Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1287 - Eight Hundred Dao Proclamation Seals, The Trigger For Descendant Self's

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Chapter 1287: Eight Hundred Dao Proclamation Seals, The Trigger For Descendant Self’s Evolution

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After acquiring the Sarira, Chu Kuangren released Lan Yu from his Enchanted Sleeve and gave it to her.

Despite its properties, the Sarira was much more useful to Lan Yu than himself.

Lan Yu was surprised when she felt the Sarira in her hand.

“The Holy Radiant energy is so strong. If I can absorb it, there’s a high chance that my Radiant War Immortal Physique can reach its ultimate state.”

Lan Yu’s Radiant War Immortal Physique had gotten stronger over the past two years.

Now, she was only one opportunity away from achieving its ultimate state, and that Sarira would be the key to it.

“Thank you, Master.”

“There’s no need for thanks between you and me,” Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

The Dark Fox Maiden Sage was jealous of Lan Yu.

She heard Lan Yu started as Chu Kuangren’s follower.

Although she, too, was a follower of Chu Kuangren now, she was treated differently.

It made her wonder if she could receive the same treatment as Lan Yu one day.

The thought boosted her anticipation.

Lan Yu then searched for a suitable place in Terraglyph Planet to do her closed-door meditation and refine the Sarira so that her Radiant War Immortal Physique could achieve its ultimate state.


On the other hand, Huijue fled the battle with Chu Kuangren. He sighed a breath of relief when he finally escaped from the man.

“It’s saddening to see a Buddhist Disciple fall to this level.”

It was then a nonchalant voice sounded.

A man in black robes, emanating an intense yokai qi, emerged from the dark.

“A yokai? This energy presence… It was you who helped me earlier?” Huijue asked.

The man in black was none other than Wu Tian.

He helped Huijue to escape Chu Kuangren alive.

“Why did you help me?”

“It’s simple. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

“It seems like Chu Kuangren is quite the nemesis to you.”

“He’s the mortal enemy to all of the Yokai Tribes.”

Huijue found Wu Tian’s claims surprising.

He could not imagine what Chu Kuangren did to provoke or anger all of the Yokai Tribes.

However, he then remembered the embarrassing defeat he received from Chu Kuangren, and a hint of grudge and resentment shone in his eyes.

“You, alone, are no match for Chu Kuangren.”

Wu Tian noticed Huijue’s expression and said calmly, “Even if there are three of you, you won’t be able to harm Chu Kuangren.”

“Oh? In that case, what’s your solution to dealing with Chu Kuangren?” he sarcastically asked.

“I don’t have one at the moment. I just want to gather Chu Kuangren’s enemies, and maybe we can come up with something to deal with him.”

“Is Chu Kuangren really that powerful?” Huijue furrowed his brows.

He could sense that Wu Tian was a powerful sky-pride. Even if Wu Tian was not a Prodigy, he should be a few steps shy of achieving it. In addition to the acute poison techniques that Wu Tian possessed, even he had to be careful.

However, even someone as powerful as Wu Tian was terrified of Chu Kuangren!

“Believe me when I say you can never be too careful with Chu Kuangren. If you and I are Prodigies, Chu Kuangren would be a… real monster if you may,” Wu Tian said with a heavy tone.

He could never forget how Chu Kuangren single-handedly fended off countless Yokai Tribes’ sky-prides back in Ancient Heavenly Yokai Cave. He also remembered Chu Kuangren summoning the Million Strong Underworld Army to defend Emerald Hill and Tushan from six Beast Ruler Tribes.

Someone as powerful as Chu Kuangren could no longer be measured or judged using common sense.

“A monster? That’s an appropriate word to describe him.” Huijue took a deep breath and asked, “What next? What are you going to do?”

“Rumor has it that the Sword Immortal’s Tomb is opening soon. It would be a great Opportunity of Fortune in this Interstellar Arena, and it’s worth an exploration.”

“The Sword Immortal’s Tomb?”

Huijue pondered on Wu Tian’s suggestion.

Suddenly, he thought of a young man in golden armor wielding a demon-slaying sword.

The man was the strongest sword cultivator among the younger Buddhist cultivators, also known as the Buddha’s Sword!

“The Buddha’s Sword might go to the Sword Immortal’s Tomb, and if he can join our team, he will be of great help for us to go up against Chu Kuangren.

“Congratulations, Host! You’ve won a God-tier prize, eight hundred Dao Proclamation Seals.”

Chu Kuangren was guarding Lan Yu’s close-door meditation when he did a gacha roll.

The prize that he got astonished him.

Dao Proclamation Seals could only be acquired when an Immortal created his or her own Immortal Technique, and it could boost a cultivator’s Immortal Techniques to a certain level.

However, following the increase in Chu Kuangren’s cultivation level, a few Dao Proclamation Seals were no longer useful to him.

To his surprise, he acquired a total of eight hundred Dao Proclamation Seals!

“Eight hundred Dao Proclamation Seals, huh? If I can infuse all of them into Dao Proclamation Descendant Self, it would give the sword a huge boost!”

Chu Kuangren put his hand on the Descendant Self’s hilt at his waist.

With the increase of his cultivation level, the Descendant Self was already an Immortal Weapon.

However, compared to those ridiculously powerful Opportunities of Fortune or Prodigies who possessed Gilded Immortal Weapon and Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon, the sword was lackluster.

Aside from that, Chu Kuangren also possessed the Nine Province Cauldrons, Blooded Crimson Sword and Armor, and Samsara Emperor Seal — every single one was more powerful than the Descendant Self Sword.

However, due to the sword’s unique traits, Chu Kungren never had the heart to discard it. It remained his most important companion that started his cultivation journey with him.

Now, he finally saw hope to level up Descendant Self’s power.

Descendant Self was a special sword. He forged it using the Runic Weaponsmithing Technique, and it could carry the Dao Proclamation Seal’s power to boost its user’s Immortal Technique power.

Theoretically, with enough Dao Proclamation Seals, its power could continue to increase as long as its material remained tensile.

Eight hundred Dao Proclamation Seals were enough to boost the Descendant Self’s power to a terrifying state.

“Descendant Self, I will make you into a heaven-shocking and unrivaled Immortal Sword,” Chu Kuangren murmured as he gripped the hilt tight.

As if having sensed his thoughts, the Descendant Self reacted with a buzz.

Then, Chu Kuangren retrieved the eight hundred Dao Proclamation Seals.

The Dao Proclamation Seals gushed out from his body one by one and floated in the air with endless Immortal Sparks surrounding them.

Cao Yun, Wang Chentian, and the others were awestruck by the scene.

“These are Dao Proclamation Seals!”

“My goodness. How did the Chief get so many Dao Proclamation Seals?”

“These Proclamation Seals are high in quality, only obtainable when creating a Gilded Immortal Technique or higher!”

Creating a Gilded Immortal Technique?

Not even a Gilded Immortal could achieve it, and yet Chu Kuangren had eight hundred of the Dao Proclamation Seals!

Each one of them possessed an energy fluctuation on par with a Gilded Immortal Technique.

It was terrifying even as a thought!

Could it be that Chu Kuangren had created eight hundred Gilded Immortal Techniques?

Everyone was terrified and baffled at the same time.

They would never believe it if it were someone else, but Chu Kuangren was not like anyone else.

He might be able to do it!

To them, Chu Kuangren’s name represented miracles, and there was nothing in the world he could not achieve.

They would believe it if Chu Kuangren created his own Arch Gilded Immortal Technique or Embodier Technique, let alone a Gilded Immortal Technique.

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