Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 1311 - Guanyin’s Successor, the Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe, That Person Is Here

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Chapter 1311: Guanyin’s Successor, the Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe, That Person Is Here

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“A wise move.”

Loong Zhen was a little impressed by Chu Hong’s quick decision.

Although Chu Hong was powerful, she could not take on Huang Yuyi and Loong Zhen alone. Escaping would be the best choice for her right now.

She was very aware of her situation, and that fact alone had put her ahead of Huang Yuyi.

“Then again, do you think you can run off that easily?” Loong Zhen said calmly.

Countless Daoist patterns suddenly appeared in the void, transforming into a great net surrounding the area.

With the path ahead of her blocked, Chu Hong’s expression changed a little. “What is this?”

“This is the Great Heavenly Net, a Gilded Immortal Weapon specially used to seal off the whole area. With your current strength, it’ll be hard for you to escape from it.”

A voice rang out, followed by a young man in white robes walking out from the void.

That man was quite handsome, with an extremely powerful Heavenly Dao aura emanating from his body.

He was Heavenly Daoist Huang, one of the Daoists from the Heavenly Dao Sect!

“There’s nowhere you can run off to anymore. Just be a good girl and hand over all your items and inheritance. If you’re willing to submit to me, I shall spare your life,” said Heavenly Daoist Huang with a coveting look.

Chu Hong was a divine beast that had awakened its bloodline seven times. If he could subdue and tame her, it would certainly be the coolest thing he had ever done.

“Submit to someone like you? In your f*cking dreams!” Chu Hong said with disgust.

“In that case, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen next.”

Heavenly Daoist Huang suddenly struck out a palm attack. His Daoist pattern and Immortal’s Core energy turned into a huge golden palm that covered the sky!

Within it contained a majestic, tyrannical, and heavenly force of nature!

“Divine Godly Phoenix Howl!”

Chu Hong unleashed her ultimate technique, sending violent Phoenix Flames outward that immediately shattered the golden palm.

Heavenly Daoist Huang was sent flying from the impact of her attack, and his expression changed. He had never looked so fearful of someone before.

“As expected of a seventh-awakened divine beast, she’s powerful.”

Although he was a top-tier sky-pride, Heavenly Daoist Huang was still not powerful enough to deal with Prodigies like Chu Hong.

He would surely lose against Chu Hong in a one-on-one battle.

“Surrender now, Chu Hong!”

Loong Zhen attacked once more. With a swing of his Heaven Scorching Lance, his Dragon Flames converged and turned into a huge lance apparition. That attack instantly shot through the void.


Chu Hong did falter and continued her attacks!

As she swung her great standard, waving the great flag tied onto it, waves of golden Phoenix Flames spread through the surrounding area, drying up anything in its path!

Everyone was shocked as they witnessed such an immense power — beyond their imagination — erupt from that seemingly delicate figure of hers.

“What an extraordinary Godly Phoenix,” said the Holy Violet Imperial Commander. “If it weren’t for her relationship with Chu Kuangren, I would be tempted to join the fight and tame her for myself.”

“Imperial Commander, if you join the battle, I’m afraid none of them can be a match for you,” Fire Boy standing beside him said flatteringly.

Although his words were meant to flatter, there was some truth to them.

After all, the Holy Violet Imperial Commander was considered one of the most top-tier Prodigies out there.

“Don’t worry. Let’s continue observing the fight.”

The Holy Violet Imperial Commander watched the battle and thought, ‘With Chu Hong in danger now, I suppose Chu Kuangren should appear soon, right?’

He was waiting for Chu Kuangren to appear as he wanted to see for himself how powerful Chu Kuangren, the monster that could kill Prodigies, was!

Besides the Holy Violet Imperial Commander, a few Prodigies were also hiding in the shadows, waiting for Chu Kuangren’s arrival.

Somewhere in the void, a female Bodhisattva dressed in white and holding a suet white jade vase was looking at the battlefield apathetically.

“Chu Kuangren, sworn enemy of the Buddhist world, when are you going to appear?”

Suddenly, she sensed something and looked toward a mountain peak somewhere.

A man in long black robes had appeared out of nowhere, and a peculiar aura was spreading from his body.

It seemed to be the fluctuation of some Immortal Physique.

“That’s the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique’s aura. Is he from the Celestial Demon Tribe?”

“It can’t be. There’s only a handful of Chaos Celestial Demon Physiques in this universe. This person’s aura is unlike the true Chaos Celestial Demon Physique in the scriptures. Is he one of the Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe1 cultivators?”

No one knew when those rumors were spread throughout the Interstellar Arena, but word had it that about a group of cultivators who possessed the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique recently became quite active everywhere.

Those rumors were just unbelievable.

Chaos Celestial Demon Physiques were incredibly rare and valuable, which was why that physique was almost on par with the Honorable Supreme Immortal Physiques.

How could a bunch of people with that physique suddenly appear out of nowhere?

However, it was later confirmed that those hosts of the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique only possessed an inferior version of the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique.

Although that was the case, the inferior Chaos Celestial Demon Physique still contained immense power. It enabled that group of cultivators to make a name for themselves in the Interstellar Arena, known as the Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivators.

Atop the mountain peak, that Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivator in long black robes was surprised to notice the female Boddhisatva’s gaze.

“Oh, this female Buddhist cultivator has quite the keen sense, I see. To think she noticed me the moment I appeared. She must be another Prodigy.”

“Holding a suet white jade vase in one hand, huh? Could she possibly be Guanyin, one of the Eight Great Bodhisattvas in Buddhism? Guanyin’s successor, huh? That’s someone remarkable.”

Among the Eight Great Bodhisattvas in Buddhism, Guanyin1 was said to be the best among them. Only Ksitigarbha was on par with her.

Those two Bodhisattvas had a similar status in Buddhism. Although they did not gain enlightenment and become a Buddha, they were almost as powerful as ordinary Buddhas.

The successor of someone like those two would surely become a formidable cultivator too.

“Oh well, whatever. Guanyin’s successor isn’t my main objective this time. I’m here to verify whether Chu Kuangren is as powerful as the rumors say. I have to find out whether he is qualified to be compared with Brother Wushen!” the black-robed cultivator thought.

The person he mentioned, Wushen, was the strongest cultivator among the younger generation of Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivators. He could even be a match to the true Celestial Demon Physiques too!

He was that great one’s greatest creation, after all!

The black-robed cultivator continued observing the battle, waiting for Chu Kuangren’s arrival.

“Chu Kuangren, I hope you appear soon. If the likes of Loong Zhen and Huang Yuyi are enough to make you cower, you do not deserve to be the host of the Celestial Demon Physique, let alone be compared to Brother Wushen!”

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Heavenly Daoist Huang activated the Great Heavenly Net, preventing Chu Hong from escaping.

Hence, Huang Yuyi took the opportunity to attack again.

With the orb above her and armed with the Immortal Sword, she released great Phoenix Flames toward her opponent.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Daoist Huang just stood by the sidelines to maintain the formation technique. He would sneak attack Chu Hong from time to time, breaking the momentum and tempo of her battle.

As for Loong Zhen, he just held his pike and watched from the side.

From what he could tell, there was no way Chu Hong could escape.

Having Huang Yuyi and Heavenly Daoist Huang take action was already enough. If he were to join the fight, it would stain his reputation as a Prodigy.


Huang Yuyi unleashed a slash, sending Chu Hong flying with her Phoenix Flame sword qi.

“Now’s my chance!”

Heavenly Daoist Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw an opportunity to attack. He then channeled his Immortal’s Core energy. “Heavenly Dao Punch!”

His punch was aimed at Chu Hong’s back!

That attack was so powerful that if Chu Hong were hit, she would surely be critically injured even with the Arch Gilded Immortal armor on!


At that time, a snort sounded like lightning rumbling, and the surrounding area trembled!

A dazzling strand of sword qi, stunning even the gods, was approaching from a distance.

In the void, the sword qi brutally tore apart the countless Daoist patterns of the Great Heavenly Net!

That sword qi shot through the skies, tearing apart the Daoist patterns and great net in the sky. It even destroyed Heavenly Daoist Huang’s fist energy without effort!

In the process, the terrifying power contained within that sword qi also blasted Heavenly Daoist Huang away.

That single attack stunned even the gods, trembled the void itself, and shocked every single sky-pride present.

Everyone could not help but look in the direction where the sword qi came from. At that moment, only A thought popped up inside their minds.

“He’s here!”

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