Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart-Chapter 1196 - Long Yang Was Finally Here

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Chapter 1196: Long Yang Was Finally Here

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After saying goodbye to Yuan Xin, Lu Liangwei and the others headed to the coaching inn with Beitang Rui and the palace cavalry escorting them.

Beitang Rui had even stationed many of the palace cavalries to guard the coaching inn before he left. He clearly did not trust Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei only reacted by shrugging her shoulders. Even though her freedom had been limited, she was still served well with good food and drink. There was nothing bad about this.

The only thing uncomfortable about this was that they had to stay under the same roof as Wanyan Jin.

“Second Miss Lu seems to have a deep bias against me.” Wanyan Jin stood charismatically where he was. There was a small grin on his face.


Lu Liangwei darted a look at him. She was not bothered to talk to him as she walked past him and went straight to the courtyard Beitang Rui had arranged for her.

Wanyan Jin was not offended at all as he watched the beauty walk away.

A small smile appeared on his lips.

Yuan Xin dropped by almost every day for the next few days to visit Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei was not bored at all with Yuan Xin’s accompanying her.

Three days later, Yuan Xin came with news for her.

“I’ve heard from my father that there’s news from the frontier. Great Shang has sent an envoy over and they will be arriving in the capital city soon.”

This stirred Lu Liangwei and she asked, “Did you hear anything about who is among the list of envoys coming here?”

“I heard my father mention that the Minister of Revenue is coming.” Yuan Xin gave Lu Liangwei a thoughtful look after saying this. “How are you related to the Minister of Revenue?” Yuan Xin remembered that Lu Er had requested help to deliver her letter directly to the mansion of the Minster of Revenue.”

“He’s an uncle of mine,” replied Lu Liangwei. She was close to Lin Qingyuan and there was nothing wrong with referring to Minister Lin as an uncle.

“I see.” The realization hit Yuan Xin.

A few days later, Lu Liangwei was sitting in the garden of the coaching inn and enjoying tea with Yuan Xin.

It was now Autumn and the osmanthus in the garden had bloomed. The entire garden was filled with the fragrance of the orange flowers.

The kitchen of the coaching inn had even prepared an osmanthus cake today.

They ate as they chatted.

Chu Jiu suddenly came over at that moment. “Look who’s here, Mistress.”

Lu Liangwei had calculated the time and Minister Lin should be about to arrive any moment.

When she heard Chu Jiu’s words, she thought Minister Lin was here.

It must have been a tough journey for Minister Lin to travel all the way to pick her up, so she stood up to welcome him as a gesture of thanks.

However, she was stunned when she turned to look. Lu Liangwei thought she was hallucinating.

A man came rushing over to her from the long corridor in urgent steps.

When he saw Lu Liangwei standing in the garden, the man’s footsteps slowed down as if in a daze. However, soon he pulled himself together and rushed toward her even faster than before.

Lu Liangwei blinked and her eyes slowly turned red. She bit her lips and, as Yuan Xin looked on in astonishment, she suddenly pulled up her dress slightly and ran toward the man.

She must have run too fast, for she lost her footing and almost fell.

Shocked, the man took two quick steps forward to catch the woman in his arms.

“Weiwei…” He shut his eyes. His voice was hoarse and it was trembling slightly.

Lu Liangwei’s heart thumped wildly. She blinked as she looked at the man’s sallow face. She suddenly buried her face in his chest and hugged tight around his waist.

Yuan Xin was wide-eyed in astonishment as she watched from behind. She could not believe what she was seeing.

This was the first time she saw Lu Er behaving this way.

“Who is that man?” Yuan Xin watched the couple hug each other unreservedly in public, as if they were the only ones around. She snapped herself awake and could not help turning to Chu Jiu to ask the question.

There was a flash in Chu Jiu’s eyes as she answered, “Minister Lin.”

“Minister Lin?” Yuan Xin was shocked. “But Lu Er said Minister Lin was her uncle. How could she…” A thought crossed Yuan Xin’s mind as her eyes bulged. “Could Lu Er…” Judging by this scene, could Lu Er be having an affair with her uncle?

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