Unscientific Beast Taming-Chapter 718 - Creating a Super Sect

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Chapter 718: Creating a Super Sect

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The next day, Ji Mengzhu successfully transferred and became the spirit of the iron-eating beast ruins.

After the transfer was successful, she gave the legendary ruins to Shi Yu according to the agreement.

As for Shi Yu, he returned the other party’s ruins stone.

Although that was the case, Senior Ji would probably leave it to Senior Panda. After all, she didn’t need spatial equipment as a ruin spirit.

Among them, there was also a large number of iron-eating beast evolution resources. Shi Yu had no use for them, but it was suitable to nurture the iron-eating beast army.

As for the ten meteorite fragments, Shi Yu took them away first and strengthened them in the rest of the Spirit Accumulation Jade. He gave Eleven priority for the evolution resource to avoid insufficient resources.

Shi Yu estimated that there would be some left in the end. If he used the rest and sent it back to the Iron-eating Beast Corps, he would try to save two pieces for his senior!

The best situation was that Dong Huang could catch Yun An as soon as possible. Even if they couldn’t, blowing up a leg was enough for a bunch of Iron-eating Beasts to evolve into second stages.

However, ordinary Iron-eating Beasts didn’t have an overlord level will. If their willpower didn’t reach above medium level, it would probably be very difficult to control the power of the Demon God.

After that, Shi Yu stayed in Wu Ling City for two more days.

In the past two days, Lin Hongnian, the beast-eared girl, White Brook, and the others from the Iron-eating Beast Corps gradually learned of Ji Mengzhu’s existence. They were shocked to the extreme. They were very confused about Shi Yu digging out an ancestor.

However, once they accepted the setting, no matter who it was, they liked this ancestor from 2000 years ago very much. They asked her all kinds of questions about the Emperor Wu Dynasty. Lin Hongnian was like this, and so was the beast-eared girl. Of course, Shi Yu was no exception.

For example, he had asked about all the skills corresponding to the remaining inscriptions.

Among them, the Iron-eating Beast that evolved with the meteorite fragment could awaken a skill called “Demon God Body”.

This skill was both metal and dark element. The skill effect was simpler than Shi Yu imagined.

It was an Iron-eating Beast that could transform its body into a Demon God Body with extremely high affinity for the dark element. The Iron-eating Beast with the Demon God Body could automatically produce the power of the dark element Demon God in its body. It could mobilize the power of the Demon God to perfectly integrate into any metal-element skill and increase the effect of the skill in all aspects.

For example, it could allow the dual-element Space Quake to be upgraded to a skill of the metal, space, and dark elements!

It could allow the lightning needles of the metal and lightning elements to be introduced into the lightning in the body and upgraded to special black lightning of the dark, metal, and lightning elements.

It was similar to the effect of the Demon God form that Eleven entered with the power of the Demon God in the source of physical strength.

But if it used skills, the consumption and side effects would definitely be smaller, and the increase would be greater.

This skill was a key skill that could increase the overall strength of the Iron-eating Beast. It could allow the Iron-eating Beast to obtain a perfect second or third element.

Apart from that, the other four inscription skills also had their own characteristics, but unfortunately, there was no metal!

Even if there was metal, Shi Yu had no skill slot. The Iron-eating Beast race was really inconvenient.

Two days later, Shi Yu still decided to return to Ping Cheng.

“Aren’t you staying for longer?”

Seeing that Shi Yu was about to leave, Lin Xiuzhu said.

“No, there are other things.”

Shi Yu realized that it was easy to be distracted if he stayed here.

He stayed here and always wanted to see the situation of his three armies from time to time.

With a look, he would discover that the cultivation speed of the Beast Tamers and pets in the three armies was too slow, causing Shi Yu to panic.

In his anxiety, he wanted to help and provide some help, causing his focus to be delayed.

It was better to return to the cold icy plain to train hard. Out of sight, out of mind.

Although Senior Panda, the beast-eared girl, and Senior Ji Mengzhu could chat from time to time, there were too many external things, causing him to be unable to concentrate all his energy.

Of course, there was another reason. It was because Shi Yu had already inquired about the history of the Emperor Wu Dynasty from Senior Ji Mengzhu through two days of chatting. There was no need to stay any longer.


Lin Xiuzhu said, “By the way, do you want to take a look at the military martial arts competition later?”

“This will definitely come.” Shi Yu smiled. Seeing the Panda Army defeat other soldiers, how could he not come?

Of course, he would also cheer for the Buggy Army and the phantom beast army…

“Alright.” Lin Xiuzhu also smiled excitedly. She felt that with Senior Ji’s help, there would definitely be no problem. What Green Silkworm cocoon, what mechanical phantom beast? They would all lose to the Iron-eating Beast Corps this time!

“Don’t worry and go.” At this moment, Senior Ji Mengzhu was like Lin Xiuzhu’s personal grandmother, guiding Lin Xiuzhu with all her might. She smiled and nodded at Shi Yu. She believed that the next time Shi Yu came, he would definitely be shocked by the changes in the Iron-eating Beast Corps!


Icefield City, Ping Cheng, Ice Dragon Snow Mountain.

Perhaps it was his hometown, but Shi Yu still felt that cultivating here was the most interesting.

There was only half a year left. Shi Yu made up his mind to be serious and not slack off.

After returning to the icy plain, just like two months ago, Shi Yu called all his pets over to move again…

Then, he began his painful cultivation life.

Shi Yu had two goals for this bitter cultivation.

First, he would let Eleven’s super racial skills reach perfect level. With the help of the Aurora Magnetic Gold, it could break through and become a perfect overlord. Then, it would work hard towards evolution.

Shi Yu felt that the skill of the Demon God Body was not bad. He decided to let Eleven master it before the evolution of light and darkness. However, according to Senior Ji Mengzhu, the more meteorite fragments it swallowed, the stronger the evolution of the Demon God Body. Shi Yu decided to let Eleven devour and evolve after the overlord level. After all, the overlord level was definitely stronger than the monarch level’s devouring and digestion.

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