Unscientific Beast Taming-Chapter 819 - 819 Evolution of God Eleven (2)

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Chapter 819 - 819 Evolution of God Eleven (2)

819 Evolution of God Eleven (2)

Shi Yu said with a smile.

Roll it up.

Qi clenched the Time Umbrella and shook her head crazily in her heart.



She had to enter the first team.

However… Qi was slightly stunned. She suddenly realized that the Time Umbrella in her hand didn’t seem to be that fragrant anymore.

The standard to enter the first team was to challenge the members of the first team. However, how could she defeat the members of the first team with a toy created by those same seniors?

“As for how to surpass yourself, it depends on your subsequent efforts.”

Qi: o_o…

“Ling, bring Qi to her address and introduce her to Little Ji and Duckie.”


After arranging Qi, Shi Yu also asked Ling to continue studying the Space Beast Egg and the strange water summoned.

He was worried.

At the same time, Shi Yu took out Fang Lan’s gains again to take a look.

[Four Symbols Star Formation]

At first glance, Shi Yu thought that it was related to the totem holy beasts of the four faiths, Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise.

In the end, he realized that it had only borrowed a name.

This was only a high-level light-element skill.

The reason why it was called the Four Symbols was that it needed at least four users to use it.

Even a single pet couldn’t use this move at all.

Of course, unless he used his all-purpose clone.

However, the effect was definitely not as good as using it together with four pets of similar strength.

[Four Symbols Star Formation], a high-level light-element skill. After four pets activated it together in four directions, it could summon starlight to form a light barrier that trapped the enemy. Whether outsiders wanted to enter or internal enemies wanted to leave, they would suffer strong light-element damage from the barrier.


Shi Yu sighed. No matter what, Fang Lan’s ancestor was a descendant of the Space Emperor, but she was only left with this little inheritance.

If he were Fang Lan, he would be too embarrassed to say it.

This was simply worse than An Chang…

Sigh, if one had to talk about it, it wasn’t very bad. At least, the inheritance Fang Lan obtained had the specific cultivation method of the [Four Symbols Star Formation] that exceeded transcendent. It might be Dao Proficiency.

In addition, it was like impregnable. It was an army skill. If the user was multiple of “four”, its power could still increase greatly.

For an army, it was a rare treasure skill.

This skill was developed by the Space Emperor and rewarded to his son. Then, it was used in the army. It shouldn’t be bad.

However, compared to trapping the enemy, Shi Yu still preferred more proactive battle tactics.

Shi Yu made a backup copy and sent it to Senior Panda, letting her do it first.

As for Shi Yu himself, he began to work overtime.


During the half a month Shi Yu added points, he kept feeling that he had forgotten something.

Only when Principal Feng reminded him did Shi Yu remember that he had yet to deal with the master and disciple of the Phoenix God Society. He had not even brought An Chang back.

However, it wasn’t a big problem, because it was already too late.

During the few days he was in Tingxiang, the master and disciple of the Phoenix God Society suddenly had something to do and returned to the Seven Islands. It seemed that the Seven Islands Valkyrie wanted to see them.

This made Principal Feng feel that something was wrong. It was originally very promising to poach the Phoenix Shrine, but if the Seven Islands Valkyrie came into contact with these two, Dong Huang’s hope would be slim.

Apart from that, An Chang was also brought back to the Ancient Capital by the gem cat and the others who had returned to Dragon Palace City from Tingxiang.

It wasn’t a big problem. The former would be discussed in the world competition, while the latter…

Shi Yu did not pay attention to why his sea dragon had evolved under the guidance of the Sea Dragon King. Instead, he continued to add points to cultivate.

It had to be said that with the Sea Cleansing Spirit, which reduced the burden of adding points, Shi Yu’s efficiency in adding points increased exponentially.

For this, he directly chose to cooperate with the inheritance of the Blue Sea Ruins and help Susu pull the Sea Cleansing Spirit first (Expert+11).

Two months after Shi Yu returned from Tingxiang.

The attributes of every pet underwent another earth-shattering change under the continuous addition of points.

Firstly, all the super racial skills of the six pets in the team had been added to (Expert+11). They were only a step away from reaching the perfect level and breaking through to the overlord level.

Among them, Eleven was already at the stage of working hard to suppress its level.

Apart from that, it wasn’t just Eleven’s White Thunder and Undying Golden Body. Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susu, and Ling’s non-racial skills, such as Space Control, Plant Control, Undead Revival, Heavenly Frost Cold Energy, and Mythical Revival, had also been added to perfect level by Shi Yu.

It could be said that although they had yet to reach the overlord level in terms of growth level, their skill proficiency was not inferior at all.

In fact, Shi Yu even got Eleven to teach Buggy and the others the full-level deterrence skill through the memory water drop card bug.

The same method allowed Ling to modify itself and evolve, researching the clone skill into a racial skill. Then, through this method, Eleven and the others’ clones became full-level skills.

At the same time, including Susu’s full-level multiplication, everyone could master it through this method.

Deterrence, Clone, and Multiplication. The proficiency of Team One had reached Dao Proficiency.

Of course, this was not the most important thing. Most importantly, [Super Alloy] became the first super skill in Shi Yu’s team to reach [Transcendent Proficiency].

Eleven was about to evolve.

At that moment, there was less than a month until the world competition.

Even the ranking of the Sequence Battle had completely ended not long ago.

The legendary resources in the top five had already been distributed and were given to the top five to use and digest them themselves.