Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 1306 - The Song Couple (33)

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Chapter 1306: The Song Couple (33)

Jiang Mengmeng’s grandmother and Jin Yunzhe’s grandmother were taking care of the child. When she saw them enter, she quickly stood up to welcome them.

Jin Yunzhe called her grandmother.

Song Yiyan also called her grandmother and glanced at the child on the bed. She didn’t see anything outside and didn’t find anything dirty.

After entering the house, she could feel a demonic aura. The child’s body was tightly wrapped in the demonic aura. The black demonic aura looked like it wanted to swallow the child whole.

The child who was unconscious had an abnormal red face. Her breathing was rapid and she was frowning in pain.

Jin Wanqing did not dare to speak. She stood beside Jin Yunzhe and her mother and watched as the girl took out a piece of talisman paper from her bag and burned it into talisman water. Then, she dropped a drop of blood into the small bowl of talisman water.

“I don’t know how to feed children. Can one of you come over and feed her?” Song Yiyan held the talisman water and looked at the child’s mother and grandmother.

“Let me do it.” Grandma was also from a scholarly family. Normally, she would not believe in such superstitions. However, in her granddaughter’s situation, she was so worried that her heart was burning. No matter what, she wanted to give it a try.

A bowl of talisman water was quickly fed to the child. The child on the bed still did not wake up, but she slept much more comfortably.

Jin Wanqing glanced at her mother, her eyes filled with amazement. The child had improved in a short period of time, no one could feel it more clearly than them.


There was a sudden noise from the direction of the window, and it was opened by the wind.

Jin Wanqing was about to close the window when Song Yiyan walked over first and closed the window. She smiled at them. “Auntie, can you wait outside?”

Jin Wanqin looked outside the window suspiciously, it was dark and there was nothing. The wind was strong on this side of the mountain, blowing loudly.

After everyone left, Song Yiyan walked to the window and knocked on it. “Stop hiding. Come out!”

The window clicked again, opening a little. A pair of small, dark claws reached out. The furred claws were no longer visible in their original color, they were all covered in dark mud and carefully scraped wounds and the mud and blood had congealed.

The little claws held a handful of blue and purple flowers piously. What was rare was that the flowers were protected very well, as if they had just been plucked from the branches. They were delicate and beautiful.

Song Yiyan stood by the side and did not say anything. She smirked with interest. “Little fox!”

The little creature shrunk into a ball. Its head was clearly tucked into its chest, and its body was trembling in fear, but it did not escape.

The owner of the small claw waited for a long time, but no one took the flower away. Perhaps it was anxious, it secretly raised its head and revealed a face that was like its claws. It was covered in fine wounds.

It looked at her with big, watery eyes and two furry ears on its head. It looked extremely pitiful.

Song Yiyan looked at it and tried to scare it. “If you don’t leave, I’ll capture you.”

The little fox looked at her seriously. “You can take me away, but give this to Mengmeng. This is a medicine that can save her.”

This person was a human Onmyoji, a very powerful Onmyoji. It had just felt the powerful magical power contained in her blood.

Moreover, it could feel that she was a good person. She would not casually hurt kind little monsters.

There were good and bad demons, the Onmyoji of humans would not subdue good demons.

“Get in here and talk.” Song Yiyan pulled the little fox in.

The little fox didn’t dare to look at her. It stood at the corner of the wall like a child who had done something wrong and lowered its head.

Song Yiyan had no resistance against such cute and fluffy things. Seeing the little fox droop its head and look pitiful with its tail between its legs, she resisted the urge to comfort it. “What’s wrong with her? Why did you make her like that?”

The little fox quickly shook its fluffy little head, and its big eyes were filled with crystalline tears. “It’s not me. It’s that bad guy, the big bad wolf!”

Ji Xing looked at the little fox in front of him. Ghosts already existed, so it was normal for there to be little monsters.

The little fox grew up in this mountain and had no parents since it was young. It only survived because the mountain god uncle and the kind spirits in the mountain helped it.

When the little fox was three years old, it was caught in a rabbit trap when it came out to play and was injured.

Jiang Mengmeng saved it and brought it home. She treated it with medicine and placed it back in the mountains after its leg recovered.

It heard from its uncle, the mountain god, that humans and demons were creatures from two different worlds. They should not have too many interactions and it should not be nostalgic.

But it still couldn’t help it. Every day, it would sneak over to see the little girl, send her flowers, fruits, and beautiful stones. It was very happy to see her.

One day a year ago, when it came to see the little girl, it found her being bullied by a group of boys. Without thinking, it rushed out and beat the boys who bullied her away.

It didn’t expect the little girl to be able to see it after it transformed into a human.

After that, it often came down the mountain to play with the little girl and became her best friend.

Last Saturday, it was chased around for most of the day by Mr. and Mrs. Shanks, who had mistaken it for a thief who’d stolen their eggs.

The little girl was attacked by the big bad wolf while waiting for it.

The big gray wolf was the worst demon in the mountain. Recently, it was cultivating and needed pure spiritual energy, so it started to have bad ideas. When the mountain god was not paying attention, it often sneaked out.

When it came over, the big gray wolf had just attacked and was chased away by it. However, the little girl also felt the demonic aura on the big gray wolf.

Once a human child was tainted by the demonic aura, she would fall sick after the demonic aura entered her body. From that day on, the little girl had a fever.

It heard from Grandpa Mountain Ginseng that there was a flower called Frost Face Flower in the mountains that could treat humans who were infected by demonic aura, so it went to the deep mountains to find it and treat the little girl.

After saying that, the little fox lowered its head even more. Tears fell down onto the ground in front of it and it said softly, “Sorry.”

Song Yiyan sighed. Seeing how sad it was, she didn’t reprimand it further. “Don’t go near her again.”

The little fox sniffled and hid the sadness in its eyes. It blamed itself and nodded obediently. “Sister, can you give her the medicine?”

Song Yiyan placed the flower it picked on the table beside the little girl’s bed and looked at the little fox. “The medicine you picked is only useful to demons but not to humans. If you stay with her, there will be an irreversible outcome one day.”

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