Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 499 - Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (5)  

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Chapter 499: Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (5)

After Ji Feng came out, Shi Yu immediately stood up and looked at the sky. However, in the next moment, the crack in the sky suddenly closed, stunning Shi Yu and Eleven.

“Wu wu!!!” Eleven waved its palm angrily. What was this?

“Uh.” Seeing this, Principal Feng said, “The Void Mantis is going to rest again. It’s about five to 30 minutes each time. Wait.”

Shi Yu sat down again. What else could he do? He would wait.

Ji Feng looked at Shi Yu and Eleven. After his gaze kept lingering on Eleven for a long time, he turned to President Wang and said, “Uncle Wang, I don’t plan to try other pets anymore. I shouldn’t be a match for that Void Mantis in the short term. I’ll come again after a while.”

“Then let’s wait a while. Oh right, the association seems to be preparing resources to strengthen pets to conquer the Space Emperor Ruins. After a while, you can try to apply,” President Wang said.

“I understand.” Ji Feng nodded.

At this moment, Lu Qingyi, who was sitting beside Shi Yu, said, “Ji Feng, it’s rare for you to come over. How about carrying out a public ranking battle?”

Ji Feng looked at Lu Qingyi and took a deep breath. “Sure.”

He wasn’t very convinced that the Void Mantis said that his strength was inferior to Lu Qingyi.



“Sequence battle?”

Seeing that the two of them suddenly wanted to fight a Sequence battle, Principal Feng and the others beside him rubbed their heads helplessly.

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road. Lu Qingyi clearly planned to carry out a revenge battle.

Shi Yu also glanced at Senior Lu. Looking at her calm expression, he guessed that Senior Lu was probably thinking that if she couldn’t defeat the ruins, couldn’t she defeat Ji Feng? Since he was already here, he had to gain something.

“Oh.” Seeing this, Tong Yan looked forward to it. “Alright, I hope to see the changes in the top ten.”

“It’s actually very simple if you want to see it. You just have to accept my challenge.” Ning Tianming looked at Tong Yan.

“Get lost. Your undead counters my poison. I won’t fight, I won’t fight. If you have the ability, go and challenge Lu Qingyi, Zheng Hai, and Ji Feng in front of me directly.”

“Up to you. In any case, you have to forcefully accept the challenge between the top ten after a while. Let’s see what you do then.” Ning Tianming wanted to crush the weak first, directly making Tong Yan reveal a fierce expression.

At the side, Zou Tianwang sat leisurely. No one planned to challenge him in the short term. It was mainly because he felt that it was unstable. He didn’t want to lose the battle. Although he had a lot of fans, he also had a lot of anti-fans. When the time came, he would be criticized again. Although the celebrity route earned more, he wanted to casually earn money! Therefore, before he was 100% confident, he felt that tenth was pretty good.

As long as Shi Yu didn’t cause any trouble, his tenth place should be very stable. After all, he had fought his way up.

“When?” Ji Feng asked.

Lu Qingyi said, “Rest first.”

“I want to finish watching his challenge.”

Lu Qingyi looked at Eleven. From the situation of the Wind Demon Lion and Eleven’s battle previously, she felt that Eleven’s chances of winning against the Void Mantis were not high. However, Lu Qingyi kept feeling that in terms of attribute restraint, Shi Yu countered any ruins space. Perhaps other accidents would happen.

“Shi Yu?” Ji Feng looked at Shi Yu again. After returning to the country, he had clearly heard Shi Yu’s name often. He was very interested in this rising star who had suddenly appeared and beaten his alma mater.

“Hello, Senior Ji.” Shi Yu smiled, making Ji Feng feel that this guy was a little dangerous.


He was smiling cheekily. It was obvious that he was a troublemaker.


Just as Shi Yu finished asking, the huge spatial crack that led to the Space Emperor Ruins slowly appeared in the sky again. Seeing this, Shi Yu stopped smiling and got up again to look.

It rested so quickly?

“I’ll give it a try,” Shi Yu said. In the next moment, everyone continued to do whatever they wanted. They continued to talk about the possible battle results of Ji Feng and Lu Qingyi. No one cared about Shi Yu’s challenge process at all.

Shi Yu :”…”

Eleven :”…”

Damn it.


Space Emperor Ruins.

After Shi Yu and Eleven entered, they waited for a long time in the space that looked like dusk approaching night.

In their vision, the Void Mantis had been lying down and resting not far away.

Shi Yu and the others didn’t call it the Void Mantis either. They just observed it silently.

Energy Points: 10,010,000

This was the monarch-level pet with the highest basic energy level that Shi Yu had ever seen.

Fortunately, according to Shi Yu’s understanding, this Void Mantis didn’t master any explosive skills.

But even so, this didn’t mean that the Void Mantis was easy to deal with.

Because its super skill proficiency was ridiculously high, and every one of them was ridiculously high. It was just a step away from the overlord level.

Moreover, when other monarchs broke through to the overlord level, it was just that one racial skill had to reach perfect proficiency, while this guy had four super racial skills that were already close to perfect proficiency.

Moreover, skills like the Space Blade were actually equivalent to using the sharpness of space to attack the enemy. It was similar to borrowing the power of nature. It was wrong to underestimate it because of the energy value.

In this situation, even if Eleven’s pile of low-level racial skills was at the maximum level, there was still a lot of pressure. After all, Eleven’s super racial skill proficiency was basically at the proficient stage, and it hadn’t even reached the expert level.

Therefore, the key to defeating the Void Mantis was still the combination profundities of low-level skills and special fighting styles.

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