Unscientific Beast Taming-Chapter 477 - Space Beast Egg (1)

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Chapter 477: Space Beast Egg (1)

On the weekend, the sky was clear.

After leaving Dragon Palace City, Shi Yu and the others headed in the direction of the Kong Capital.

Under the continuous Instant Transmission of the gem cat, transport such as planes were completely destroyed!

“Holy shit!”

Suddenly, Shi Yu’s cry of surprise came from the continuous flashes.

The gem cat was stunned. It suddenly braked and looked at Shi Yu, who was holding his cell phone.

“I’m moving so fast, how can you still look at your cell phone in peace?”

“What’s wrong now?”

Shi Yu said, “I discovered big news again. My Sequence ranking suddenly increased a lot and I came to 11th place.”

“It seems to be because of the battle exchange with Ming Hua a few days ago.”

“Huh?” The gem cat was stunned.

Sigh, it thought it was something big.

It was just a small matter. What was there to be shocked about? It wasn’t first place.


11th place, not even a level-eight resource reward…

“I’m just lamenting why it’s 11 again…”

Shi Yu looked at the ranking and said in surprise. The one in front of him was Zou Tianwang…

In the beginning, Heavenly King Zou was originally 11th, but he defeated the tenth place and successfully advanced.

Therefore, Shi Yu was also considering whether he should openly challenge Zou Tianwang and enter the top ten to play.

As expected of me. I didn’t do anything at all. My ranking rose really quickly, Shi Yu thought.

However, it actually couldn’t directly replace Heavenly King Zou in tenth place. In that case, Heavenly King Zou’s performance in the subsequent exchange was even stronger than his?

Shi Yu turned around suspiciously and looked in the direction of Demon Capital. Was Heavenly King Zou so strong?

At this moment, in the recuperation room of the Dark Club in Demon Capital, Heavenly King Zou, who had ended his exchange, was lying on the bed to rest. His face was pale, and he was still weak.

He had known from the start that the ranking of this exchange would be changed according to performance. Therefore, after seeing Shi Yu’s cheating performance, in order to not let Shi Yu successfully destroy him, he went all out in the subsequent battles.

Shi Yu was clearly fine and pretended to be weak, while he had clearly overused his Beast Taming Talent and overdrawn himself, but he pretended to be fine and protected his ranking.

“Damn it, if I don’t level up soon, I’m going to be blown up by Shi Yu.”

At this moment, on the Internet, Shi Yu and the others were representing Dong Huang to fight the Ming Hua exchange team. Ming Hua vs Dong Huang had won the exchange event completely, and the trending topic of Shi Yu’s ranking rising to eleven had already been on the Internet for half a day.

Zou Yun was extremely envious. So many people had clearly fought with the Ming Hua Beast Tamer, but in the end, only Shi Yu was on the trending list. He hated it.

Was this fair? Was this reasonable? Of course, Zou Yun also knew that this was related to the others’ rankings not changing, and Shi Yu’s ranking suddenly increasing.

At this moment, what made Zou Tianwang the most uncomfortable was that there was also a discussion that was about to go on the trending list. It was discussing when Shi Yu would challenge him… Later, it might go on the trending list in this way. Zou Yun didn’t know if he should be happy or sad.

Shi Yu’s sequence ranking changed again. It could be said that many Beast Tamers of Dong Huang fell silent.

The advancement speed was too fast.

For example, Gao Xuan from Imperial Capital University, after seeing the change in ranking, focused on researching in the new mechanical field. He planned to take a different approach and rely on the resources of the Mechanical Conference to surpass Shi Yu and catch up.

At this moment, the Ming Hua Beast Tamer, who was a stepping stone, was the most autistic.

All of them were very dissatisfied with Shi Yu’s ranking!!

The Beast Tamers of Dong Huang… were very strong. This, they had already acknowledged. In the subsequent battle exchange, contestant Ming Hua still lost completely.

There was no need to talk about the disciple of the Tyrannical Sea Legend, Zheng Hai. He himself had the strength to suppress the two quasi legends, Ming Hua. No one could defeat a Giant Leviathan.

As for Zou Yun, although he looked gentle and elegant, who would have thought that he would be even fiercer than Shi Yu in battle? His eruption was especially ruthless, and it felt like he was going all out.

That was not all. The most tragic thing was that Ming Hua’s contestant accidentally saw Shi Yu’s video in the National League.

They originally thought that Shi Yu’s performance during the exchange match was already his limit.

However, when they saw in the video of the National League, Shi Yu’s more than a hundred-meter-long Nine Li Battle Beast instantly killed 100,000 ferocious beasts with one deterrence and displayed shocking strength, they were immediately stunned.

The Iron-eating Beast during the exchange event wasn’t like this!

There was also the final attack of the fight with Gao Xuan. That sword swing of Shi Yu’s, and the fact that he was withstanding all the power of his pets on his own body… The commotion looked much greater than when he endured Chi Tong’s pet possession alone during the exchange activity. With so many pets’ power augmenting him in the National League, Shi Yu just chilled and ate fruits slowly. Why did he immediately faint during the exchange activity? Who was he kidding??

After seeing this, contestant Ming Hua’s values were impacted. They kept feeling that Dong Huang was very unorthodox. When they saw Dong Huang give Shi Yu this new ranking, he felt that it was even more unorthodox.

Wasn’t this just confusing the exchange teams of other countries if they didn’t put this monster in the top ten??? The sinister Dong Huang people!

The Kong Capital.

On a huge mountain called “Myriad Mountain”.

The “Space Emperor Ruins” around the mountain had already been heavily sealed by the Beast Tamer Troops.

In the temporary archeological camp, forces from all over the capital were gathered. Of course, there were also high-level organizations like Bureau 11.

Principal Feng of Ancient Capital University, Lu Qingyi of Ancient Capital University, Li Lianping, who specialized in the fossil domain, and Chen Yuan, an archeologist who studied ancient legendary emperors.