Unscientific Beast Taming-Chapter 833 - 833 Dragon Transformation Fruit

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Chapter 833 - 833 Dragon Transformation Fruit

833 Dragon Transformation Fruit

This was the first time the four Dragon Kings had seen such a ferocious overlord.

It defeated the totem in one hit!

This was a quasi-divine skill. Was this a Mythical race?

Chaos Panda!


Yin Yang Millstone!

Although they couldn’t understand, they felt that it was very impressive.

The four Dragon Kings couldn’t understand why Shi Yu, a Beast Tamer with a telepathy talent, had evolved a Mythical pet.

Many Dragon Kings present knew the evolution legend, Lin Feng.

The Sea Dragon King was even more certain that even Lin Feng had yet to evolve into a pet race with quasi-divine skills.

The pets in the first team were basically only close to Mythical races.

In the Sea Dragon King’s opinion, perhaps its Beast Tamer could definitely step into the Mythical Domain in the future.

However, before Lin Feng disappeared, at Shi Yu’s age, it was definitely not that ridiculous.

How did Shi Yu do it?

In the sky, Eleven, who had returned to its restrained state to recover its physical fitness, fell back with a worried expression and landed on Shi Yu’s shoulder.

It and Shi Yu were relatively worried.

They felt that the power contained in the Yin Yang Millstone was too profound. No matter what, they could only see the surface. Although it was powerful enough, it was more convenient to use low-level skills.

Fortunately, the four Dragon Kings didn’t know what Shi Yu and Eleven were thinking. Otherwise, they would definitely want to strangle them to death.


“Cough, cough.” However, posturing was destined to have a price. After one move, Shi Yu’s brain and eyes instantly hurt, and his face turned even paler. Eleven hurriedly patted Shi Yu’s back.

Shi Yu seemed to be seriously ill as he took a deep breath of the sachet on his neck.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you alright?” Ice Dragon immediately asked.

Shi Yu said, “It’s alright. It’s just that the move just now consumed more energy.”

Ice Dragon was stunned before remembering that Eleven wasn’t the only one who shocked them just now. There was also the divine power produced by Shi Yu.

At that moment, Shi Yu’s eyes changed patterns.

The power emitted by the eyes was comparable to the pressure of a god. It also produced an extremely unbelievable power.

Ice Dragon opened its mouth slightly. “Why are you also…”

Shi Yu said, “The conditions for this quasi-divine skill are relatively harsh. It’s a skill that can only be used after I develop my telepathy talent a second time and enter a special state with Eleven. Therefore, the Beast Tamer himself has a certain consumption.”

“Stop talking.” The Sea Dragon King’s heart was bleeding.

Damn, could these geniuses not develop their talents randomly?

The telepathy talent was good telepathy. It could accept listening to history, but what was the meaning of supporting the use of quasi-divine skills now?

When it recalled how it despised Shi Yu because of telepathy back then, the Sea Dragon King regretted it.

It felt sorry for its little white dragon…

“But it’s alright. Susu, I’ll rely on you next.” After Shi Yu finished speaking, Susu reminded before everyone’s attention turned to it.

At this moment, Susu in the form of a Water Slime began to change its form. Water swirled down, and its body flickered, outlining a mermaid-like body.

The water formed a beautiful blue long hair, bright blue eyes, beautiful appearance, and plump upper body. Its lower body was a blue fishtail that kept flowing like a wave.

Its entire body was made of water, and it was considered a humanoid elemental life form. Its aura was incomparably noble, and it had an otherworldly aura. As it changed its form, the Sea Dragon King, the Immortal Dragon King, and the other lives that had always lived in the ocean felt an unreachable might again.


As if its soul had left its body, a blue Sea Cleansing Spirit that looked similar to Susu’s form directly left its body and flew into the sky. Then, a huge energy wave erupted!!

This Sea Cleansing Spirit gradually enlarged and gradually grew. Soon, it expanded to a thousand meters tall. It was majestic and spectacular. The holy cleansing aura on its body was even richer, and the energy fluctuations as deep as the ocean shocked the Sea Dragon King and the other pets.

It was the monarch level again, displaying power that was enough to deter totem level.

If Eleven’s quasi-divine skill just now was of high skill quality, then this was high volume.

This was the power of the combination skill of the Blue Sea Sprite.

This Sea Cleansing Spirit was condensed by Susu in a month.

In a unit of time, the energy it could erupt with in an instant was indeed inferior to the totem level, but if time dragged on, its Sea Cleansing Spirit would be extremely terrifying as a trump card.

After condensing for a year, it could even be used as a killer move to threaten demigods.

“Ning.” This Sea Cleansing Spirit was like Susu’s incarnation. As Susu looked at the Poison Dragon Totem, the Sea Cleansing Spirit stretched out its arm and directly grabbed the huge Poison Dragon Totem in its palm.

Its palm was like a monstrous tsunami that swept over, instantly devouring the Poison Dragon Totem.

In the next moment, a sizzling sound came from the Poison Dragon Totem. White smoke that looked like ice mist spread from the huge water palm.


The Poison Dragon Totem let out a painful howl as if its mind and soul were being torn apart again.

It was obvious how much pain the two cleansings had caused it.

This was basically equivalent to stripping the poison attribute from its body.

It wasn’t that Poison Dragons couldn’t be poisonous, but the poison of Yun An was too strong. It couldn’t adapt. Previously, it was only an overlord, so it couldn’t bite off more than it could chew.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable. I can feel that the poison attributes on the Poison Dragon Totem are gradually disappearing.”