Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 3001

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Chapter 3001: Eternal River!

Before he had time to cry out in surprise, Long Jian’s face immediately pulled as long as a horse’s face.

He, an exalted Supreme Hegemon, needed to call Ye Yuan as his grandpa?

You’re freaking courting death!

Dragonsand, I *&(%^)(*$!

Although Dragonsand was already completely dead, Long Jian still cussed out his entire family cordially.

“Hahaha … Senior Long Jian, just kidding with it. You don’t have this expression!” Ye Yuan said with a loud laugh.

I @#*&^%$*, couldn’t you say earlier?

However, Long Jian let out a sigh of relief.

This kid was considered sensible!

“Humph! Boy, consider it that you’ve rendered a contribution!” Long Jian said in a solemn voice.

The others were long already stunned!

Based on the fact that even Progenitor Mi Zhen could not see through, Ye Yuan could see through it.

This kid was also too monstrous, right?

In contrast, Ye Yuan immediately seemed to become big and tall.

One had to know, Progenitor Mi Zhen was one of the top Hegemon powerhouses in the 33 Heavens!

Even he could not tell how shocking Ye Yuan’s actions were?


Ye Yuan killing Dragonsand also refreshed the three outlooks on life that East Billow Region’s geniuses had of Ye Yuan.

This guy really had endless trump cards!

However, they also secretly let out a sigh of relief.

If Dragonsand escaped, the consequences would really be too dreadful to contemplate.

Ye Yuan looked at Mi Zhen and said sarcastically, “Progenitor, I didn’t expect that you’d have times where you make an error of judgment too.”

How majestic was the enormous dragon soaring in the air?

But at this time, the scene appeared to be a little awkward.

“Hur hur, well done! Kid, I didn’t expect that you still have quite the means.” Mi Zhen had no choice but to force a laugh and even praised Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled modestly and said, “Not at all. Progenitor is too kind. Ridding the dragon race of evil is what every clansman should do!”

Mi Zhen had a myriad of profanities galloping across in his heart.

His heart ached to the extreme. Dragonsand was a powerhouse who had a foot stepped into the Great Beyond Realm!

He was gone with just a ‘pa’!

“You’ve made a considerable contribution this time. What reward do you want?” Mi Zhen grumbled.

“I want to enter the Eternal River!” Ye Yuan said without the slightest hesitation.

“Eternal River? With your meager strength, entering the Eternal River is useless,” Mi Zhen said somewhat surprisedly.

“Kid, you’d best be more well-behaved and to cultivate by following the standard routine. Don’t reach beyond your grasp!” Long Jian also said in a solemn voice.

Long Jian’s personality was level-headed. He always felt that Ye Yuan was too full of himself.

This kind of personality was not conducive to cultivation.

However, after experiencing Dragonsand’s matter, he also viewed Ye Yuan in a different light and felt very optimistic about him.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I just heard that the Eternal River is the source of the dragon race. I want to enter to see it. Perhaps, there might be unexpected gains?”

All the Hegemon Realms had black lines on their heads. This guy really made people speechless!

Eternal River meant the eternally flowing river.

It was said that this river ran throughout all the heavens and worlds. It was the mother river of all worlds.

Every heaven and myriad worlds all originated from the Eternal River.

No one knew where the source of the river was.

However, the 33 Heavens were all on the branches of the Eternal River.

It was a river and also not a river.

Like Mi Tian, Mi Zhen, Hegemon Samsara, and the rest of the chaos bodies, they were all born here.

Somebody said that the source of the Eternal River was the Door of Eternal Life.

The river water flowed out of the Door of Eternal Life, evolving into the heavens and myriad worlds.

This version was very popular.

However, no one knew what the truth was.

This was because even those as strong as Mi Tian and Mi Zhen were unable to explore the source of the Eternal River too.

The vast majority of Hegemon Realms would gain enlightenment in the Eternal River, seeking the Great Beyond.

Why was Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven powerful?

It was because it was at the uppermost location at the Eternal River. The aura of chaos was the richest.

The first time one entered the Eternal River, the chaos aura in the Eternal River would give the cultivator endless benefits.

Therefore, to origin realm powerhouses, this place was the best place to break through.

Mi Zhen’s meaning was also this.

Ye Yuan was just Emperor Cloud Heaven now. Entering the Emperor Cloud Heaven was too wasteful of the opportunity.

But Ye Yuan said that he wanted to enter to see it. This way of doing things that was a wanton waste of God’s good gifts made people feel indignant.

Ye Yuan was naturally not doing it to take a look. He was doing it for Mi Tian.

If Mi Tian wanted to recover, he had to enter the Eternal River.

However, to Ye Yuan, there was indeed not much meaning about whether or not to enter the Eternal River.

He was a divergent cultivator. His Hegemon tribulation would definitely be terrifying to the extreme.

It actually did not matter where he broke through.

“Alright, that’s up to you too. Long Jian, you make the arrangements. In addition, investigate Dragonsand’s matter to the bottom of it. Those who are involved with the blood race, punish them all with due severity!”

“Yes!” Long Jian answered.

Mi Zhen gave Ye Yuan a meaningful glance and disappeared into the void.

Everything returned to tranquility.

But Ye Yuan sneered in his heart. His arrangements before he left seemed to be very harsh, but actually, it was equivalent to farting.

Dragonsand did things so cautiously. How could it be found so easily?

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to have controlled Blood Dragon Island for as long as 100 thousand years under their eyelids.

But the dragon race was completely clueless.

Of course, this clearly had a lot to do with Mi Zhen.

As for Dragonsand’s remnant gang, how they investigated, who they investigated, this was all hard to say.

Could it be that they would make these Hegemon Realms go through an investigation?

Only Mi Zhen, this progenitor, had this authority.

Although Long Jian was a Supreme Hegemon, he could not hold down the fort yet.

But Mi Zhen himself directly ran. It was equivalent to saying that this matter had ended here.

After this sudden turn of events, under Long Jian’s arrangements, East Billow Region’s geniuses settled down on Heavenly Dragon Island.

Except, these geniuses had too much blood essence being extracted and long already had their martial path cut off.

In order to appease these people, Long Jian arranged for them to enter the Eternal River together with Ye Yuan.

As for whether or not they could break through their own shackles, that would depend on their own fortunes.

In the dead of night, Ye Yuan finally sensed Mi Tian again.

“Senior, nice skill!” Ye Yuan exclaimed.

Several hundred thousand years had passed, and Mi Zhen’s current strength was long already unfathomable.

But he actually did not see through Mi Tian. It could be seen that Mi Tian was also not a simple person.

“Heh, after so many years, this old man wasn’t eking out a miserable existence either,” Mi Tian said with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “What does Senior think?”

Mi Tian said, “You brat, do you still need to ask me? Hasn’t everything in the dragon race been seen through by you already?”

Ye Yuan said with vicissitudes of emotion, “Heh heh, so what if I’ve seen through it? I’m just an Emperor Cloud Heaven after all. Great Beyond Realm is … too strong!”

Today, having witnessed Mi Zhen’s strength, Ye Yuan felt it deeply.

Great Beyond Realm was Hegemon Realm too, but their strength was too strong!

In front of Great Beyond Realm, Ye Yuan felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Mi Tian smiled and said, “Kid, it’s been hard on you on this journey. Leave the rest to this old man! We’re already here. If I still have to rely on you, then I, this Great Beyond powerhouse, would also be too incompetent!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “In Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven, the blood race hid very deeply! This matter is probably not that simple. The Chaos Bloodstone has a clone in every world. This world’s clone has been scheming for hundreds of thousands of years. Its strength is probably unfathomable!”

Mi Tian shook his head and said, “It’s not so easy! Unless he can get chaos grade bloodline, it’s just a small-scale squabble. Let’s talk about everything again after entering the Eternal River!”

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