Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1191 - Zhao Fangfei’s Desperate Situation, Everyone In The Academy Comes, All Of Them Are Heavenly Immortals

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Chapter 1191: Zhao Fangfei’s Desperate Situation, Everyone In The Academy Comes, All Of Them Are Heavenly Immortals

Somewhere in Kunlun Secret Realm, Zhao Fangfei jumped out of the forest and dashed into the distance.

At that time, she looked like a mess. Her face was pale, and a claw mark on her shoulder was flowing with gray qi.

“D*mn it. The Corpse Demon Tribe is annoying. They have been chasing after me for so long, yet they’re still not giving up.”

“It looks like the Baimei Tribe is highly wanted by the Demonic Dao.”

At that thought, Zhao Fangfei’s gaze turned cold.

Swish, swish!

Behind her, several figures rushed out of the forest and chased after her.

Those people’s faces were pale, and their expressions were stiff. Their gazes did not fluctuate, and a gray aura was flowing around their bodies.

A cold, deadly feeling filled the atmosphere.

There was no breath of life.

In other words, they were not even alive.

They were zombies!

Behind those zombies was a young man with a cold gaze and a copper bell in his hand.

The young man was the successor of the Demonic Dao’s Corpse Demon Tribe.

He was also the one who made those zombies.

Zhao Fangfei looked at the zombies chasing after her coldly, but she did not launch any attacks.

The Corpse Demon Tribe’s successor had more zombies in his hand that Zhao Fangfei would have no chance to escape if they caught hold of her.

“D*mn it.”

Zhao Fangfei secretly scolded while running like mad.

However, she thought it was a little strange.

For this period of time, she had been surrounded by zombies several times, and the Corpse Demon Tribe’s successor could have killed her. However, she survived and escaped.

What exactly did the Corpse Demon Tribe’s successor want?

Zhao Fangfei was confused, but she could not think much as she was on the verge of death. Hence, all she could do was flee while fighting.

She refused to be captured by the Demonic Dao.

All in the Baimei Tribe were top-notched cauldrons, and so was she, the Baimei Tribe’s successor.

If the Baimei Tribe was in its heyday, those Demonic Dao cultivators would fear them so much that they dared not mess around.

Unfortunately, Zhao Fangfei was the only person left from the Baimei Tribe. Once she was caught, she would end up worse than being dead.

Pursued by the zombies, Zhao Fangfei came to a valley three days later.

Suddenly, a few zombies jumped in front of her. She subconsciously unleashed a palm attack, and a burst of demonic qi erupted, blasting the zombies away.

However, a few more zombies jumped out from all directions in the valley in the next moment.

Although those zombies were not brilliant, they soon surrounded Zhang Fangfei with their strength in numbers.

“D*mn it.”

“Why are there so many zombies in this valley?!”

That was when Zhao Fangfei thought of something, and her expression turned sour. “Could the Corpse Demon’s successor have forced me here on purpose? What is he trying to do by taking so much trouble to force me here?!”

As the pack of zombies attacked Zhao Fangfei, the undead qi and demonic qi filled the void, making the air suffocating.

A slender Immortal Sword appeared in Zhao Fangfei’s hand, and she cast one Immortal Technique after another to kill the zombies approaching her.

Over the valley, the Corpse Demon successor did not make any moves upon seeing such a scene. He merely watched Zhao Fangfei mischievously as she struggled embarrassingly among the corpses.

It looked like a cat fooling a mouse.

“D*mn it. D*mn it!”

“Corpse Demon successor, what’s your intention?!”

Zhao Fangfei let out a low grunt and channeled her demonic qi to its limit. Then, she dashed out of the group of zombies and rushed toward the Corpse Demon’s successor.

Unfortunately, before she could get close to the Corpse Demon successor, a few zombies next to him attacked and easily pushed her back.

Those zombies were much more powerful than the other ones. Their bodies were as tough as an Immortal Metal, and their aura was comparable to that of Heavenly Immortals.

“Baimei successor, you’re too weak, and sure enough, the Baimei Tribe’s people are better as cauldrons,” the Corpse Demon’s successor said mischievously while looking at Zhao Fangfei’s curvy figure obscenely.

Zhao Fangfei was so angry that her face flushed red and her eyebrows rose.

As she waved her sword, the zombies around that rushed to her either had their arms and head slashed off or their bodies split into two.

The scene was brutal, and the battle in the valley attracted many cultivators.

Many people stopped and watched. They could not help but be amazed when they noticed the techniques cast by Zhao Fangfei and the Corpse Demon successor.

“This is a battle between the Demonic Dao cultivators.”

“There are so many zombies here. He must be the Corpse Demon Tribe’s successor.”

“Zombies are soulless, and they live forever. It is rumored that some high-level zombies can even shatter a star with their raw physical strength. With a single breath, they can turn a civilization’s flesh and blood into nourishment.”

“The Corpse Demon Tribe’s successor can make zombies, and his techniques are unpredictable. For that reason, many ancient orthodoxies are afraid of him.”

“Hold on. The female cultivator uses demonic qi, but I think I have seen her before. Isn’t she Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champion?!”

Everyone was surprised at the mention of the Hundred Academy as they would inevitably think of a person.

That was the Hundred Academy’s Chief, Chu Kuangren!

“Is the Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champion from the Demonic Dao?”

“I think I smell a conspiracy.”

The crowd was discussing while the battle in the valley intensified.

Zhao Fangfei had almost used up all her techniques, but the zombies in front of her were like an endless sea of corpses. They were countless.

She could not hold back for long.

After battling for three days, her Immortal’s Core was nearly exhausted.

She had no idea how many zombies she had killed, but she knew she had reached her limit. “Is this the end yet?”

A hopeless smile emerged on her face.

At that moment, several figures flew in from the distance.

“Who dares to hurt someone from the academy?!” someone bellowed.

Then, a boundlessly domineering aura swept in, and bursts of battle roars sounded in the void.

It felt as if an army of thousands had come to her rescue!

A figure holding a long spear descended from the sky with a domineering aura.

He was the Academy’s Heavenly Champion, Wang Chentian!

“Demonic Dao, how dare you hurt someone from my academy?!”

A cold voice resounded.

Countless runes emerged in the void — they were the academy’s rules and regulations and one of the Hundred Academy’s Three Great Conjurations, the Golden Rule Order!

Cao Yun had come!

Following that, a sharp screech sounded.

An absolutely beautiful Godly Phoenix glided through the air, and golden red Phoenix’s Flame shot down from the sky, burning many zombies into ashes.

Chu Hong had come!

Behind her, a few of Hundred Academy’s Heavenly Champions like Hua Yun and Fu Shan had also arrived.

They approached Zhao Fangfei and protected her behind them.

The vast group of corpses could hardly make their move at that point!

“You guys…”

Looking at everyone, Zhao Fangfei was a little touched.

The rest of the spectators gasped at the scene.

“Heavenly Immortals!”

“They are all Heavenly Immortals!”

“Oh my gosh. A-All these Hundred Academy Heavenly Champions have broken through to the Heavenly Immortal Realm. How many Opportunities of Fortune did they obtain?!”


Then, a huge battle intent and Holy Light energy spread across the land. A silver-haired woman in silver-white armor and with wings on her back stepped into the valley. The entire valley shook as she came.

Countless zombies were instinctively afraid of her.

“Since Master isn’t here, I’ll protect his people! Today, whoever dares to hurt Zhao Fangfei will have to first go through the Heavenly Skylight Scepter in my hand!”

A scepter appeared in Lan Yu’s hand, and with a random wave, countless white light rays gushed out like a flood, smashing the surrounding zombies into nothing!

She looked at the Corpse Demon’s successor in the air with her cold, blue eyes as if there were two icebergs inside.

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