Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs - Chapter 328 - The Difference Between Love and Harassment

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Chapter 328: The Difference Between Love and Harassment

A security guard wearing a raincoat arrived late. As he stopped that person, he looked over. Xiao Mei’s face was livid. Based on his figure and voice, she could tell that it was Cao Yang again.

Cao Yang knelt on the ground and shouted in the heavy rain, “I won’t give up on you no matter what! Little Mei, I hope you can see my sincerity!”

After shouting twice, he fainted.

Mu Jingzhe: “…”

This kind of idol drama plot was really awkward.

Mu Jingzhe felt embarrassed, but everyone else didn’t. The accompanying doctor and the security guard who had helped take a look at the heat stroke went out and dragged Cao Yang in. “His body is fine, but he suffered a heat stroke previously and was suddenly drenched in the rain today, so he couldn’t take it and fainted.”

Everyone looked at Xiao Mei after hearing that. It was unknown if they were talking to themselves or Xiao Mei.

“He’s quite devoted. He hasn’t given up even now.”

“Yeah, how many days has it been?”

The security guard also spoke up. “This child said that he realizes his mistake. He’s sincere about you. Men understand other men. If he didn’t like you so much, he wouldn’t have done such an embarrassing thing.”

Xiao Mei’s face was stiff, but she still didn’t speak. The security guard couldn’t help but mutter things like ‘heartless’ and ‘there is nothing more vicious than a woman’s heart’. Xiao Mei’s face turned pale from anger.

Mu Jingzhe shook her head. This was totally moral blackmail. When she saw that little girl Xiao Mei looking so angry that her hands were trembling, she slowly spoke.

“Brother Ni, I remember you having a daughter. Is that right? She came to look for you before.”

“That’s right. What’s wrong?” When his daughter was mentioned, the security guard’s face lit up, but he didn’t understand why Mu Jingzhe had suddenly mentioned her.

“Nothing. I just heard a rumor previously. Don’t be angry.”

“What rumor?”

“They said a boy likes your girl a lot and keeps chasing her around. Everyone feels that this boy is devoted, so they’re asking your daughter to accept him. Your daughter actually doesn’t like him, but everyone keeps criticizing her, which makes her feel very troubled…”

“There’s no such person, right? Besides, why would everyone keep harping on about it if she already said she doesn’t like him?” The security guard interrupted her impatiently.

“Because that boy is very devoted and has been wooing her for three years.” Mu Jingzhe blinked.

“Three years? So what? Who is it? I’ll go look for him!” The security guard was so furious that he didn’t notice everyone’s strange gazes.

Mu Jingzhe seemed startled by the security guard. “Why are you getting angry? I thought you were going to say that your daughter is heartless and that she is the most vicious woman in the world. Then, you’d force her to accept that boy.”

“Why would I say…” the security guard retorted angrily. At this point, he suddenly realized what was happening. “You…” Hadn’t he just said those words? How…

Mu Jingzhe looked at him. “Go on. Why did you stop? Didn’t you say that men know other men the best?”

The security guard choked and his face turned red, but he couldn’t say a word.

He was usually very responsible and diligent when it came to his job. He was helpful and warm-hearted, but sometimes he was too warm.

“It seems like you know what the word ‘shameless’ means. I thought you couldn’t differentiate between harassment and entanglement and thought it’s always devotion.” After saying that, Mu Jingzhe didn’t look at the security guard’s pale, blushing face and instead looked at Xiao Mei.

“Xiao Mei, when the weather clears up, go to the police station and let the police deal with him.”

“Why call the police?” Everyone was stunned for a moment. They didn’t know why this had been brought up all of a sudden. Xiao Mei abruptly looked up at her. “But… Can I do that?”

“Of course you can. You’ve already broken off your engagement to him. You also told him to stop looking for you, but he didn’t listen to the warning and kept pestering you. Why can’t you call the police when a stranger is pestering and harassing you?”

As Mu Jingzhe spoke, she calmly looked at the ground. Cao Yang, who was lying on the ground where he had just fainted, trembled under her eyes. It was unknown if it was because he was drenched in cold sweat or because he was frightened.

Xiao Mei’s eyes lit up. “Alright, I’m not afraid of the rain. I’ll go now.”

After saying that, Xiao Mei rushed out. Even though Cao Yang woke up in time to call Xiao Mei’s name, it was useless.

Cao Yang watched as Xiao Mei ran out in the rain and glared at Mu Jingzhe with hatred. This person was to blame again. It was Mu Jingzhe’s fault again!

Why did she always ruin his plans? Not only had she hired that woman as her assistant, but she had even ruined his marriage!

Mu Jingzhe didn’t react to his gaze at all. Cao Yang had been staring at her like this for some time.

Cao Yang then retracted his gaze and looked at the others for help. However, those who were supposed to be on his side didn’t say anything after hearing Mu Jingzhe’s words.

“Did Xiao Mei really go to the police station? I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just wanted to get back together with her.”

Cao Yang was afraid when he heard that, but he thought that the people at the police station might not pay attention to something like this. After all, no one had reported a case like this before.

In fact, Xiao Mei quickly returned with the police. “Officer, it’s him. Please help me.”

Xiao Mei walked with an umbrella, but she still looked a little disheveled when the wind blew. The police officer nodded. “We understand.”

Actually, this was the first time they had received such a report. At first, they had been a little stunned. However, Xiao Mei was very smart and had directly told them that Cao Yang had beaten her up previously and that he might use extreme methods, such as forcing her to change her mind.

Now that Xiao Mei had said this, the nature of the matter had changed. They’d immediately sent the police over.

Cao Yang hadn’t expected Xiao Mei to really come back with the police. Furthermore, the way the police looked at him frightened him.

“I didn’t do anything, Officer. I just wanted to get my fiancée back. I meant no harm…”

“We already learned that she’s no longer your fiancée. Since you’ve broken off your engagement, you shouldn’t have come to look for her again. By doing this, you’ve seriously affected Miss Xiao Mei’s life. Come back with us.”

The words ‘come back with us’ sounded like ‘we’re going to arrest you’ to Cao Yang. He broke down immediately when he heard that. “I’m not coming. Why should I? I didn’t do anything wrong!”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but roar at Mu Jingzhe, “Mu Jingzhe, why are you picking on me again and again?! You’re ruining my happiness!”

Mu Jingzhe only had one answer to this. “If you curse a few more times, you’ll be going back with them in handcuffs.”

This reply sealed the deal for Cao Yang, as he didn’t want to wear handcuffs and couldn’t wear them either.

Cao Yang was taken away to cooperate with the investigation. The security guard and the few people who had spoken up for Cao Yang subconsciously took a step back and didn’t dare say another word.

Because Cao Yang hadn’t done any actual harm, he was released in the end. However, he was also warned not to harass and follow Xiao Mei anymore. Otherwise, things would get troublesome.

Cao Yang hadn’t expected that his devotion would result in him going to the police station. He was furious, but he really didn’t dare harass Xiao Mei anymore.

Xiao Mei finally found peace again, but fewer people from the production team were looking for her to talk to her. Of course, even fewer people were looking for Mu Jingzhe to talk to her as well.

No one had expected Mu Jingzhe to have such a sharp tongue and have someone arrested by the police on a whim. No one wanted to be arrested for saying something wrong.

They didn’t come to look for Mu Jingzhe, but Xiao Mei intended to follow Mu Jingzhe around. “I didn’t dare come looking for you previously because I was afraid that Cao Yang would blame you. Now… I’m not afraid anymore.”

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