending the whole day eating.

Aside from her meals, she also had to take medicinal soups.

Despite all that, it was still not enough for Long Yang. He wanted Lu Liangwei to recover to her usual self with her pinkish glow of health as soon as possible.

Imperial Physician Wu was an expert in this field; with him helping Lu Liangwei recuperate, it took only a few days before her face showed shades of pink again and she was spending less time in bed.

During the last few days, she learned how to carry her children to make them more comfortable. With the help of the nanny and Long Qingzhi, she picked up these skills very quickly.

She was now an expert at carrying her babies.

“Has my brother decided on the names for your two kids?” Long Qingzhi was carrying the little prince while playing with him.

Lu Liangwei had nearly forgotten about this. “I think he already did, but he hasn’t told me what the names are yet. I’ll ask him when he comes over.”

Long Qingzhi nodded.

Wanyan Zhi stood next to her, staring at his little cousin in his mother’s arms. Curiosity was gleaming in his small, dark eyes.

“Little Cousin is looking at me,” Wanyan Zhi suddenly said after staring at the baby.

Long Qingzhi lowered her head and saw the little prince’s black little eyes looking back at Wanyan Zhi.

This particular baby was especially quiet and did not give any trouble. He looked like he was sizing people up and judging them every time his gaze fell on someone.

Long Qingzhi had a feeling that the baby would one day grow up to be a formidable person. He might even be smarter than her brother.

The boy was exceptionally calm for his age and did not feel like a baby at all, but more like an adult.

“That’s right. Your little cousin is looking at you. He must be very curious about you. Hurry up and say hi to him, Zhi’er.”

Wanyan Zhi hesitated for a moment before grabbing the baby’s little hand. “I’m your cousin, little bro.”

The small prince blinked, as if responding to Wanyan Zhi.

Wanyan Zhi smiled. “Lil Cousin is winking at me.”

Long Qingzhi saw it as well and said happily, “It seems that he likes you.”

Wanyan Zhi was overjoyed when he heard those words. “Hurry and grow up, Lil Cousin. I’m going to teach you archery and how to ride…”

He wanted to say ‘ride a horse’, but Wanyan Zhi himself had not learned how to ride one yet, so he decided to drop that bit. However, this did not affect his excitement about having a new cousin. “Just hurry and grow up. Once you’re big, we can play together.”

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