Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 429 - It's Fine, Close Combat It Is!  

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Chapter 429: It’s Fine, Close Combat It Is!

From the sky, three consecutive laser bullets blasted out like meteors!

What was even stranger was that in this dense forest, the three laser bullets seemed to have eyes as they flew out and did not hit an incomparably hard Jade Vajra Tree!

They only stirred up a hurricane-like wind!

In the eyes of the audience, they had already shot towards Wang Che in the blink of an eye!

The competition was about to end!

This was the true battle of the King’s Cup!

At this moment, Wang Che narrowed his eyes and looked at Bear Treasure.

In an instant, Bear Treasure’s eyes suddenly flickered as three flames swirled like a vortex.

It raised its hand and clenched its claws like it was hugging the moon.


The next moment, Bear Treasure grabbed with its palm and emitted a powerful aura!

The three laser bullets actually brushed past its body and were caught!

Grand Martial Force activated!

Bear Treasure clenched its fists. The three laser bullets in its hands trembled continuously as if they were about to explode at any moment!

It caught the bullet with its bare hands!


Bear Treasure pushed with its palms and its eyes flickered.

Three laser bullets were suddenly fired in the opposite direction!

Seeing this scene, many of the audience were stunned.

What the heck?

It caught the attack?

Was there a satellite in this bear’s body? It could directly scan and intercept it, right?

The speed of the laser bomb crossed the entire forest in the blink of an eye. How could it react at this speed?

Perception-type soul skill? What kind of perception-type soul skill could sense it in such a short time?

Laser weapons were famous weapons that could allow one to sense and not react. Currently, only mental-type soul pets that were extremely good at mental strength could sense and capture these attack trajectories.

But it could still catch and reflect it without exploding?

This was too much!

Such an extreme operation could not be understood. Many of the audience could not understand and were confused.

They could not even tell what soul skill it was.

That little bear did not erupt with a very powerful soul power fluctuation!

In the distance, Yun Feiyang was also stunned.

This could happen?

No, how did it catch it?

He had experienced hundreds of battles and training competitions.

It was not that no one could withstand his Wind Whisper Triple Bomb, but they were all using defense.

No one could withstand it so easily and at such a limit!

That bear did not even put up any defense!

“Could it be a soul skill that specializes in defending against long-range attacks?”

Yun Feiyang frowned deeply.

In this day and age, after a thousand years of cultivation, soul skills would develop endlessly.

There were countless types of soul pets. Every year, there would be a new soul pet form and a new soul skill.

One would never expect any awesome soul skill to appear.

Some of the soul skills with various effects were simply unimaginable.

“I don’t believe it!”

Yun Feiyang took a deep breath and fired three more times, hitting the three reflected bullets.

In an instant, three dazzling lights erupted in the air, shaking countless Jade Vajra Trees until they swayed. Some even completely exceeded 90 degrees, but they did not break. Only the tree trunks that were struck by this intense energy began to shatter.

“Little Eagle!” Yun Feiyang chanted inwardly.


The Wind Whisper Eagle responded and its wings immediately lit up.


Yun Feiyang stood up and took out a special large gun barrel to install in front of the Hurricane Gun.

This time, Yun Feiyang did not aim at Wang Che, but at the Wind Whisper Eagle.

He gently pressed it.

“Hurricane Change, Ice Lightning Hurricane Cannon!”

An ice-blue light shot out!

The specially modified parts augmented the mechanical martial soul and erupted with immense power!

An ice-blue dazzling light blasted out from the M8 Ice Lightning Hurricane Gun that was less than a meter long, turning into a dazzling beam that shot at the Wind Whisper Eagle above.


The Wind Whisper Eagle’s wings had already glowed. The moment the ice-blue light beam struck, its wings suddenly stirred up a huge storm.

The ice-blue light instantly fused with the wind and waves, attacking Wang Che.

“I don’t believe you can rebound this!”

Yun Feiyang stood up.

The huge AOE light cannon attack used mechanical modification parts to fuse with the Wind Whisper Eagle’s thousand-year soul skill, Hurricane. It almost instantly covered Wang Che’s location.

Although he did not know what the rebound was, any rebound could only reflect single-target attacks.

Area soul skills could only be defended against.

However, the truth was…


At some point, a roar suddenly sounded in his ears.

Yun Feiyang was stunned. His pupils constricted as he saw the ferocious bear appear in front of him.

It did not fly, but it stood in the air.

As a long-range Battle Soul Master, Yun Feiyang had excellent eyesight. He saw that the little bear was stepping on a leaf.

Tree… leaf?

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In a blink of an eye, Yun Feiyang summoned his third soul pet. The little bear seemed to have teleported in front of him.

An ordinary punch landed.

So fast!

This was Yun Feiyang’s only thought as he flew into the air. Then, he crashed into his Wind Whisper Eagle.

The match ended.

Outside the arena.

The audience watching this match was all stunned.

“Wait, how did that bear pet run over? I didn’t see it. Playback, I want to see the replay!”

“Impossible. In such a short time, unless it knows Spatial Travel, how could it reach Yun Feiyang’s location so quickly?”

“I saw a little. You might not believe it, but that bear stepped on the leaves. Every time it stepped on a leaf, it teleported a hundred meters. In a second, it stepped on more than ten leaves. It was as fast as teleportation! Moreover, it was f*cking agile! It was completely disharmonious with its size!”

“Too strong! Who is this No. 1! What is this bear! If I’m not wrong, it only has the cultivation of more than 4,000 years, right?”

“Yun Feiyang is such a noob. You wanted to beat him, but you were beaten!”

“Brothers, I found the encyclopedia. This is the new Bamboo Bear evolution recorded in our war zone a few months ago. It’s called the Heaven Trampling Overlord. Damn, why is this name different from other Bamboo Bears? It’s temporarily at King-ranked! The exact soul skill and characteristics haven’t been described! The evolution method is also unknown!”

As soon as the competition ended, many spectators immediately checked some information about Bear Treasure.

However, this was not very useful.

“This Yun Feiyang is not good enough.”

Wang Che thought about it.

He was not resistant to attacks.

Bear Treasure had the Samadhi Spirit Eyes. Those laser bullets were indeed very terrifying, but they could not escape the control of the Samadhi Spirit Eyes.

Coupled with the Grand Martial Force, its energy control had reached the limit, so this long-range attack was very easy to withstand.

Moreover, Yun Feiyang was a Battle Soul Master who was good at long-range attacks. His strength was not high.

After firing a shot, once he was exposed, with Bear Treasure’s Cloud Near at Hand movement technique, this huge forest was like flat ground to it.

Bear Treasure did not even use the Wave Fist. With a casual punch, he was done for.

Even the shockwave could defeat his other soul pets.

“He clearly used just one soul pet…”

Wang Che walked up to the referee and shook his head, “Why didn’t you use it in the beginning? If you want to use it later, you won’t have a chance. You weren’t prepared enough. You had 30 seconds.”

Yun Feiyang, who had just crawled up shakily, almost fell off the platform when he heard this.

‘Was I not prepared enough?’

‘Who knew you were so abnormal?!’

He was numb!

If he had known earlier, he would have directly used the first soul pet to switch to the spear form and fight in close combat.

There was still a chance.

After all, the bear had a long-range rebound skill.

Yun Feiyang was defeated.

The referee looked at Wang Che strangely, “Rest for half an hour. The next match will be after that.”

The referee was probably surprised that this match was one he had seen very briefly.

Wang Che nodded and walked to the side. He looked at Bear Treasure and asked,

“How do you feel?”

Bear Treasure scratched its head with its claws and howled.

‘Fortunately, the pressure isn’t great.’

“Our current opponents aren’t considered strong.” Wang Che nodded, “That Yun Feiyang doesn’t have a ten-thousand-year soul pet yet. If we encounter a ten-thousand-year soul pet in the competition, you should be under more pressure. Moreover, Yun Feiyang’s soul pets actually revolve around him. His soul pets aren’t strong themselves.”

“A Contract Soul Master like him will only have an obvious value when he has teammates.”

“If he’s alone, it’s only one move. If it doesn’t hit, it’s basically nothing.”

“The subsequent large-scale combination soul skill is too long before casting. It can only be effective in a team or be used directly. However, that power can easily be blocked by you. The damage is not as strong as those three laser bullets.”

He briefly analyzed the battle for Bear Treasure.

The first match of the first round ended one after another.

A few others were stalling for more than two hours.

“The opponent for the next match is here.”

Wang Che glanced at it and smiled, “This is interesting. A second-year student, Level 23. His martial soul… is Bamboo.”

“Roar?” Bear Treasure was stunned.

“You’re going to have fun.” Wang Che found it interesting.

The Bamboo Bear martial soul still existed in the West Peak Continent. Its origin was naturally related to the Bamboo Bear itself.

“To be able to win one match, he should have some strength. Two soul pets… seems like it won’t be too difficult.”

“However, the competition venue this time is the mental force field.”

“Why do I feel that we will win without a fight?”

The mental force field was a special place that had a strong impact on the soul every moment.

Mental-type soul pets could directly unleash 120% of their strength in this force field.

As for other soul pets, they would suffer a mental impact. They could only use 80% of their strength and would continuously decrease.

It was an almost direct effect.

Immediately after arriving at this place, one could only hope that the other party didn’t have a mental-type soul pet.

Otherwise, it would be a fatal blow.

In the chaotic mental force field, illusory energy winds blew, so quiet that it made one’s scalp tingle.

“Give me the number plate. When you’re ready, jump down.”

The referee repeated the same words and did not say anything else.

Wang Che looked at his opponent.

A handsome boy who was 20 years old looked a little silly. He looked a little like the Bamboo Bear.

His size was completely different.

The boy carefully glanced at the mental force field below, his face ashen.

He struggled for a long time before saying helplessly,

“Referee, I admit defeat.”

The referee frowned, “Defeated without a fight?”

“It can’t be helped. My two soul pets are fighting-type soul pets. They’re most afraid of this mental force field.” The boy wanted to cry but had no tears, “If I fight like this, I’ll lose too much battle strength. There’s still a third round later. I might as well give up on this round and prepare for the third round.”

The referee did not say anything and directly announced Wang Che’s victory.

Wang Che thought to himself, ‘The impact of this venue is really too great.’

Especially the few venues like the mental force field, divine illusion, dragon wind domain, demon spirit pool, underworld, and illusion space, all had various strange effects. Once it could not adapt, it was even more difficult to fight inside.

“…” Bear Treasure.

It was not fun!

“Don’t worry, it’ll be powerful later,” Wang Che comforted.

Bear Treasure nodded.

As expected, there were only a few second-year students.

In the third and last match of the first round, Wang Che encountered another third-year student.

“Cheng Zhe, martial soul, Red Flame Tyrant Dragon. Level 35, three soul pets.”

“Look, isn’t the powerful opponent coming?” Wang Che’s eyes lit up, “Red Flame Tyrant Dragon, this is the top inherited martial soul! This Flying Dragon soul pet has already disappeared from the Fallen Ancient Era. It’s on the same level as Bai Xiaoluo’s White Moon Leopard, or even stronger.”

“Let’s go!”

Wang Che immediately arrived at the referee’s platform.

“The third round of the first round.” The referee looked at both sides, “The competition venue is the combination venue, the Flame Mountain. After you’re ready, go down.”

As the name suggested, the combination venue was a place with two different energies.

“Wang Che, please guide me.” Cheng Zhe smiled.

He was tall and rather handsome. There was also a faint aura on his body. He did not look simple.

“Please guide me,” Wang Che said politely.

Cheng Zhe narrowed his eyes and said, “I remember that you obtained first place in the Earth Fire Competition. This terrain should be very good for you, right? To be honest, I feel that I can’t beat you.”

“But I have a feeling.” Cheng Zhe narrowed his eyes, “You won’t take out a second soul pet. If I’m not wrong, you should only use your Heaven Trampling Overlord. If that’s the case, I think I have a high chance of winning.”

“Your premonition is very accurate.” Wang Che nodded, “I really won’t take out a second soul pet.”

Cheng Zhe smiled and jumped down.

As he jumped down, a violent light suddenly erupted from his body!


Almost instantly, a huge dragon-shaped phantom suddenly erupted from his body. His entire body was burning with scorching flames that covered every part of Cheng Zhe’s body!

The moment he landed, he completed the martial soul possession. Three extremely dark soul rings gradually appeared.

This entrance method was indeed very handsome!

Three soul pets appeared in his vision.

“This is an open card.”

Wang Che took a look and jumped down too. His eyes were filled with interest.

Cheng Zhe’s three soul pets were very extraordinary.

All three were extraordinary.

The first was a unique demon spirit-type soul pet, the Flame Dragon Horn.

That’s right, this was formed by the dragon horn of a dead fire-type dragon. The dragon horn was born with intelligence and had developed intelligence over the long years, becoming a strange demon spirit of the King-ranked.

6,300 years of cultivation.

The second was a ghost-type soul pet, the Nether Dragon Soul. It was once the dragon soul of a Giant Dragon. After it died, it was tainted by dark magic power. Its soul was indestructible and was infected to become the Nether Dragon Soul, a King-ranked soul pet.

4,700 years of cultivation.

The third was a sword, a mechanical whip sword carved from dragon bone, Bone Dragon Whip!

3,500 years of cultivation.

These three soul pets were very interesting. They were mechanical, demon spirit, and ghost.

There were no conventional elemental soul pets!

“Dragon’s Might!”

The Red Flame Tyrant Dragon transformed by Cheng Zhe suddenly roared!

In an instant, the Flame Dragon Horn immediately flew to Cheng Zhe’s head and fused with his martial soul. The ethereal light purple Nether Dragon soul flew into Cheng Zhe’s body, and the Bone Dragon Whip transformed into dragon bones that flew behind him.

The light appeared at this moment!

The flames roared and spewed out countless lava. A terrifying dragon’s might constantly erupted from the light where Cheng Zhe was!

“Martial soul evolution!”

“Is it that exciting? I can see the martial soul evolution on the first day?”

“Giant Dragon aura, tsk tsk tsk, this year’s King’s Cup is indeed awesome!”

“So powerful! This aura that surpasses a ten-thousand-year soul pet, coupled with the power of a human martial soul, feels like it has completely transformed into a Giant Dragon! A Giant Dragon!”

“Cheng Zhe is from the Dragon Martial Academy. This academy has many soul pets related to the dragon-type, and there are countless martial souls! A few days ago, it was said that Cheng Zhe caused a small resonance with a Giant Dragon martial soul in the Myriad Beast Mountain, directly causing his martial soul to transform greatly. Now, it seems that he can actually complete the combination with his soul pet in advance… awesome.”

“With this combination, Cheng Zhe will transform into a Giant Dragon and his aura will be close to the Transcendent level. With the combination of the three great soul pets, his soul power cultivation will break through ten thousand years. He will definitely be among the people who advance in the first competition!”

“Damn, it’s almost 40 meters long! It really has the size of a Giant Dragon! The combination of the three great soul pets forcefully turned the Flying Dragon martial soul into a Giant Dragon martial soul!”

“This is nothing. I heard that in this year’s Dragon Martial Academy, there are still abnormal people who can let their soul pets evolve into something close to a True Dragon.”

This incomparably shocking scene was clearly discussed enthusiastically by many of the audience.

Human martial soul power could help soul pets.

Similarly, the power of soul pets could also help humans.

However, it was usually very difficult in the early stages.

For example, the combination of Bai Xiaoluo and her Pulse Moon Blade was a special characteristic of mechanical soul pets.

As for ghost soul pets and demon spirit soul pets, to a certain extent, they could also do this.

In the air, the soaring Red Flame Tyrant Dragon seemed to have come alive from the Fallen Ancient Era. Not only that, but its body also appeared and disappeared.

Through the martial soul, after the soul pet combination, it still retained the corresponding characteristics.

For example, the Nether Dragon Soul was extremely resistant to various elements and was immune to physical attacks.

After combining them, these characteristics would decrease a little, but they would not completely disappear.

The dragon spine formed by the Bone Dragon Whip was like mechanical steel. It glowed like a diamond on the back of the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon and was indestructible.

It added an extremely high defense.

As for the pair of Flame Dragon Horns, they gave the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon control over flames!

At the same time, the soul skills of the three great soul pets would fuse with Cheng Zhe’s three soul skills and become three new powerful soul skills.

The body became a dragon, the attacks transformed, and the soul skills mutated…

This was true strength.

The strength that Cheng Zhe erupted with was true strength.

If he could not win, he could not win. There was no fancy trick.

Wang Che was sure that if this guy participated in the team competition, other than him, everyone on his team would be support.

It was definitely a three-for-one tactic.


At the same time, the competition began!

Wang Che touched Bear Treasure with the Lightning Hand and added a buff to it.


Lightning flickered all over its body, and Bear Treasure’s gaze changed!

It was only a few meters in size. Compared to the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon, it was completely different.

It was not afraid at all!


The Red Flame Tyrant Dragon let out an incomparably majestic roar.

Dragon’s Roar!

The Nether Dragon Soul’s soul skill!

An intense will pressure covered the entire Flame Mountain, pressing down on Bear Treasure like the sky was collapsing!


Bear Treasure was not afraid at all. Its eyes were covered in three-colored flames. Facing this pressure, the roar it let out seemed to be even more terrifying!

Almost instantly, two roars collided in the air.

The Red Flame Tyrant Dragon shook. Its flying dragon body seemed to have frozen as the Nether Dragon Soul in its body let out a trembling roar.

Cheng Zhe was speechless.

‘What the heck?’

‘I, a dignified dragon, was stunned by a bear’s roar?’

Could this Heaven Trampling Overlord be a ferocious beast of the Grand Valley?

The audience was also stunned.

When did a bear’s roar have such power?

This was naturally not an ordinary roar. This was a roar that contained the Divine Might.

Divine Might was the power of the Heaven Devouring Beast. The Heaven Devouring Beast that devoured everything had a natural pressure on any creature!

Bear Treasure had already used the two powers in its body to a certain extent.

This mere Dragon’s Might was far inferior to the little caterpillar’s Dragon’s Roar. How could Bear Treasure be afraid?

However, the soul power fluctuation that erupted from the other party was too strong. Otherwise, it would not have bothered to roar.

At this moment, the Red Flame Tyrant Dragon suddenly shook and stopped roaring. Its dragon horns lit up and it suddenly spat out a sea of flames that descended from the sky and attacked Bear Treasure like a waterfall.

If it learned to be smart, it would directly use a ranged attack.

It looked around coldly and was not afraid at all.

The flames burned, but they did not burn a single hair on Bear Treasure’s body.

Bear Treasure, who had cultivated the Divine Flame Body Tempering Technique, could only suffer weak damage from the little caterpillar’s four flames.

Only the Soul Devouring Golden Flame was a little powerful. Bear Treasure’s Divine Flame Body Tempering Technique was still unable to adapt.

“Such powerful flames are useless? This is the power of a ten-thousand-year soul skill!”

In the air, Cheng Zhe was confused.

He could use this state to unleash moves close to the power of a ten-thousand-year soul skill.

What did that mean?

Could this Heaven Trampling Overlord still be immune to flames?

“It seems that this should be the reason why he could obtain first place in the Earth Fire Competition? A Heaven Trampling Overlord immune to flames?”

Cheng Zhe took a deep breath.

He originally thought that the one who was immune to flames was the Insect Heavenly Emperor who controlled flames.

But unexpectedly…

“It’s okay, let’s fight in close combat! The evolved Red Flame Tyrant Dragon has the power of a Giant Dragon. The Mechanical Diamond Dragon Spine brought by the Bone Dragon Whip is its strongest in close combat!”

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