Unexpected Second Chance at Love - Chapter 896 - Plan Isn't Going As Smoothly

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Chapter 896 - Plan Isn't Going As Smoothly

Gradually ascending the sky in front of Yue Ling were more than a hundred lanterns headed towards the grey clouds. The gloomy weather suddenly seemed to have been lifted. It was as if the lanterns were trying to brighten up the whole sky.

"So beautiful…"

The smile on her face turned soft and subtle as she got a quick flashback to the first time Lu Tian proposed to her. She turned to look at him and slightly narrowed her eyes.

"I assume your team is in the forest?"

One corner of Lu Tian's raised when he heard the question. He didn't expect his wife to be so quick-witted. 

"They're doing their job."

He had given the task to Wolf Team. However, he didn't think they would light the lanterns so soon.

Just when he thought this did he realize his mistake. The signal was a nod, and he had unknowingly done so when he told his wife he would be her ears.

He couldn't help but laugh at himself on the inside. He glances in the direction of the forest before returning to his wife.

"I hope this isn't too much."

Yue Ling shook her head and looked back at the sky. She never thought to have a photoshoot under a sky full of lanterns.

"Anything as beautiful as this is never too much."

She sighed in admiration of the view but noticing something, she turned to look at the source.

Meeting Lu Tian's deep gaze, she couldn't help but blush and avert her eyes from him.

"Why are you only staring at me and not the view?"

Even with the beautiful change of scenery in front of them, he was looking straight at her.

Lu Tian knew that his wife had become embarrassed because of him. However, this side of her was one of the many things he loved about her.

He gradually leans forward and places his left elbow on his knee before holding his chin. His organ of sight never left her face, and he smiled.

"The view in front of me is always beautiful as long as you're in it."

Yue Ling held in her breath at his intense gaze. She didn't know what to say as his way of speaking was too smooth for her heart.

She wanted to tell him to stop joking, but the very moment she parted her lips, she felt a trickle of water fall on her cheek.

Her eyes blinked, and her expression turned into a perplexed one. She then tilted her head back to look up. Just as she did this, another drop of water fell on her other cheek, then another and another.

"Guys! It's raining!!!"

"We forgot to bring the umbrellas!"

Suddenly, Xu Long and Tang Zhonghui's voice loudly interrupts from the side. However, compared to the two men, Liu Shan continued to capture as many photos as possible.

Yue Ling turns her attention to them, only to see the others panicking. 

Unlike her, Lu Tian heaves a long sigh in disappointment at the sky. His hand holding his chin moves up, and he massages his forehead. 

He knew that it would rain again, but they had just arrived. Couldn't they finish the shoot first? How could the weather betray him like this? 

Even the lanterns that were beginning to descend from the sky.

"I guess this plan isn't going as smoothly as I had hoped."

He murmurs and felt frustration dawn on him, but before it could take over his mind, he reached under his seat. He takes out an umbrella and hands it to his wife after opening it.

Luckily everything was planned out in advance in case it rained.


Suddenly, a splash sounds from the other boat. Yue Ling's eyes widened in amusement as the sounds of frantic voices echoed into the grey sky producing sprinkles of water.

Liu Shan: "Xu Long, you dropped the tripod!"

Gui Tian Lan: "Go get it! We need it!"

Gui Zhongming: "Hurry before it sinks deeper!"

Xu Long: "Do I have to? The water's cold."

Tang Zhonghui: "Hurry! It's important!"

A minor argument broke out then a second splash sounded not too long after the first one. However, it was because Xu Long accidentally fell into the water when he stood up from the boat.

"Help! I can't swim! Help! The water's cold! I can't feel my legs! I'm going numb! Hurry!"

Just as Xu Long's head popped up to the surface, he struggled to float and called for help. He had planned to dive in to get the tripod but ended up tripping on the edge of the boat. Before he could react, he was already in the water.

Everyone's eyes widen in horror. Each person forgot about the tripod and began to panic with him.

Liu Shan: "Oh my God! Help! Our friend fell into the lake!"

Gui Tian Lan: "Xu Long, grab the paddle!"

Gui Zhongmin: "Here, take my hand."

Tang Zhonghui: "Lifeguard! Where is the lifeguard?!"

Out of the men in the boat, Qi Li was the only one who kept his composure as usual. He watches the four men frantically panic with fear written all over their faces. However, one can see the annoyance on his face.

He deeply sighed and steadily stood up from the boat. He removes his coat, and without waiting to see the others' reactions, he jumps into the lake.

He disappears from view, and when he returns to the surface, he is next to Xu Long. He grabs the man by the back of the collar and yanks the man up from the water.

"You can stop acting now. Your feet can touch the bottom."

Xu Long's mind was in a chaotic mess. He thought he was going to drown and die without seeing his beautiful Zhao Ya'Er again.

He was sure that tomorrow's headline would be 'A man drowned in the lake while saving a tripod.'

However, when he suddenly hears Qi Li's cold voice next to him, he opens his eyes.

He then realized that he could feel the bottom of the lake. His eyes blink a few times, then he looks at the four other men on the boat, and he chuckles at his exaggerating mind.

"Don't worry, guys. It's okay now. I can feel the ground."

Liu Shan and the others were at a loss for all words. Four pairs of eyes stare in disbelief at the assistant when they see that the water is up to Xu Long and Qi Li's shoulders. 

When they saw Xu Long fall into the lake, they panicked with him and were scared for his life. With the fear that had overcome them, they forgot to jump into the lake to rescue him.

Luckily, Qi Li, like all the other times, knew what to do in situations like this.

Watching everything unfold from a distance, Yue Ling and Lu Tian were unable to comprehend what they had just witnessed.

After a long moment passed, their heads turned away, and their eyes locked.

The second their gaze met, it was like they read each other's mind and lets out a laugh.

Lu Tian was the first to calm himself down and reach for the wooden paddles. He began to stroll the boat back to the deck before the rain poured harder.

He fixated on her smiling face, and his entire being softened. However, the more he looked at her, a sudden feeling of regret crawled inside him.

The same regret that has been eating him on the inside.

He thought about the secret he was keeping from her about Grandfather Ji and couldn't help but wonder the moment.

Once she knows the truth, how heartbroken will she be?

Will she still smile like today?

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