Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 569 - The Seven Islands Ruins Targeted by Shi Yu (3)

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Chapter 569: The Seven Islands Ruins Targeted by Shi Yu (3)

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Demon Capital.

The Dong Huang exchange team this time was made up of a total of 72 people.

It involved elites in many fields such as battle, feeding, archeology, machinery, and business.

Among them, the Beast Tamer leading the team was the Tyrannical Sea Legend Fish.

The fourth bureau’s legendary Mechanic Xiao Shuang, the eleventh bureau’s legendary Beast Tamer Ke Yingzong, and the fifth bureau’s legendary Beast Tamer Jiang Tianyang.

One titled legend, three ordinary legends!

Among them was the totem-level gem cat, Ying.

The battle lineup could be said to be very luxurious. Even if it was to destroy the weakest totem country like the Heavenly Fox Nation next door, it was enough.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Thousand-faced Fox God of the Heavenly Fox Nation was very good at currying favor with powerful people and had devastating aesthetics, such a small country with only ordinary totems wouldn’t be able to withstand the totem battle at all.

Among these people, only four legends and the guardian Ying knew Shi Yu’s true identity. Shi Yu’s external identity was the genius Beast Tamer cultivated by President Ye of the Dong Huang Feeding Bureau. He rarely appeared.

There were actually many such geniuses in Dong Huang. For example, the descendant of the Divine Source Legend, Shen Ling, was a genius that had been secretly cultivated. If it weren’t for the start of the Sequence Battle, the outside world wouldn’t know about her at all.

When Shi Yu arrived at Demon Capital, the overlord-level battleship with an internal mechanical space had already docked at the shore.

“Not good, kid.”

However, just as Shi Yu arrived nearby, the gem cat locked onto Shi Yu accurately and teleported over.

The reason why it could see through Shi Yu’s disguise was not because its eyesight was powerful, but purely because Shi Yu had sent it a selfie…

“What’s wrong?” Shi Yu immediately said as he looked at the shocked gem cat.

The gem cat cursed, “Undying Dark Phoenix, it didn’t lie to us!!!”

“The Phoenix Mystic Realm really has a large amount of resources!!!”

Shi Yu was stunned.

Back then, the Undying Dark Phoenix said that Chi Tong’s transcendent-level Sun Flame was the only way to unseal, cleanse, and save it.

In order to nurture Chi Tong and quickly let it grow, it told Shi Yu and the others the location of the resource mystic realm it had established.

Shi Yu and the others had been worried about whether there were any traps in this mystic realm. For example, could this mystic realm be the switch to break the seal of the Undying Dark Phoenix?

Just as they opened it, the Undying Dark Phoenix on the Undead Battlefield would break through.

If that was the case, it would be too much.

Therefore, Shi Yu reported the news of the mystic realm. The country had made foolproof preparations, so Shi Yu and the others came to explore.

This way, even if there were any changes, everyone could react.

Of course, this was the worst guess. After all, according to the Undying Dark Phoenix, this mystic realm was purely a place for it to store resources. It was filled with treasures!

It wasn’t that Shi Yu and the others didn’t believe it completely. If they didn’t believe it, they wouldn’t have come to explore. What if what the Undying Dark Phoenix said was true?

What if it really left a bunch of Mythical and legendary resources for Chi Tong?

Then they would have wronged Mother Feng.

It was precisely because he had various doubts that Shi Yu was stunned when the gem cat said that the Undying Dark Phoenix wasn’t lying.

“How do you know?”

“In addition, if it’s true, isn’t it good news? Why do you say it’s bad?”

“Well… It’s both good and bad.”

The gem cat said, “Not long ago, our… Ahem, friend from the seven islands found concrete news.”

“It seems like someone accidentally entered the Phoenix Mystic Realm before we decided to find it!!!”

“According to the Undying Dark Phoenix’s map, we can confirm that the location of the Phoenix Mystic Realm is one of the seven islands, ‘Red God Island’. However, after careful investigation, we discovered that 15 years ago, a Beast Tamer from the seven islands accidentally entered a mystic realm related to the Phoenix Race on this island and obtained a large amount of resources from it.”

“Because of this, she grew into a legendary Beast Tamer whose name shook the seven islands at an extremely fast speed.”

“Holy shit, you’re saying that the mystic realm she accidentally entered is the mystic realm mentioned by the Undying Dark Phoenix? Didn’t the Undying Dark Phoenix say that only creatures with its bloodline power can open the mystic realm?”

“#@%@#¥@” Shi Yu also widened his eyes and cursed.

“How would I know?” the gem cat muttered. “However, it’s said that that legend is also a hybrid, and it’s also a telepathy talent. Could it be a dual buff combination of a phoenix hybrid and listening to the Voice of History?”

With the treasure gone, it would be the one who was most saddened.

“Don’t tell me she’s also an illegitimate daughter left behind by the Undying Dark Phoenix. The sister of Chi Tong and the empress, the third sister??? Or is it a bloodline left behind by the empress? If it weren’t for the situation on the seven islands, the Undying Dark Phoenix wouldn’t have placed the mystic realm on the seven islands. In addition, during the era of the empress dynasty, there was quite a lot of communication with the outside world…” the gem cat imagined.

Shi Yu was at a loss. What was going on?

“Then what should we do? Fight over and let that legendary Beast Tamer return the resources??” Shi Yu said.

“Let’s go acknowledge our relatives and let Chi Tong split the family assets.”

The gem cat was stunned. “Wait, wait, I guessed it. It might not be related. Moreover, the situation isn’t that bad.”

“Forget it, I’ll take you to see Tyrannical Sea Legend and the others first. We just received the news and are in a meeting to discuss.”

“Hurry, hurry, hurry,” Shi Yu said.

In the battleship.

In the conference room.

Regarding the news that had just come from the seven islands, Tyrannical Sea Legend and the others indeed fell into deep thought.

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