Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart-Chapter 1230 - Long Junzhi, I Want You To Carry Me On Your Back

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Chapter 1230: Long Junzhi, I Want You To Carry Me On Your Back

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There seemed to be something on Beitang Rui’s mind as he drank sulkily. Suddenly, he heard a wonderfully unique piece of music coming from the zither. It was like flowing water that broke through the silence of the night. The next thing he knew, a woman began singing in a warm and love-filled voice which also carried a tinge of sadness.

“I can’t see through your dejected soul,

I can’t see past the color of your eyes.

A gale of wind, a dream, love is as mysterious as life itself.

What exactly has bewitched your heart?


Remembering the look on your face,

It is the mark of me waiting unwaveringly for you.

You’re a song that I am unable to finish,

My heart is only willing to be yours and yours alone.”

Beitang Rui’s heart tightened at the sight of Yuan Xin singing and playing on the zither. When she reached the song’s emotional peak, tears streamed down her cheeks, and Beitang Rui felt a sharp stab of pain in his heart. The pain was unbearable.

The entire banquet hall fell silent after the song ended.

Beitang Rui clenched his fists as he looked at the lonely woman sitting behind the zither table. He uncurled his fingers as the stubborn wall he built in his heart finally collapsed.

He stood up silently and walked toward Yuan Xin.

Yuan Xin lifted her head and met the gentle gaze of the man.

She was taken aback when the man put a hand on her chin and she nearly turned her head away. Then he took out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears from her face.

She was slightly surprised by this.

Beitang Rui held up her hand and said to Beitang You, who was seated on the throne, “Your Majesty, my wife has had a little too much to drink. I’ll need to leave the Palace with her.”

Beitang You might be young and had no understanding of the relationship between a man and woman, but he was wiser than his age suggested and had immediately noticed something about the situation. He nodded his head in agreement. “Very well.”

A smile appeared on Yuan Zheng’s face as he watched the husband and wife leave while holding hands. He drank a few more cups of wine in a cheerful mood.

Lu Liangwei felt relieved as well.

She had always known that Yuan Xin was in love with Beitang Rui and that the man felt the same way. However, a barrier had been erected between them due to their unnecessary stubbornness and other unknown reasons.

Tonight, the wall between them had collapsed and there was nothing standing between them now. They would surely find happiness in the future.

It felt like good news kept on coming and Lu Liangwei cheerfully finished the wine in her cup in one gulp.

This wine was unlike the osmanthus wine she had before and was quite strong.

Lu Liangwei fell drunk after just one cup.

She leaned into Long Yang’s arms and looked at him with her unsteady, misted eyes.

Long Yang firmly gripped the girl’s naughty fingers to avoid any inappropriate scenes happening under the public eye. He stood up and helped Lu Liangwei to her feet, then addressed the crowd. “We need to leave early tomorrow morning. We will take our leave too.”

The others walked them out of the banquet hall.

Beitang You looked at the drunk Lu Liangwei in Long Yang’s arms, reluctant to part with her, and he said determinedly, “Big Sis—” He quickly changed the term before Long Yang could dart a look at him. “Aunt, have a safe journey.” He paused and said to Long Yang, “You take care too, Uncle. I hope you will always treat Aunt well.”

Long Yang raised an eyebrow. “Are you lecturing me?”

Zhang Yu quickly pulled on Beitang You’s sleeve to warn him. “Your Majesty…” The Emperor from Great Shang was not someone he could offend. It was not a good idea to make him angry.

However, Beitang You did not back down as he met Long Yang’s eyes. There was an unyielding look in his eyes, as if he really needed Long Yang to make that promise.

Long Yang’s expression softened and he lifted a hand to tousle Beitang You’s hair. He said shortly, “Your worry is unfounded.”

With that, Long Yang carried Lu Liangwei into his arms.

However, the person in his clutches began to struggle as she gave a drunken order, “Long Junzhi, I want you to carry me on your back.”

Long Yang paused when he heard this. His eyebrow raised slightly, but he still put her down and crouched in front of her without hesitation.

Lu Liangwei staggered as she flopped down onto his broad back.

Long Yang gave her a piggyback effortlessly.

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