Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 1310 - Divine Godly Phoenix Howl, Forcing Back Huang Yuyi, Loong Zhen Joins the Fight

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Chapter 1310: Divine Godly Phoenix Howl, Forcing Back Huang Yuyi, Loong Zhen Joins the Fight

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Armed with the Heavenly Phoenix Standard, Chu Hong unleashed powerful waves of Phoenix Flames with every swing.

At the same time, Huang Yuyi’s orb hovered above her, strengthening the intensity of her Phoenix Flames. Furthermore, she also took out a red-jeweled sword.

With a swing from her sword, a razor-sharp and brutal Phoenix Flame sword qi instantly swept out!

The two Godly Phoenixes clashed in battle once more, but this time with a mightier and deadlier impact.

“Heavenly Phoenix Shriek!”

Huang Yuyi unleashed another Phoenix’s Nest cultivation technique again. Following a long shriek, huge amounts of her Phoenix Flame transformed into an apparition of a Godly Phoenix that charged toward her opponent.

Chu Hong followed suit with the same technique.

Since Chu Hong possessed Huang Jinghuang’s inheritance,not only did she know every cultivation technique from the Phoenix’s Nest, but she could also use them proficiently.

However, despite having the knowledge thanks to Huang Jinghuang’s inheritance, she only learned those cultivation techniques recently. Hence, her mastery of those techniques was still lacking compared to Huang Yuyi.


The Godly Phoenix apparition charged toward Chu Hong, smashing her attack into pieces.

Upon seeing that, Chu Hong did not evade and instead continued attacking with her Heavenly Phoenix Standard. A great wall of flames gushed out from her weapon and instantly engulfed the Godly Phoenix apparition.

“Do you think that’s the end of my attacks?”

“Meteoric Phoenix Flames!”

Huang Yuyi snorted, unleashing another attack with her Immortal Sword. Wave upon waves of Phoenix Flame sword qi released in quick succession like a flaming meteor shower!

“Phoenix Maiden Seal!”

Chu Hong took out the Phoenix Maiden Seal!

As the golden-red seal hovered in the air, it radiated brilliantly with Immortal Sparks. As Daoist patterns intertwined, they formed a barrier that blocked most of the flaming meteor shower.

“Huang Jinghuang… She even gave you her Phoenix Maiden Seal?!” Huang Yuyi said with a grim expression.

The Phoenix Maiden Seal was a symbol of the Phoenix Maiden’s status in the Phoenix’s Nest. Every Phoenix Maiden possessed a very noble and high standing in that orthodoxy, seeing that they were the ones with the highest potential to become Phoenix Queen candidates in the future.

“What right does a wild Godly Phoenix like you have to become the Phoenix’s Nest’s Phoenix Maiden? Huang Jinghuang truly is the most useless Phoenix Queen ever!”

“For ridiculing and slandering Senior Sister Jinghuang like that, you’re unworthy to be a Phoenix Maiden!” Chu Hong’s voice turned cold.

Then, she channeled her Immortal’s Core energy to its fullest potential. Ever since she awakened her bloodline for the seventh time, the bloodline power contained within her aura had increased drastically!

“Nine Transformation Nirvana Scripture, Divine Godly Phoenix Howl!”

Chu Hong let out a great howl while her Heavenly Phoenix Standard radiated with dazzling light. She had resorted to the Nine Transformation Nirvana Scripture’s finishing attack right away!

Countless Daoist patterns swirled in the void and formed an apparition of a domineering Godly Phoenix with a divine howl!

“Divine Godly Phoenix Howl!”

Huang Yuyi also unleashed the same technique.

The two Godly Phoenix apparitions soared into the sky with endless flames around them and collided with each other. As a result, the surrounding void instantly collapsed!

Huge waves of Phoenix Flames spread in all directions, burning down everything in their path!

Startled, many cultivators quickly moved back upon seeing that.

Even some cultivators who specialized in Flame-attribute Dao gasped at the sight of the terrifying Phoenix Flames.

“As expected of the divine beast that’s a master at controlling flames. The Phoenix Flame truly deserves to be ranked third on the Divine Fire List. It’s astounding!”

“Besides the Heavenly Void Flame and Godly Chaos Flame that are tied as number one on the Divine Fire List, I believe the Golden Crow Flame is the only one that can withstand the power of the Phoenix Flames among every divine fire out there.”

“That’s right…”

Some cultivators from the Immortal Hall’s Fire Division looked amazed and excited when they witnessed the might of the Phoenix Flames.

One of them had the appearance of a twelve-year-old kid and was dressed in long red robes. He looked at the Phoenix Flames and lamented in an elderly manner. “Even though I’ve been cultivating the Godly Zhurong Flame Art for a long time, my Zhurong Flame still pales in comparison to the Phoenix Flame before us now.”

“There’s no need to belittle yourself, Fire Boy. If your Zhurong Flame can absorb enough flames, you can evolve it into the Kumadhi Divine Flame, which is quite on par with the Phoenix Flame,” said the Holy Violet Imperial Commander calmly.


The Fire Boy nodded with a hint of excitement in his eyes.

‘The Kumadhi Divine Flame, huh?’

He only had to absorb one final divine fire with his Zhurong Flame to evolve it into the Kumadhi Divine Flame.

Boom, boom!

A series of explosions rang out continuously in the void, causing endless waves of fire to spread everywhere!

At that time, a figure was sent flying.

It was Huang Yuyi!

She looked at Chu Hong amidst the flames with a complicated gaze.

She could not believe that she was forced back by Chu Hong!

“D*mn it. The power of her bloodline is stronger than mine!”

“Is that all you’ve got?” said Chu Hong in an indifferent tone as she slowly walked out from the sea flames.

Armed with the Heavenly Phoenix Standard, her tyrannical and chilling aura filled the land.

“Loong Zhen!” Huang Yuyi yelled coldly at Loong Zhen in the distance, who was enjoying the show. “How long are you going to stand there?!”

“Ha! How could I ever? I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun, would I?” Loong Zhen chuckled.

After that, he stepped forward, and an incredibly terrifying and domineering aura erupted!

Everyone’s gaze narrowed upon seeing that.

The Dragon Palace’s Prodigy was going to join the fight.

“Chu Hong, if you hand us the inheritance, I’ll spare your life,” said Loong Zhen to Chu Hong.

Huang Yuyi frowned a little. “What is the meaning of this, Loong Zhen? I’ll never let a wild b*tch like her off the hook! Are you doing this because you’re afraid of Chu Kuangren?”

Loong Zhen also frowned a little in response. ‘What’s wrong with this Phoenix Maiden? Why’s she b*sting my b*lls in front of our opponent?’

‘Can’t we just wait for her to hand us the inheritance and then attack later?’

“Haha! So you want me to give you the inheritance? In your f*cking dreams!”

Chu Hong laughed out loud, revealing a hint of rebelliousness between her brows.

“In that case, I suppose you’ll only have yourself to blame for this,” Loong Zhen said coldly.

He stepped forth and sent out a punch, sending crimson-colored Dragon Flames her way.

Chu Hong waved her standard and unleashed Phoenix Flames that engulfed the incoming Dragon Flames.

“Although the Crimson Dragons are also Flame-attribute divine beasts, how could they possibly compare with the Godly Phoenix when it comes to flame control?” asked Chu Hong apathetically.

“Oh, then what about this?”

Loong Zhen’s figure instantly disappeared. When he reappeared the next moment, he was armed with a crimson dragon lance. He unleashed a strike with his lance, whose power immediately broke apart the Phoenix Flames!


That attack landed on the Phoenix Maiden Seal’s barrier and shattered it into pieces, blasting Chu Hong several hundred meters away!

“What power!”

Chu Hong’s gaze narrowed as she looked at her opponent’s lance with caution.

That was certainly an Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon.

Otherwise, it would never break her Phoenix Maiden Seal’s barrier that easily.

If it were not for her armor, which was also an Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon, she would have been wounded by that attack.

“Your armor is not bad either, seeing that it blocked an attack from my Heaven Scorching Lance. It looks like you’ve got quite some wonderful treasures there.”

Loong Zhen looked surprised.

Arch Gilded Immortals were extremely valuable items to Prodigies, and even a Prodigy like him only possessed two Arch Gilded Immortal Weapons.

However, Chu Hong’s Phoenix Maiden Seal, Heavenly Phoenix Standard, and the armor she had were all Arch Gilded Immortal Weapons.

“Want my items? Come and take them from me.”

“Divine Godly Phoenix Howl!”

Chu Hong unleashed her ultimate technique again, causing the Godly Phoenix apparition to soar forward with unyielding Phoenix Flames.

Loong Zhen’s gaze narrowed. As he wielded the Heavenly Scorching Lance, flame-like Daoist patterns intertwined on his body. In an instant, an explosive power erupted from within him!

Besides his Immortal’s Core energy, there was also an accompanying raw physical strength!

Divine beasts were beings that possessed powerful physical prowess, and Loong Zhen was said to be one of the best among them.

With a thrust from his lance, his Dragon Flames and raw physical strength were unleashed. A burst of dazzling Immortal Sparks radiated from his attack, which broke apart the Godly Phoenix apparition!

However, the next second, Chu Hong immediately turned and fled into the distance!

That Divine Godly Phoenix Howl was actually a bluff. Her main goal was to escape instead!

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