Unscientific Beast Taming-Chapter 717 - The Hopeful Panda Senior (3)

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Chapter 717: The Hopeful Panda Senior (3)

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Therefore, the most suitable to break through was undoubtedly Eleven, who wasn’t very compatible with the Time Fruit. At the monarch level, Eleven could defeat Baby Ginseng and Susu, who had used the Time Fruit. After breaking through to the overlord level, it would definitely be stronger.

Apart from that, it was also to take care of the initial pet and the most hardworking Eleven in the team.


The pets were busy with their own things. Even the Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast were training themselves crazily. It had been two months, but they still couldn’t defeat the transcendent-level Green Silkworm!!

They were very hateful.

< Name > Green Silkworm Phantom

[Level of Growth]: Transcendent

[Skill]: Worm Silk (Dao Proficiency), Absolute Sleep (Expert), Illusory Phantom (Perfect), Deterrence (Proficient), Super Sight (Expert), High Speed Healing (Proficient), Space Shackles (Perfect), Instant Transmission (Expert), Concealment (Expert)

[Energy Points]: 4399

Of course, this was also related to the skill proficiency and skill accompanying moves of the transcendent-level worm. It was indeed too ridiculous…

Shi Yu also closed his eyes and cultivated.

He held the “Control Talent Bead”.

Just like the “Awakening Mirror”, when Shi Yu used this “Control Talent Bead”, it consumed physical strength.

The difference was that the awakening talent level contained in the Awakening Mirror was very low. It could only awaken creatures of transcendent races, so it didn’t consume much physical strength at all.

As for the “Control Talent Bead”, Shi Yu had plundered it from the legend Beast Tamer. The other party’s development of this talent had already reached a very high level, so when Shi Yu used it, it consumed a lot of physical strength.

The talent level plundered depended on the Beast Tamer’s Beast Taming level and development level!

However, considering that the Yue Maiden was only at the legendary level herself, the toy she created shouldn’t be able to plunder the talent of a legendary Beast Tamer. She probably had to do it herself.

The talent of a level-seven and level-eight Beast Tamer might be the limit of the plundering of this bead.

A level-seven Beast Taming Talent. If other level-six Beast Tamers used this Beast Taming Talent, they would probably instantly squeeze the other party dry.

However, Shi Yu really didn’t feel any pressure when using it. Soon, half an hour passed.

As he didn’t have anyone to compare him to, Shi Yu didn’t know if he was a genius.

He opened his eyes, and blue spiritual waves spread in his eyes. In the next moment, the rock in front of him was directly controlled by his spiritual power to float. Then, it was crushed with a bang!!

Stone fragments flew!

In just half an hour, he used Bai Chuan’s development experience to develop the use of spiritual power with the “Talent Control Bead”.

In terms of power, it wasn’t very strong. It was only used to deal with commander-level pets.

His mental strength level was still inferior to his physique level.

Combat Department Shi Yu… Evolution… Combat Department, Spirit Department Shi Yu!

It was another icing on the cake, a dispensable skill+1.

It could be used to turn on the lights and get drinks.

After learning Psychic power, Shi Yu put down the Talent Bead again. Unfortunately, after leaving the Talent Bead, he couldn’t use Psychic power anymore. His control over his body was immediately much weaker.

However, Shi Yu could sense that as long as he trained hard and constantly let his body become proficient in this use experience, he would sooner or later leave the Talent Control Bead and could easily use Psychic power.

“Wait, I’ve also learned Psychic power now. Even if I can’t use the skill index to add points, can I increase the experience of using Psychic power through the Psychic Memory Water??” Shi Yu fell into deep thought.

He felt that if he could master Dao Proficiency Psychic power, even if the telepathy development didn’t succeed, it didn’t seem to be a loss?

No, no, no… He was no longer a child. He should want all of them!

“Speaking of which…” Shi Yu looked at the Talent Control Bead and was already completely certain that this was a good thing.

This talent was not wrong.

This Control Talent Bead could completely be passed down as a family heirloom and sect treasure.

What Beast Tamers lacked was the ability to control their strength, and the Legendary-level Talent Control Bead completely made up for this flaw.

If he successfully developed his telepathy talent through this Control Talent Bead and made his telepathy stronger, could others, such as Senior Lu, use this Control Talent Bead to imitate him and develop his talent?

If Emperor Shi could create a special time meditation technique for others to learn, and the Iron-eating Beast General could develop a massage technique to strengthen the metal-element talent to help the Iron-eating Beast become stronger, then he, Shi Yu, could definitely open up a new mental school.

Create a new spiritual talent usage that was different from an “archeologist”!

Shi Yu suddenly had the thought of becoming a master and felt that it was quite interesting.

Just like creating the Green Silkworm cocoon system and the mechanical phantom beast system, it was very interesting.

If the future Beast Tamer with the gift of telepathy in Dong Huang had battle power stronger than a strengthening-type Beast Tamer, that would be awesome.

At that time, the telepathy talent could wash away the humiliation of the “weakest battle power talent”.

Perhaps… it wasn’t limited to the telepathy talent.

For example, was it possible for the beast-eared girl to use the Control Talent Bead to develop the Fusion Talent so that her body could fuse with multiple pets at the same time like Emperor Wu? In that case, it would be awesome.

“Cultivate! Cultivate!” However, the most important thing now was to quickly develop his talent and prove the feasibility of all of this.

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